Unexpected affair with aunt who came for holidays

Hello to all the readers. This is Mr. K from Bangalore. I am working in a MNC in Bangalore. And I have a decent body build.
This story is based on a true incident that happened few months ago. My uncle and his wife had arrived from UK to visit us. I was looking forward for their visit as it was a long time since we had met. They had arrived as planned for their holiday time. We greeted each other and gave a hug. During this moment, I felt close to my body and she was hot. She is of medium height at 5’6” in her thirties, fair and well maintained figure. She has beautiful smile on top of it. Her name is Chaya (name changed)

After the pleasantries were exchanged, I showed their room and asked them to take rest after their long journey. Later I went out and came back by evening. I found out that my aunt and uncle had left to meet some friends and were expected to be back after couple of days. But the very next day, my aunt arrived alone and she wasn’t looking happy. I tried asking her why she is sad but she was not in the mood to discuss. The next day when I went for work, I was not able to concentrate on my work. So I decided to return home early.
I came home by early evening and found that my family members had gone out of station as there some death in our relative’s side and they were to return only after few days.
My aunt was sitting alone in the dining room but lost in thoughts. I touched her shoulder gently and sat near to her on the chair. I tried to inquire why she was upset from yesterday and why she returned so early. She told me that your uncle does not like me interfering in his life and so she had to come back early.


She continued, “He and his friends have made some plans for wild parties at the beach. I got to know of it and asked him to stay away. He pushed away my request and told me to shut up. That was in front of his friends which was humiliating. So I returned early”
Though I knew what these parties would be like but I did not want to hurt her more. But I asked her, “What will do now?” “I cannot do anything. I do not have any value in his life. He keeps doing what he wants”

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She mentioned that her husband will not return until the next week and she was clueless what to do until then. I told her, “Don’t worry aunty. I will take you to some good places”
That kind of made her happy and she asked, “Really. Will you take me out?” I replied with, “Yes definitely”. But she had one condition that I call her by name and not as aunty. And I was more than happy to do that as she was not too much elder to me. So I took the next couple days off from work.
I was getting more attracted towards her and I tried to keep away these thoughts but they kept coming back. As her husband does not appreciate her value and she is being happy in presence, why should I not be happy about that? I took her to mall for some shopping and then watch a movie the next day which got over late night. We were alone in the lift, she turned towards me and asked me, “Do you feel I am pretty?” “Of course, you are pretty”. Hearing which she came close to me and closed her eyes. I gave a quick kiss on her tender lips and then we reached the parking lot.
After reaching home, I was getting ready for next level game. I went to the guest room where Chaya had freshened up and looking gorgeous in night gown. I kept staring at her non-stop and she interrupted me, “Will you stop staring and tell me what made me you come to my room at late night?” “I came to tell you how beautiful you are and I am not getting sleep”.
She came close to me and put her arms around my neck, “What will you do if you are not sleepy?” She asked that with a naughty smile and bit her lower lip.
I did not reply but I pulled her closer and started kissing her lips deeply. We had a good kissing session for around 10 minutes. There was complete surrender from her side. So I pulled her to the bed. I kept the bed lamp on as I did not want to miss seeing Chaya’s single inch of beauty.
My hands went on to explore her body, I grabbed her soft ass and gave it a nice press. My hands easily went inside her short skirt and it had entered her panty. She was getting really turned on by all this.

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At the same time my left hand went under her back & my right hand started playing with the boobs. She has started moaning now in pleasure & I was loving the way she moaned. I stripped her of her nighty. She did have a bra on & was now only in her panties. She had 34D size breasts & I got to work on them. I circled with my tongue around her nipples & then sucked them vigorously.

She was extremely turned on now & her hands were moving all over my back. She then grabbed hold of my erect cock through my shorts & started squeezing it. I knew it was time release him & I did so. She caught hold of my 6 inch cock & started stroking it. She then lowered herself towards my crotch and covered my cock head with her tongue. I felt a current pass through me as she put it in her mouth & started sucking. I was in heaven. She knew exactly how to pleasure a man. After 10 minutes of relentless & deep sucking I was ready to blow my load. I told her I am Cumming & she took the load in her mouth & on her face. I fell back on the bed with a deep sigh as she cleaned herself in the bathroom.
“Are you tired champ?” she asked with a wink. “Not at all” I exclaimed & pulled her on the bed. I started French kissing her really deep & hard. She was already turned on & responded perfectly.

Within a few seconds, my cock was rock hard again. I lay her on the back & got in position to enter. She moaned as my cock slid into her pussy. She was now breathing heavy with every thrust. After a couple of minutes, I increased my pace. She pulled my head towards her & held on tight to my neck & her legs on my back. This gave the deepest penetration & was now giving her fast & deep thrusts. She shuddered suddenly & went into convulsions. I knew she had orgasmed. I continued pounding her hard. Her nails were tearing into my back. We were both overcome with ecstasy as we continued in the same rhythm. After 10 minutes I was ready to blow my load again. She wanted me to cum inside her & I did as she desired. I felt her orgasm again as I unloaded myself inside her. I fell on the bed besides her panting.

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She said between heavy breaths “This as one of the best days of my life till today & the night was the best. Thank you.” She kissed my lips as she said thanks. I just smiled. I got off the bed & dressed myself. As I was about to leave the room, I whispered. “This is just the beginning Chaya. I will make this your best vacation ever”. I left the room & walked silently towards my room. Well, this was surely the beginning. My mind was already planning on how to make her stay at my place for a longer period of time.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.

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