The unexpected catfight

Frank is a 52 yo owner of the best shoe store in the town. He is married to 45 yo Lisa ( 132 lbs, 5`6 38-26-36 ), beautiful red haired woman with green eyes and his biggest support. Frank has a 27yo son, his name is Ted. Ted is Frank`s son from the first marriage with Dona. Dona was Frank`s first love when they were in high school. As soon as they got married, Dona brought Ted to this world. They were happy, but it didn`t last long. Frank lost his job and the pressure from Dona was too much for him. She wanted to spend too much money, but she didn`t work at all. Frank divorced Dona when Ted was only 5, but on his luck, he met Lisa few months after. They got married soon and started their own business, as Lisa was in a good financial situation. Meanwhile, Ted was living with his mother Dona, who did not care for her little son at all. She fell into depression, began to drink a lot, behaved indecently and she often beat Ted up. Lisa suggested Frank to bring Ted to live with them, as they didn`t have kids. With the help of social services, Frank got the guardianship over Ted. Lisa loved Ted as he was her born son and Ted loved her too. She filled his void of motherly love.

Now, Ted is a 27 yo faculty assistant and he is dating Kate. Kate( 141lbs ,5`7, 38-28-38) is a wonderful 26 yo dancing instructor, with blonde hair, brown eyes and the most beautiful smile. She and Ted are in a relationship for more than 5 years , so they are getting married after Ted comes back from Asia, where he makes research related to his job . Dona, who is now 51yo, ugly and fat ( 190lbs, 5`4, 42-44-42), besides that she lives on the first floor of Ted and Kate`s house as she didn`t have money to pay rent, she hates Kate since the day she met her. It could be because Ted and Kate don`t give too much importance to her, or because of similarity between Kate and Lisa. On the other hand, Lisa and Kate adore each other, never argue, go out together almost every second day, they have fun shopping and preparing for the wedding. Kate even calls Lisa ‘’mommy’’ and Dona by her name, which makes Dona feel stupid and worthless.

It was Thursday 08am , Kate came home from the casual morning route – 10 miles running. She was wearing tight leggins and a jersey that outlined her perfect body shape, which many women would envy on. Dona was one of those for sure, as she couldn`t believe how sexy and fit her future daughter in law looks. Kate passed by Dona as if she doesn`t exist, got upstairs and went under shower. Dona made a grimace full of hatred and bitterness, but that didn`t concern Kate at all. She knew that Dona is an evil bitch, who only thinks about herself. After an hour, Kate called Lisa to help her choose the wedding dress. Lisa was very happy and honoured. They went from store to store until they found the most beautiful dress. Kate looked like a princess in it. Satisfied and in a good mood, they went in a restaurant to have lunch.

I`m really glad that you called me and I am more glad that we found a dress just as you wished…I`m happy for you two and I know you will be an excellent wife… – said Lisa

Thank you mommy, I`m trying the best I can.. – said Kate


Sure you do honey, given that you agreed when Ted brought Dona to live with you, I`m sure that you can`t do it better – said Lisa

Hahaha – laughted Kate, you always know how to cheer me up mommy…They both laughted..

Btw, is she mean to you while Ted is in Asia? – asked Lisa

Oh, I don`t give her a chance to be mean…I barely talk to her… – smiled Kate

Fortunately, the fat cow lost all her teeth, so she is not capable of eating too much with those artificial dentures…otherwise, you would have to cook as much for the whole neighborhood, and she would probably be 300lbs weight … – said Lisa

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I am lucky to have you in my life, you are such a beautiful and funny person – laughted Kate

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Thank you dear, I`m lucky to have you in my life too – said Lisa

Look, tomorrow is Friday. You can come with Frank for a dinner… We will spend a wonderful evening and have fun. – said Kate

Oh, I would love to , but what about Dona ? – asked Lisa

What about her? – I don`t care, she is in my house, she can`t decide who comes who doesn`t … She will probably get drunk as usual and go to bed until you arrive. So what do you say? Please mommy, I`m very bored and Ted is coming back even next Monday. – asked Kate

Ok, Ok , We`ll be there at 9 pm. – said Lisa

Great,- said Kate

The next day, Kate cooked something delicious. The smell of it covered the whole house, including Dona`s room on the first floor.

Is this a restaurant or a house ?- asked Dona with unacceptable tone

It is what it is, it definitely isn`t yours! – responded Kate

How dare you talking to me like that, you little bitch? – said Dona

Fuck off Dona, you`re just asking for a reason to argue . – answered Kate

Btw, Ted`s father and mother are coming for dinner tonight. So be reasonable, and don`t try to come upstairs. – said Kate

What ??? – yelled Dona.. I`m Ted`s mother, not that slut Lisa…

No , no , no …you only gave birth to him..Lisa raised him up, don`t you forget it. Now, go and drink a bottle of wine Dona – smiled Kate and went to buy something.

This whore is making a fool of me – thought Dona… I will put an end to this, and it will be tonight.

Dona planned to go upstairs as soon as Frank and Lisa leave, and teach Kate a lesson that she will never forget.

9pm. Frank and Lisa arrived.

Kate welcomed them with enormous hugs and soft kisses on their cheeks. While they were having dinner, Frank asked Kate:

-Are you alone Kate? , as he meant to Dona

Before Kate could say anything, Lisa answered:

-No she is not…we are here with her. The three of them started laughing and spending a great time together.

Dona was just laying on her bed with a few bottles of wine, drinking and waiting to do what she intended. Unfortunately, she fell asleep half an hour before Frank and Lisa leave, so she didn`t hear them.

It`s 01 am, 20 minutes after Frank and Lisa left. Kate had a shower, put a bathrobe on herself and went to watch TV before she went to sleep. Suddenly, she saw Lisa`s cell phone on the table. Kate immediately called Frank to tell them that Lisa forgot her cell phone. Lisa insisted to come back and pick her phone up, but Frank was tired and said that he will go to bed. Lisa took a taxi and went to Kate`s home again. Kate asked her to come inside and told her that she will take her home later.

Suddenly, Dona woke up by hearing a noise from a car and a door lock. She was drunk and had a headache, so she didn`t know that Lisa came back again.

Oh, I can`t sleep, I`ll make coffee mommy…Do you want some? – asked Kate

Sure dear, I can`t sleep either! – said Lisa

Thinking that they left and Kate is alone now, Dona slowly got upstairs with a huge desire to beat Kate up. She entered the living room and when she saw Lisa sitting there on the sofa, she got frozen…

Wha…wha…wh….what are you doing here you slut? – said Dona

I`m asking you the same question…As I know , you`re not allowed to come upstairs! – answered Lisa

Don`t tell me what to do in my son`s house, bitch! – yelled Dona

Kate heard her and immediately ran out of the kitchen.

What did I say to you Dona?? What do you want?!?!? – asked Kate with a strange tone

What do I want??? I want this bitch that took my husband and my son to leave, so I can settle things with you alone!!! – said Dona

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Hey hey, are you saying that you want to fight Kate??? – Lisa interfered

It`s ok mommy! Relax! – said Kate

Don`t call her mommy you cheap whore! She`s not Ted`s mom. I am! – yelled Dona

What`s wrong with you Dona? Do you wanna fight me?!?!? –asked Kate

Yes I do, bitch, and I won`t spare you! – said Dona

I`m fine with that! – replied Kate

What are you talking about Kate, are you serious!?!? – asked Lisa

Course I am mommy.. I think Dona deserves to get what she wants, right? – smiled Kate

Why don`t you leave already??? – yelled Dona at Lisa

She is allowed to stay as much as she wants!!! – replied Kate

Fine, but she can`t interfere no mather what happens, ok??? – asked Dona

Sure! Mommy, just take your coffee and enjoy on the sofa! – said Kate to Lisa

Kate pulled the little table out of the living room and made a free space for the fight. She was still wearing her bathrobe and had no intention to put some other clothes on. Dona was in a dirty blouse and tight trousers that marked her fat legs.

Are you ready to get your ass kicked bitch? –asked Dona

Anytime you fat cow! – said Kate

They began to circle around, until Dona decided to hit first. She waved her hand towards Kate, but she missed. Dona only touched Kate`s hair, as she was overweight and couldn`t move fast. Kate was relaxed and with her hands lowered. She just moved forward-back , provoking Dona to hit more and more. Suddenly, Kate approached Dona and Dona managed to punch Kate in the head. Kate fell on her knees, Dona grabbed Kate`s hair and dragged her on the carpet. She leaned Kate`s head on her legs and started slapping Kate`s face with the left hand, while she held Kate`s hair with the right hand.

Be careful Kate!! – said the upset Lisa

I`ll make her cry and beg , you whore!!!! – said Dona

Kate was still calmed and uncovered…She barely tried to fight back…

Dona was taking advantage of it and started to punch Kate in the ribs, but it also tickled Kate, so she started to laugh.

Why do you laugh you slut!?!? I`m beating the shit out of you! – yelled Dona

Oh, yes you are Dona! You can kill me…but only with your smell, not with your fighting skills! – said Kate

Kate caught both of Dona`s arms with her hands, and pressed Dona`s head in a leg scissors. Dona turned upside down, falling on her back. Kate immediately got up and sat on Dona`s big fat belly.

Well done Kate! – said Lisa

Thank you mommy! –smirked Kate

Dona was laying on the carpet all confused and half drunk…

Let go of me slut! I`ll break all your bones – yelled Dona at Kate

And how do you intend to do that Dona? You hit worse than a little girl…and remember, you are just fat, not strong! – said Kate sending a hard slap on Dona`s face…

Ouch, that hurts slut! – complained Dona

I know it hurts you fat bitch. It`s because I`m more skilled in fighting than you, and I`m definitely more woman than you!

WOW…You are the best Kate, I adore you! – said Lisa laughing

Prepare for the show mommy! – answered Kate to Lisa

Kate spread Dona`s hips with her legs, caught Dona`s arms with her hands and layed over Dona`s body, placing her boobs directly on Dona`s face. Dona couldn`t breathe and she tried to bite Kate`s nipple. As she didn`t have her natural teeth, she had a difficulty to bite the nipple with those removable plastic dentures. Kate felt that Dona was trying to bite her, so she straightened up.

Are you hungry bitch? Do you wanna eat my boobs!?!? – said Kate with a sarcastic tone

Fuck off slut! – said Dona trying to get up

Kate threw a direct punch in Dona`s nose and made her bloody.

OUCH OUCH, – Dona screamed, as Kate was taking off Dona`s pants, completely showing the cellulite on Dona`s legs and her dirty panties.

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Kate started to rub Dona`s pussy with her right hand, making her moan. When Dona opened her mouth wide enough, Kate used the opportunity and took the removable dentures out of Dona`s mouth with her left hand and threw them behind the TV.

Hey, what are you doing? Give me my dentures back! – said Dona who could barely talk with no teeth in her mouth

Hahaha, you don`t need those. Anyway you must loose weight, so stop eating! – laughed Kate

And she is ugly with and without dentures, just to know! – said Lisa laughing

You are right mommy, haha. Now, let`s see how this fat pussy looks like! – replied Kate

Kate pulled Dona`s panties out and she exposed her ugly, fat and hairy pussy.

Oh, someone hasn`t shaved down there for years! – commented Lisa

The only good think that this fat pussy has produced is Ted, and with a large help of Frank of course. So that`s why I`ll punish it now! – said Kate

NO, NO, NO…please STOP …don`t do anything! – begged Dona

Despite Dona`s words, Kate pressed Dona`s neck with her knee, took off the bathrobe she was wearing on , showing her perfect naked body.

You are crazy dear, but you have an amazing body!- said Lisa with satisfaction

Thanks mommy!- replied Kate with a smile

Kate began to hit Dona`s pussy with her fist BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM , many times as Dona wasn`t able to scream as she was gasping for air because Kate was choking her with her knee. After a while, Kate stopped hitting Dona`s pussy and took Dona`s blouse off. She and Lisa could see Dona`s disguisting boobs and fat belly.

This needs a treatment mommy, what do you think?!? – Kate asked Lisa

Oh , it definitely does hahaha.- said Lisa

Kate put her long red nails on Dona`s boobs. Dona started screaming OWE OWE OWE as she was laying helpless under her son`s future wife. Lisa started laughing at her. Kate left visible scratches on Dona`s boobs, and before she let her go , she gave few hard face slaps to almost passed out Dona.

Kate sat on the sofa next to Lisa, totally naked as she was during the fight. They were drinking their coffees and looked at the fat and beaten Dona laying down on the carpet.

You did a great stuff Kate. – said Lisa

I always wanted to do this mommy. – smiled Kate

I bet you did hahaha. – answered Lisa

I think that it`s time for Dona to give you your wedding gift Kate, and I`m going to participate in that!- added Lisa

How do you mean a wedding gift mommy? – asked Kate with a dose of curiousity and excitement

You`ll see. –said Lisa and sat on Dona`s chest

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Look at you, you fat cow…you got your ass kicked by your future daughter in law. Now she will get her reward! – said Lisa to Dona`s face

What reward mommy? – Kate was becoming impatient

Lisa turned Dona`s head to Kate`s legs, close to Kate`s barefeet. Lisa spread Dona`s mouth with both of her hands, looked at Kate and said:

Ok sweetheart, now you`ll put your feet in this toothless mouth, and she will lick them as a good, fat, ugly, loser bitch of a mother in law!

AWESOME – yelled Kate as she put her beautiful tattoed barefoot with red painted toes in Dona`s mouth, almost touching Dona`s throat.

This is where you belong bitch! – said Lisa to Dona

Dona was exhausted and weak to resist them, so she kept licking Kate`s feet, while Lisa was sitting on her boobs.

I think this is one of the best wedding gifts you can have Kate! – smiled Lisa

Well, yes mommy, but I also think that my foot is the best and the most tasty thing she has ever put in her mouth! – replied Kate before they both laughed loud.

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