The sisters share their husbands

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On the morning of our first wedding anniversary, my wife Lisa made me breakfast in bed after waking me up with a rise-and-shine blow job. On the food tray was a card. It was the typical Hallmark “love of my life” card. Curiously, it contained pictures of her three sisters and her mother – Glamour Shots style. Puzzled, I asked, “What are these all about?”

She replied, “That’s your present.” I cocked my head, still baffled by what she meant. She went on, “Honey, I have a secret to tell you. It is kind of twisted, but I think you will really enjoy it when you wrap your head around it. The five of us have made a one-year anniversary pact. We’ve kept the pact for each of the first two brothers-in-law, and it is my turn to honor it with you.”

“I’m still confused. And a little scared, but go on.” I said. She took my hand into hers and continued, “Before Ella, the oldest, got married, we had a girls’ night out. We got a little hammered and made up some crazy pact that for each daughter’s first wedding anniversary, the other four would get to have sex with the husband – mom included. One time, no cheating, no emotional attachment – just sex.”

“So, it is my turn to let each of them have sex with you,” she said, dead serious.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. “Do you mean that you’ve had sex with both Greg and Tucker?” I asked. She nodded. “Wait, we were dating when Jenna and Tucker got married. Did you have sex with Tucker on their first anniversary while we were dating?” Lisa nodded again. “The others, too, including your mom?” A third nod. “And your younger sister, Nina, who just got engaged? On her first anniversary are you going to have sex with her husband?”

“That’s the deal,” she said matter-of-factly, “we all are.”

“You people are fucking nuts!” I said, “You are one of the most conservative Christian families that I know. How can you justify this? Why didn’t Greg and Tucker warn me about this?”

“I guess it’s our one little kink. Ella prodded us to go through with it on her first anniversary. She kind of forced us to do it, and we found out that we all loved it. Ella’s always been the most free-spirited behind closed doors.”

“The husbands have been sworn to secrecy – as you are from this point forward. They both know that it is your turn now. They are not happy about it, but they sure were excited to have sex with each of us on their turns. Dad’s the only one who has no clue. He can never find out. It might just kill him.”

“How do you feel about all of this? About me having sex with them?” I asked.

“It’s a little difficult wondering if you might enjoy sex with one of them more than me,” she replied. “It will be weird when it is actually happening. I know you will really enjoy being intimate with each of them, though, and they’ll all enjoy playing with that big cock of yours. That’s the beauty – it is a gift to both you and them at the same time. ”

“Think about it – a free pass to have sex with 4 beautiful women. Thankfully, there have been no hang-ups at all so far. We’re all really close as a family. Ella and Jenna both said that it actually deepened their relationships with their husbands in some curious way. I’m looking forward to it doing the same for us.”

I thought about it some more, then said, “Don’t think I’m giving you a free pass to have sex with anyone else.”

“Of course not – except one time with Nina’s future husband. Then the pact is officially over, anyway.” Lisa looked down at my cock, which had started to make a tent in the bed sheets. “See, you are warming up to this idea already. Let’s take care of that erection now. You can fantasize about my sisters as we make love.”

“Or your mom,” I said with a wink and a smile.

Two nights later, the youngest sister Nina came over to our house for dinner. I was awkward and mostly silent as we ate because I knew the plan for “dessert”. Nina is the hottest and most flirtatious of the sisters. She has bleached blond hair and a gorgeous tan. Her 24-year-old body is young, strong, and curvy. I was worried that I might enjoy this a little too much.

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