The seduction of a sweet, loving Mom

This is the third and final chapter to this series. Tuesday afternoon and Linda found herself at the local supermarket picking up some items for dinner. She was focused on her grocery list when she felt a slight push against her cart. (Read prev story The seduction of a sweet, loving neighbor continues )

“Thanks for the show,” said the young good looking man as he stood in front of Linda’s shopping cart. He picked up a cucumber and held it in his hands pointing it suggestively at her.

She was caught off guard. She didn’t know the young man, nor did she know what he was talking about.

“I beg your pardon?” she said taken aback.

“My name is Mario. I went to school with your son, Tony. We graduated together. I live directly behind you.” He kept sliding his hand up and down the cucumber in a crude and suggestive manner and pointing it at Linda’s direction.

It hit Linda like a ton of bricks. He knew she’d caught on but carried on nonchalantly.

“So how’s Tony?” he asked.

She gave him a quick update on Tony, and tried to push the cart around Mario.

He stopped her, leaned it and whispered in her ear, “You’re quite the show off. I loved what I saw. I’m sure Tony would love knowing his mom is a dirty slut fucking two guys in her house while his Dad is slaving away at the office.”

The blood drained out of Linda.

Mario went on, “Either you let me sample your treasures or Tony gets a call. What do you say, Mommy?”

He hugged her and she stiffened up. “You don’t want to create a scene at the grocery story, do you Mommy?” He was enjoying the fact that Linda was uncomfortable.

His hand moved downward toward her butt and Linda froze. She attempted to break the hug but he was stronger, and she didn’t want to make it seem like she was struggling. She begged him to let her go. He swatted her ass. She was petrified. He was groping her in the middle of the supermarket. Finally he let go.

Linda took a step back, sized him up and said, “He’ll never believe you. And I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She wasn’t going to let a snot-nosed twenty-one year old kid blackmail her. It would be his word against hers.

Very confidently he took out his phone and played a video clip of the action in Linda’s bedroom. He’d videotaped her getting grabbed by her hair by Robert and made to suck his cock as Karl plunged into her from behind. The action was blurry, but Mario had zoomed out to capture the house. It was quite clear it was Linda’s home and that she was the woman in the video.

Mario leaned in and whispered in a menacing tone, “Don’t fuck with me you filthy cunt. I’ve got evidence. Now, when can I come over to get my chance at that sweet mommy cunt of yours?”

She was caught, but she was quick on her feet. She quickly concocted a plan in her head. “You can come over tomorrow at 10:30am. Come alone and no cameras.”

“Okay. I’ll be there. And please have my breakfast ready,” he said cockily as he again swatted her butt.

The rest of the day dragged on for Linda. She was extra jumpy and nervous about her encounter with Mario. Sure he was a fit, nice looking young man but the idea of letting him anywhere near her made her uneasy. He was clearly the same age as her son Tony.

Tony was such a respectable young man; always so polite and courteous, handsome as all get out and very much in shape. Linda had seen him grow into a strapping young man and now he was away at college on a baseball scholarship. She admired her son’s physique but never in a sexual manner and for the first time, she tried envisioning him naked.

Mario had her thinking crazy things. She would not let Mario have his way with her.

She had to make sure Robert understood that. She’d asked Mario to show up at 10:30am knowing Robert was coming over a t 10am. She’d have enough time to tell him how Mario had approached her and have Robert put the fear of God in him; perhaps Karl could help as well. She’d let Robert handle the situation.

She put all her thoughts aside and continued with dinner and her motherly chores. Soon the kids were fed, bathed and she was exhausted. As usual her husband had worked late and had arrived much after she’d gone to bed.

The scene before her was so vivid… “Oh yes Mommy that’s it ride my cock,” she could hear Mario whispering in her ear as he grabbed her by the hips slamming her on him. How had she gotten here?

Mario reached up and grabbed her tits giving them a full squeeze, pinching her nipples as she rode his thick cock. “Oh fuck yes Mommy suck my dick with your pussy. Oh yeah, I’m fixing to cum. Can I please cum in you, Mommy?”

She turned to tell him yes and was met with her son Tony’s face… “Yesssssssss, oh fuck yes Tony! That’s it, fuck your Mommy good.”

She woke up in a cold sweat. Her husband sat up and asked her if she was okay.

Linda was dripping in sweat, her nipples were hard and sensitive. She got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom without answering her husband. She removed her nightgown as it was irritating her tits and touched herself. She was dripping wet.

She had just dreamt of getting fucked by her son and her pussy was dripping wet. She started rubbing her clit and massaging her tits and before long brought herself off having to muffle her sounds to not alert her husband.

She sat down on the toilet seat ashamed at herself for having such nasty and inappropriate dreams and thoughts. The encounter with Mario had affected her more than she cared to admit.

She cleaned up as best she could and went back to bed determined not to have any more inappropriate dreams about her son.

She laid down and soon dozed off.

At first her dream was a normal one. She found herself walking aimlessly through a forest, the scenery was beautiful and the cacophony of sounds were such that soon it became a sweet lullaby. She could feel herself guided through a sea of green soft patches down a path outlined with tall lush trees. She was in one with nature and she could feel a slight breeze caressing her naked body waking up every nerve on her skin. She felt so alive; so desired.

She came to the end of the path on to a baseball field and as if on cue everyone turned to see this beautiful creature who’d emerged from the bowels of a thick forest. She saw a figure make his way towards her. He had a swag about him; very confident stride, a strong, manly posture and as he neared her she noticed it was her son, Tony.

“Hello mother, I’ve been expecting you. You look so lovely; so sexy. I’ve always admired your beauty from afar desiring you like no son should desire his mother and now I get to show you off to everyone.”

He stood beside her and hugged her to him and together they walked towards the field, toward the men who stood mesmerized by her beauty. She was naked yet she felt comfortable. She turned and saw the love and lust in Tony’s eyes as they roamed her body.

He led her closer to the men on the field. When they got to the pitcher’s mound Tony called for everyone to come gather; and gather they did encircling them as Tony announced to one and all that this beautiful woman was his mother.

He turned to her, put his left hand on her hip and moved in for a kiss. She melted into his arms. This felt so right. He was so tender and passionate with his kiss; with his touch.

He broke the kiss long enough to turn her around with her back to him to display her for all to see. You could hear the pride in his voice as he kept announcing to all that she was his mother. She leaned back against him and felt his hardness against her buttocks.

He moved his hands up and cupped her breasts massaging them gently. Everyone “ooohed” and “aaaahed” at their public display of affection. He then turned her around, kissed her once more and then with a gentle push on her shoulders had her kneel before him. Her face was level with his crotch and she could see a big bulge.

She looked up at him and him down at her nodding for her to do what he expected her to do. She began undoing his pants and in one swift motion pulled them down along with his jock strap. His beautiful, smooth cock looked so delicious. She couldn’t contain herself, she grabbed his dick and brought the tip to her mouth.

She could hear the men gasping and also the murmuring, “Oh my God, she’s sucking her son’s cock.” The latter part echoed in her head, “son’s cock, son’s cock.”

She looked up at his face and there looking down at her was Mario with a sinister smile.

Before she could react, he grabbed her head and pushed his throbbing cock down her throat.

She choked waking herself up. She was in a panic. She sat up. She had to be quiet so as to not wake up her husband. She didn’t want to endure the endless questions.

It was 4:30am and she simply didn’t want to risk having anymore nasty dreams about her son so she decided to get up and start her day.

Linda couldn’t escape her dreams. She tried to occupy herself to keep from not thinking about her son; about her dreams, but her son was present everywhere in the house.

It’d been a few months since he’d come home for a visit. He was attending college an hour’s drive away. She wondered why he didn’t come home more often.

She thought about her dream and what he’d told her, “I’ve always admired your beauty from afar desiring you like no son should desire his mother,” could this be why he didn’t come around too often? Was her subconscious trying to tell her something? It couldn’t possibly be.

She sipped on her coffee lost in thought.

She closed her eyes and her son’s face came to life before her, soon his body began to take shape and he was standing before her as naked as she was in her dream. His essence was so strong.

His Adonis-like body with hard, rippling muscles, a six pack and a very impressive package. His cock was as beautiful as in her dream, hanging so powerful adorned by his man-sized balls, his pubes neatly trimmed and adorning his family jewels.

He was absolutely handsome and he looked at her with such love and adoration.

As if he could read her mind, he turned displaying his taught ass, so smooth and firm. His back so ripped and strong. She wanted him. She had to have him.

And as quickly as he appeared he disappeared as she heard her husband say, “Morning. Couldn’t sleep?”

She looked at him and shook her head still reeling from the glorious vision of her naked son.

Before long Linda’s husband was out the door with the kiddos. It was Wednesday.

She’d had a crappy night and didn’t quite feel like playing Robert’s game today. She’d of canceled if it weren’t for Mario, just the thought of him made her skin crawl.

She had about an hour to get ready for Robert so she headed upstairs. She decided today she wouldn’t dress sexy, rather just casual. She opted for a light see-thru sundress and to make things interesting she opted for no underwear. She’d learned that less was more with Robert and he was expecting to play. She didn’t have a choice, really. He owned her. The thought made her both sick to her stomach and antsy with anticipation.

She had about 30 minutes alone with Robert to tell him about Mario. He’d be furious.

At 10am sharp, the doorbell rang. She made her way to the door and flung it open.

It was apparent to Robert that she was naked underneath and this made him smile. Seeing him happy made her happy too and she welcomed him with a big smile. Standing at the front door he leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. She invited him in and told him they needed to talk.

Within minutes she’d told him what had happened at the supermarket and Robert didn’t seem pleased. He got Karl on the phone and asked him to come over; they had a situation.

He could see the worry in Linda’s eyes. He hugged her and assured her everything would be fine. She felt safe in his arms.

She felt him get hard as he rubbed against her and she leaned back flashing him a big smile. He smiled at her as he ran his hands down to her buttocks. He kissed her and slapped her ass playfully. She moaned into his mouth. He knew how to make her feel sexy.

He turned her around pressing her ass against him as he massaged her tits. He could feel her nipples harden and he flipped her dress down under her funbags. She stood there with her tits alfresco as Robert kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear.

He rolled her dress down and soon Linda stood there naked. He ran his hand down over her mound and found it extra wet.

He plunged two fingers easily into Linda and whispered in her ear, “I’ve always admired your beauty from afar,”

Linda froze. He could feel her body stiffen and she exploded in her first orgasm of the day.

She was panting when the doorbell rang. Her pleasure was short-lived. She froze in fear. She knew it was Mario. Robert kept his cool.

He instructed her to let him in and not let on that he was there. He would hide in the kitchen. She was afraid. Robert assured her he had things under control and he certainly wouldn’t let Mario hurt her, but she had to help lure him into Robert’s plan.

Little did Linda know that Robert was concocting a plan all his own. He was going to have some fun at Linda and Mario’s expense. He’d always had a mother/son fetish and this was as close as he was going to get to bring his sick and twisted fantasy to fruition.

He instructed Linda to answer the door in her birthday suit. Linda already didn’t like his plan. She hesitated. Robert assured her this was all part of his plan to make Mario feel like he’d won.

The doorbell rang again.

Linda was caught between a rock and a hard place. Robert reminded her that Mario was not to know he was there until he was ready to make his presence known. He reminded her that Karl was on his way. What he failed to tell her was that it’d be about an hour before Karl could make his way to Linda’s.

Robert was going to let Linda sweat it out with Mario and he’d again be in a position where he could capture the action on his video camera without being detected.

Linda had no choice but to answer the door in all her glory. She hated Robert for making her do this, but trusted that he would not let Mario touch her inappropriately.

She was in for the surprise of her life.

Linda walked over to the door knowing full well her life would change forever if she let Mario in her house. She knew Robert would protect her, but she also knew Robert liked playing games and she saw that look in his eyes that told her she was going to get played.

She held on to the doorknob a few seconds and was brought back by the door chime again. She took a deep breath and put a smile on her face as she swung open the door.

Her smile turned to shock as she realized it wasn’t Mario at the door.

Tony had turned around to tell his friend Steve to hurry up with his stuff, and Steve had arrived at the door just as it was opened.

He stood wide-eyed admiring the gorgeous beauty standing at the door naked for all to admire. Just that quick he made out her luscious titties, erect nipples and neatly trimmed pussy, not to mention the killer legs.

Linda came to as Tony turned to see what Steve was transfixed by and he just about died.

There, standing in the doorway, naked for all to see was his lovely mother displaying her sexy assets to both Tony and Steve. “Mom, what the hell!?” yelled Tony.

Linda snapped out of her trance and quickly slammed the door shut.

Tony was petrified and embarrassed by his mom’s actions. He waited a few minutes to give his Mom time to make it to her bedroom before he opened the door slightly asking to no one in particular if it was okay for them to come in.

Steve couldn’t believe his luck. His cock was standing at attention and he could barely walk.

Although Tony was embarrassed he truly loved the show. He always knew his Mom was sexy but he kept those thoughts pushed way deep inside. Okay, so his Mom had been the object of many of his fantasies but out of love and respect for the woman, he kept his feelings at bay.

But now his mind was filled with many questions… first and foremost, why was his Mom answering the door in her birthday suit? Who was she expecting? He’d sent his Mom an email some days ago. She knew he was coming. Did she intend to give him a show?

He’d invited Steve along kind of last minute. Steve! Steve was playing it cool. He kept his comments to himself but more so, his mind was racing with the welcome-home reception. He was replaying it over and over in his mind. He sat down and kept to himself.

Tony was grateful for Steve’s gracefulness.

Upon hearing the commotion and realizing it wasn’t Mario at the door, Robert let himself out the backdoor.

Linda was in her bedroom simply mortified. How stupid and irresponsible of her. She’d inadvertently given Tony and his friend a show. How was she going to explain this to him, to them?

Who was the gorgeous blond hunk with her son? He had an athlete’s build. He had to be one of Tony’s baseball buddies. They were both so handsome and physically fit.

Steve’s piercing blue eyes had burned a hole right through her. He’d given her a once over from her titties to her cunt. She knew he’d taken in all of her.

She was so ashamed. She could feel her heart beating a thousand miles a minute.

And then she did something strange… she reached down and touched her pussy. Her wet, dripping pussy. She was excited. She’d inadvertently flashed her son and his friend and her pussy was dripping. What the hell was wrong with her?

Just then the doorbell rang.

Oh shit! She knew it was Mario. How was she going to explain Mario to Tony?

She stopped playing with herself. She could hear some talking, laughter and after a bit the door closing. And then it was down to two voices. Linda surmised it had to be Tony and Steve. She didn’t want to face the boys.

And then came a knock at her door.

“Mom, Mom are you in there?” asked Tony. She hesitated. “Mom, will you please open the door. I need to talk to you,” pleaded Tony.

She decided she better answer him, “Yes Sweetie. Give me a minute,” she said.

She threw a robe over herself and opened the door. Tony was leaning against the frame of the door and in his best attempt to make light of the situation he smiled and asked, “Are you decent?” Linda died.

Tony knew his Mom was mortified. “Sorry Mom. I’m just trying to put us both at ease.”

Linda stepped back as he walked in the room and locked the door behind him. Linda stammered in an attempt to explain herself.

Tony let her sweat it out for a bit and then very matter-of-fact and in a low, hushed voice asked, “It was him, right?”

Linda’s eyes widened.

“You thought I was him. You were waiting on Mario.” He wasn’t asking. He was stating the facts. “You. My respectable, honorable, shy Mom has been cheating on Dad with a man my age.”

Linda put her hand over her mouth and tears strolled down her cheeks.

“My Mommy is a two-bit, slutty whore who fucks men in her home.” Linda was stunned that Tony would talk to her this way and turned away. This couldn’t be her Tony. Her Tony was loving and respectable.

Tony came up behind her, grabbed her from her shoulders and turned her around. Her robe came undone in the process and Tony was again treated to another show of his sweet Mom’s assets. Linda was too distraught to notice. She had both her hands over her eyes. Ashamed.

Tony locked in on his Mom’s titties and noticed her nipples were erect. Linda’s body was reacting to Tony’s harsh words.

He leaned in, wrapped his arms around his mother and held her. She leaned in to him feeling safe in his strong arms. Tony allowed her time to pull herself together. He could feel her body relaxing, leaning more on his frame.

He stood firm and with his right hand lifted her chin. He kissed her tearful eyes and told her everything was going to be okay. He told her he was home for a week and what happened earlier would stay between them.

He kissed her forehead. She looked at him lost in his loving gaze. He wiped her tears away and kissed her cheek. She closed her eyes and hugged him tight.

He pulled back a bit and lifted her chin planting a soft, tender kiss on her lips. She welcomed his kiss. She felt so safe in the arms of her strong, muscular son. He delivered several sweet, soft kisses on her lips and felt her relax some more.

He had his eyes open watching her every expression. Her expressions went from that of fear to enjoyment.

He shifted his face a bit more and kissed her a little harder; a little more passionate unlike a son should kiss his mother. She could feel his strong grip on her bare hips bringing her in closer to his body.

His voice echoing in her head, “I’ve always admired your beauty from afar,” except this time the man kissing her and holding her was real.

She opened her mouth to accept her son’s tongue. Their kiss intensified. She wanted this. She dreamt about it.

Tony couldn’t believe his luck. His mother had been the object of many of his fantasies and now he held her in his arms kissing her like he’d fantasized so many times before.

Her body was ten times sexier and hotter than he’d imagined. He could feel her bare tits pressing against his chest. She was running her hands up and down his back and down to his buttocks.

His mother wanted this as much as he did.

He cupped her ass in his hands and kneaded them bringing her arousal level up a notch. She was moaning as he kissed her. There was so much passion behind her kiss and touch. Tony wondered how long his mother had lusted for him.

He broke the kiss and they both looked at each other and smiled, “Geez Mom, I’ve wanted you for so long but you’re way sexier and hotter than any fantasy I ever had. I’m so glad I came home today.”

She stood there and took in his compliment running her hand through his hair. Her son was gorgeous. Tony removed the robe from his Mom and she stood there before him, once again naked.

He took her by the hand and twirled her around slowly taking in her beauty. Her pussy was nicely trimmed, her tits were full and desirable and her ass… wow, her ass was delectably full and round. He gave her a smack on her ass and she smiled. She loved that type treatment. Her face broke out in a big smile.

Just then Tony received a text. It was Steve. The message read… “Hey Dude, what’s going on upstairs with your Mom? Is everything okay? Please tell your Mom she has nothing to worry about, this stays with us… and she has nothing to be ashamed of.”

Tony replied telling him all was fine and to give him a little more time. He explained he needed to help his mom pull herself together.

Tony pulled his gorgeous Mom to him enveloping her in his strong arms. She felt warm and safe and sexy and naughty all wrapped in one.

Tony lowered his head and latched on to one of her tits causing her to moan. She threw her head back in ecstasy. She’d breastfed Tony as an infant and now he was back where he was 21 years ago except now it was sexual, sensual… it was fucking hot.

He bit down slightly on her nipple and she grabbed his head bringing him to her. She relished in the forbidden lust. Kissing his way up, Tony made his way back to her motherly lips and once again they locked lips.

His hands roamed all over her body but curiosity got the better of him. He needed to know more about his mother’s behavior. There would be plenty of time to explore her body later. Plus, he was going to make her desire him more. His mother was no different to the girls at school who threw themselves at him. He knew how to play the game. The harder the chase the better the prize. He’d make his mom wait.

He broke the kiss and stepped back. He wanted to know about her behavior. Why had she opened the door in her birthday suit not knowing who’d be there? He handed her the robe so she could cover herself.

Before long Linda had told Tony all he wanted to know. She was forthcoming with her son and opted to fill him in with every sordid detail from the beginning and including her run-in with Mario at the supermarket.

Things started to fall into place and started to make sense now for Tony. Mario had called him up and left a puzzling voicemail message insisting he come home because he’d seen weird shit happening at his house. Unbeknownst to Mario, Tony had already planned to come home today.

He’d bumped into Mario right outside his house as he drove up. Mario had told him he was getting his exercise in; walking around the neighborhood. It seemed odd as Mario was a big gym rat but Tony hadn’t given it any thought until now.

He was happy to know Mario had not touched his mother, but he was now faced with handling this situation with the neighbor, his cop friend and Mario and getting his sexy mom off the hook. Linda didn’t say more. She could tell Tony was trying to process all this information.

Meanwhile at Robert’s house Sgt. Karl Miller had shown up and Robert had flagged him down before he made his way to Linda’s. Robert filled him in on what had happened earlier and how he had to sneak out the backdoor. He also clued him in on Mario and his approaching Linda at the supermarket.

After a bit, Robert asked Sgt. Miller to make his way over to Linda’s to assess the damage. He didn’t want this to blow up in his face for fear of the consequences if this made its way back to his wife.

The doorbell brought Tony out of his focused thought. Linda’s eyes bugged out. She dared not think who that might be at the door. Tony saw the fear in her eyes and did his best to calm her down assuring her he was there to protect her. He instructed her to stay put. He would handle the visitor.

Steve was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs and having peered thru the peephole he knew it was a policeman at the door. Tony instinctively knew it was Sgt. Miller his mom had told him about.

He concocted a plan on the spot. He’d give Sgt. Miller and Robert a taste of their own medicine. He’d have Sgt. Miller ‘fess up on tape how he and Robert took advantage of his mother. He asked Steve to take his phone and record what was about to happen but to stay out of sight.

His plan worked to a “t”. Soon Tony had incriminating video evidence and had Sgt. Miller shaking in his boots. His career and life hung on a line and Tony nailed his balls to the wall reminding him what happens to police who end up behind bars. In exchange for keeping this situation under wraps, Sgt. Miller was to make sure Robert and Mario delete any video or picture evidence of Linda in compromising positions. If anything ever leaked, Sgt. Miller and Robert would end up behind bars for blackmailing, Mario for intent to blackmail, and he for abuse of power and much more.

Karl assured Tony his mother had nothing to worry about. He would make sure Robert and Mario never bothered Linda again. Tony’s message to all of them was quite clear… if any of them even breathed in the direction of his mother he’d go straight to the cops with his video.

Back at Robert’s house, Karl had a stern message for Robert complete with some physical retribution for getting him involved in this crap. It was fun while it lasted, but it was to end right that moment. He took Robert’s phone and personally deleted all video and still images of Linda. Robert assured him he was going to leave her alone.

Karl then made his way to Mario’s house and had a strong come to Jesus talk with him as well doing the same with his phone images. He told Mario that if he bothered Linda or Tony or any member of that family ever again, he’d have him to deal with. Mario was scared shitless. He would never bother the family again.

Meanwhile at Linda’s home, Steve and Tony celebrated and hi-fived each other. The plan turned out better than they anticipated.

Linda wouldn’t leave her room. She stayed put as her son had instructed. Tony filled Steve in on some of the details and thanked him for helping save his mom. Steve was only happy to help.

Tony called out to his mom asking her to come downstairs. Linda made her way to them still unsure of what took place. Tony was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs holding out a hand motioning for her to join him. When she reached the bottom stair he hugged her tight and assured her everything was going to be okay.

He stepped back and said, “Mom, this is my very good friend Steve.”

Linda turned and blushed. This young man had seen her naked. Steve held his hand out and she reached out.

“Mom, Steve knows what you’ve been through and he helped me rescue you. It’s okay to give him a hug.” Steve still had Linda’s hand in his and he tugged lightly bringing her to him wrapping her in his arms. She felt safe with Steve as well. She wrapped her arms around and brought him to her.

Steve looked over at Tony, winked at him and mouthed, “she’s sooo hot”. They smiled.

Tony came up behind his mother and hugged her trapping her between he and Steve. He nuzzled her and kissed her lightly on the neck close to her ear then he whispered, “I love you Mom.”

She turned her head a bit and kissed him lightly on his mouth at first. Tony opened his mouth and darted his tongue encouraging his mom to French kiss him while she hung on to his best friend.

Linda could feel Steve’s body responding. He started to sway his hips and grinding lightly against her. It felt so right.

She moaned as Tony broke the kiss. She looked up and stared at Steve’s beautiful blue eyes. He leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips; light at first and then his urge took over; before long they were kissing as lovers.

Tony undid the tie on his mom’s robe and pulled it back and down exposing her nude body. She felt heat radiating from deep within thus she welcomed the light breeze she felt on her nude body.

Steve brought his hand up and cupped one of her tits breaking the kiss and bringing her funbag to his mouth. She threw her head back and grunted like a bitch in heat.

These boys were in for a treat.

Steve ran his hands down to her buttocks and brought her body to his mashing their groins as he dry-humped her.

Tony stood back and relished in the scene before him, but there was no doubt in his mind… he was going to have first crack at his sexy mother. Tony stepped in and interrupted the hot scene before him.

Steve looked at him somewhat disappointed but he understood that Tony should have dibs on his mother. Tony pulled his mom to him grinding against her ass as he took a tit in each hand.

He looked at Steve and said, “I’ll make sure she thanks you properly but first I need to make this beautiful woman mine.” Linda smiled. Steve nodded.

Tony brought his hand up to her chin and turned her head slightly. He looked at her and said, “It’s time I become a Mother Fucker but first you’ve got to beg for what you’re about to get.”

She leaned back against him and felt his hardness against the crack of her ass. He kept massaging her tits as Steve “ooohed” and “aaaahed” at their public display of affection.

Tony then turned her around, kissed her once more and then with a gentle push on her shoulders had her kneel before him. Her face was level with his crotch and she could see a big bulge. She looked up at him and him down at her nodding for her to do what he expected her to do.

She began undoing his pants and in one swift motion pulled them down along with his briefs. His thick cock looked so delicious. She couldn’t contain herself, she grabbed his dick and brought the tip to her mouth.

She heard Steve gasp and say, “Wow Dude, she’s gonna suck your cock.”

Tony said, “Yup. Go on Mommy, suck on your son’s cock.” The latter part echoed in her head, “son’s cock, son’s cock.” She was in Heaven.

She looked up at his handsome face. He was so strong and manly. She took her time first licking the length, up and down and then focusing on his head sucking him in. Tony threw his head back. Finally, his fantasy was now real. He grabbed her head and guided her on his cock. She was a great cocksucker. She massaged his jewels raking her nails up and down his scrotum.

Steve stood witness to this awesome scene unfolding before him. He had his impressive meat in his hands and was taking care of business.

Tony was in Heaven. His hot mom was on her knees worshiping his cock taking extra care to satisfy him fully. Several times as she licked his knob she looked up at him so lovingly knowing she was bringing him pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Tony exploded in his mom’s mouth feeding her a copious amount of man juice and she gulped down every drop relishing in the experience of tasting her handsome son for the very first time. He was delectable.

But her task wasn’t complete. After finishing up, Tony instructed her to crawl over to Steve and thank him as well for helping her out of the bind she’d gotten herself into.

Linda turned and saw Steve’s impressive tool and knew she’d enjoy thanking him. She crawled over and took his balls in her mouth making Steve moan with pleasure. He grabbed the back of her head as she took his cock in her mouth.

Steve looked over at Tony and said, “Dude, this hot mother is skilled.”

Tony knew all too well.

Seeing his mom on her knees acting slutty instantly gave him a boner. He knelt behind her and ever so slowly started tasting her charms starting with her tight round ass. He kissed all over her sweet cheeks. Linda loved the sensation. His strong forceful hands kneading her ass and opening her up for the taking. Tony dove in taking his time lapping up from the top of her ass crack down to her sweet mommy muff. Her scent drove him wild. He’d always fancied giving women oral but lapping up at his mom’s most inner private regions was superb.

Linda moaned as she gave Steve probably the best blowjob of his life. Steve’s verbal encouragement in conjunction with Tony’s oral manipulation set her world on fire. She felt quite honored desired by two handsome, virile and well-endowed young men.

She was glad she now belonged to her son Tony.

Linda could not contain her orgasm. Tony’s ministrations were bringing her to the edge and Tony knew it. He put his tongue into overdrive which in turn caused Linda to do the same with the task at hand.

Soon Steve was panting and moaning announcing he was gonna cum. His cum shot down Linda’s throat as he continued to call her a slut and a hot cocksucker all the while controlling her bobbing actions with a fist full of her hair. He certainly wasn’t as gentle as Tony but Linda didn’t seem to mind.

And soon after Steve emptied his nutsack into Linda’s mouth she erupted in a torrid orgasm spraying Tony’s face with her mommy juice while announcing to the world that she was cumming. Tony lapped up every ounce of her sweet nectar.

Steve let go of Linda’s head and backed up on to the couch spent but content closing his eyes and leaning his head back. A few hours ago he never imagined his best friend’s mom would be on her knees satisfying him. She was hot.

Before long Steve heard the unmistaken sound of hot sex. He opened his eyes and saw that Tony had mounted his mom doggie style. The scene before him was beyond exotic. His best friend fucking his own mother doggie style while she begged him to fuck her hard.

Tony grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled back as he plunged deep and hard into his mother’s silky dripping cunt causing her to moan and grunt like a bitch in heat. She begged him to fuck her good and to give her his cock. Tony smacked her ass hard a couple of times while calling her a cunt and a cheap whore.

Linda was so turned on by the rough fucking and by his words. She pushed back harder wanting him way deep in her.

Tony kept smacking her ass with one hand as he pulled on her hair with the other all the while encouraging his mother, “That’s it mommy fuck back. Oh yeah, you fucking cheap cunt give me your pussy. You belong to me now.”

Linda loved it. She responded by fucking back and between guttural grunts saying, “Oh yes baby, I’m yours. Fuck me. Mommy’s cunt belongs to you.”

Tony fucked her good and after a few minutes Tony announced he was gonna cum deep in Mommy’s fuckhole.

She encouraged him and announced she was on the verge, too. Before long they both climaxed in unison.

Linda was spent and so was Tony. Tony got up first and helped his Mom up. He walked her over to the couch and they took a seat next to Steve. She between the two hunks. She laid her head back and rested fully exhausted.

Tony and Steve looked at each other and Steve gave Tony a thumb’s up. They smiled. Tony never imagined this would play out this way, but he knew he could trust Steve implicitly.

Linda looked like a Playboy centerfold come-to-life. She took great pride in maintaining a youthful and well-proportioned figure.

After a few minutes Steve couldn’t help himself. He leaned in and kissed Linda causing her to moan. He took the opportunity to manhandle her tits.

Tony opened his eyes and smiled. His Mommy was insatiable. And he enjoyed seeing his friend play with her.

Before long, Steve laid back bringing Linda with him as he pawed her body especially her ass kneading it and opening it lasciviously. Linda loved being used and her moans were the proof.

Tony could see Steve’s hard cock rubbing the outside of his mom’s engorged pussy lips causing her to stir and moan louder. Their kiss was so sensual and somewhat animalistic. Tony couldn’t help himself. He reached over grabbing Steve’s cock with one hand while with the other opening Linda’s sopping cunt and eventually sticking his friend’s stiff meat in his mother’s fuckhole. He found it erotic to literally give his mom to his friend to enjoy as he wished.

Linda broke the kiss turned to Tony and thanked him as she slowly and wantonly gulped Steve’s thick rod enjoying inch by savory inch until finally resting her ass on his thighs. Steve gave him a thumbs up.

Once she was fully mounted she wiggled her bottom enjoying the feel of Steve’s cock filling her fully. Steve reached up and cupped Linda’s tits pinching her nipples and driving her crazy.

Tony couldn’t stand it much longer. He playfully slapped his mom’s ass and said, “Fuck him good Mom!” And stood back with camera in hand.

Linda loved being the main star and gave Tony a stellar performance complete with moans, groans and begging Steve to fuck her good. Steve added his bit, too, calling her all sorts of dirty, filthy names, manhandling her luscious tits and giving her long, passionate, wet kisses.

This went on long enough. Tony was horny as all get out. He set the camera down where it could continue to catch the action, came behind his sexy mother and instructed Steve to bring her down to him and to hold her down to him. Steve was only too happy to oblige.

Tony stepped up behind Linda grabbing her ass globes, one in each hand. He opened her up and rimmed her properly taking her by surprise. She stiffened up and Tony smacked her bottom instructing her to relax which she did. He dove in sampling the musky taste of her sweet brown hole while taking in the smell of hot sex. He relished in it… loved the sweet aroma and taste of his freshly fucked Mommy. He could see their hot fuck juices dripping out of Linda’s moist pussy and down Steve’s cock.

Although he wasn’t gay, he couldn’t help himself and licked around his mom’s fuckhole and down Steve’s meat.

He heard his friend moan and say, “Holy fuck Tony that feels wicked!” His friend wasn’t gay either, but the feeling was unlike any other.

Linda was lost in the fuck and wiggled her ass very slowly up and down the tip of Steve’s cock causing more juices to run down. Tony continued lapping up their fuck juices and then rimmed Linda’s brown buggerhole some more prepping her for what was to come.

Tony wasn’t asking for permission he just knew he had to claim each of his mom’s treasured holes and he wasn’t sure if his mother was new to anal sex, or prepared for it for that matter. But right here. Right now. He didn’t care. All he knew was that his sweet, loving mother was going to feel his cock up her ass.

Even in her lust-filled stupor Linda knew what was coming and was prepared, but it was Robert she’d prepared for; nonetheless, it was Tony she wanted to feel deep in her bowels. She broke the kiss with Steve and turned her head slightly speaking for the first time in a while, “Tony, please fuck my ass. I need you to claim what’s yours, Baby.”

The sound of her voice and what she just said made Steve’s cock twitch with excitement and whispered, “Son of a bitch” to no one in particular.

None of this was lost on Linda and she turned to Steve with a smile, bent down and whispered in his ear, “Yes indeed. He is a son of a bitch.”

She proceeded to kiss him hungrily as Tony eased his erect, thick cock into his Mom’s ass taking it easy so as to not hurt her. Linda loved the feeling of having two cocks in her holes and she was not a novice.

She broke her kiss with Steve once more pushing herself up dangling her tits in his face. Steve latched on to her tit and hungrily sucked on it driving Linda crazy. She didn’t want easy. She liked it nice and rough. She pushed her ass back driving Tony’s cock deep inside her bum dislodging herself from Steve’s cock in the process.

Oh, it hurt so good! She moaned hard and Tony was afraid he’d hurt her. He froze. She pulled forward and then back fucking Tony with her tight ass. She loved it and Tony enjoyed watching his Mom fuck him with her sweet, round ass.

Steve impaled her on his cock and immediately enjoyed the feel of Tony’s cock sawing in and out of Linda’s ass divided only by a thin membrane. Tony’s balls would slam against Steve’s cock with every stroke. The friends loved the sensation of the double-penetration.

Linda was in seventh Heaven. Her moans were getting louder with every passing minute. She begged the boys to fuck her good and Steve sucking on her tits drove her insane and soon she exploded in a massive orgasm that shook both young men. She didn’t want this to end. She was relentless and she kept fucking like a mad woman.

Linda’s second orgasm drove Tony over the edge and soon he was depositing his hot cum deep in his mom’s bowels triggering yet another explosion in Linda. Steve was not far behind and shortly after Tony came Steve erupted sending his baby-making boys deep up her cunt.

Linda was exhausted as were the two studs. She fell gently on Steve causing Tony to plop out of her leaky anus. He couldn’t help but smile as he saw his white seed seep out, slowly creeping down. He lazily got up and grabbed a towel from the downstairs bath cleaning his dirty mother’s fucked shithole.

Linda got up on shaky legs and Steve’s cum started running down her leg. She quickly sat down on the towel next to Tony; Steve also sat up, his cock and groin area full of fuck juices. He looked down and smiled.

Tony looked at Linda and smiled grabbing her head and kissing her oh so tenderly after which he looked deep in her eyes and said, “You’re one dirty mother.” They all chuckled.

She took his face in her hands, brought him in for a tender kiss and said, “You’re one nasty mother fucker.”

He looked at her and said, “You’re right, Cunt. Now get on your knees and clean both our cocks.” She complied happily.

Tony’s dad was happy to see him when he got home that night and was happy he’d brought a friend. He also noticed Linda was in the best of moods.

“Mothers,” he thought, “they always have a soft spot for their boys.” If he only knew his son had pleasured his wife’s soft spots and would continue to do so on a regular basis.

Linda had received specific instructions from her son on her dress attire… dresses only with sexy lingerie when around the family; lingerie only when alone in the home with him to make herself accessible to him anytime he desired.

At dinner time, she was to spike her husband’s drink or meal with sleeping pills to facilitate pleasuring her son through the night.

Linda agreed to it all without any hesitation. She wanted to please her son and made it very clear to him that she was his to do with as he pleased. She trusted him implicitly and felt safe with him. As far as she was concerned, he was her man and the only man of the house.

Steve stayed for a couple of more days before heading out to his parents’ home. He and Tony enjoyed Linda’s body every which way, and she couldn’t be happier. The hottest, or rather the most intense sex was at night knowing Tony Sr. was down the hall enjoying his OTC-induced Zzzzs while Tony and Steve fucked Linda mercilessly.

On Steve’s last night, Tony decided to up the ante and drag his well-fucked, naked Mom back to his parents room and finish fucking her right next to his sleeping Dad. The excitement and fear of having his Dad wake up made it that much more thrilling.

Linda tried to keep quiet at first, but the excitement was too much for her to bear. She was soon fucking her son in her marital bed next to her slumbering husband without a care in the world. She was loud and so was Tony. Steve was capturing it all on the camera for posterity.

Loud as they were, Tony Sr. was out and wasn’t registering any of what was happening, or at least not consciously.

Tony instructed his mom to get on her knees and stick her ass up in the air so he could fuck her like the bitch in heat she was. She was all too happy to be his bitch, but she made things a little more interesting. While positioning herself she gently turned her husband on his back. She then proceeded to hug him and rest her head on his chest. Tony Sr. instinctively hugged his wife close to him. She positioned herself comfortably hugging her husband while giving her son full access to her ass and cunt.

Tony smiled at his mom’s wickedness and bravado. She was lovingly hugging his dad while allowing herself to get pleasured by her hung son. What a cunt. Tony drove into her in one swift motion causing her to moan.

She rested on her husband snaking her left hand down playing with his limp dick.

Tony had his way with his Mom and he wasn’t quiet about it either, “Oh yeah Mommy hang on to Dad while I fuck your sweet cunt. Oh fuck yeah. I can feel you sucking my dick!” He smacked her ass which encouraged her to dance on his dick.

She was made for fucking alright. She wiggled her ass and even fucked back all the while resting her loving face on her husband’s chest and playing with his now hardening dick. It scared her for a slight second and she looked up to see if he was still asleep. He was. His eyes were closed but she noticed he had a big smile on his face.

This encouraged her to continue playing with her husband’s body. She took his nipple in her mouth and sucked it lightly as she continued to play with his growing cock.

Linda did love her husband. In the last few years, she’d developed some resentment because she felt he took her for granted. But oddly enough, right at that moment whilst her son was pounding her pussy and his best friend was recording the action, she remembered the things she loved about her husband and without realizing it, she started making love to him as well.

Steve caught the action and moved around to see Linda taking Tony Sr.’s nipple in her mouth. He pulled the sheets down exposing Linda’s dirty play. Tony shook his head in amazement. Steve caught it all on camera. In the same angle he caught Linda playing with her husband as her son banged her long and hard doggie style.

Tony Sr. was having a somewhat crazy dream. He dreamt he was rescuing his loving wife from a couple of hungry wolves. They were running through a forest with the wolves catching up to them with every passing minute.

Linda was in much better shape than he and she had taken the lead. He stumbled and fell and Linda turned back to help him. He told her to run to save herself, but his loving wife wouldn’t leave him behind. She knelt beside him resting her breathless face on his chest knowing the wolves would soon be upon them. He kept pleading with her to leave but she held on.

She kissed him and told him she loved him and soon they were making out like horny teenagers. She ran her hand down to his cock and started stroking him. He couldn’t understand why she would do this in the eye of danger.

Their love-life recently was almost non-existent and lately she’d pull from him if he tried to touch her. He even thought that perhaps she was having an affair but shook off that idea. She wasn’t that kind of wife.

Linda ripped his shirt off and started sucking on his nipple. She knew this drove him wild.

Before long, he could hear the wolves. They were circling around them.

When Tony Sr. looked up he noticed Linda was totally nude and she was shaking her ass, wiggling it almost purposely like she was trying to catch the wolves’ attention. One of them in particular got closer to her bum and took several sniffs.

Linda moaned and sucked harder on her husband’s nipple. He was confused. The wolves were attacking. One of them, the lighter haired one, kept circling them while the more dominant one sniffed Linda’s ass and cunt. He could hear the wolf lapping and licking while Linda moaned louder.

Tony Sr. laid back expecting the worse but experiencing something totally unexpected. Before long he felt Linda gulp and shift and soon after a rhythmic motion much like…

Tony Sr. looked up only it wasn’t a wolf who’d mounted his wife. It was his son, Tony. What the fu… it was a dream yet he could hear his son say, “Oh yeah Mommy hang on to Dad while I fuck your sweet cunt. Oh fuck yeah. I can feel you sucking my dick,” and then he heard her ass getting smacked.

Tony Sr. looked around for the other wolf and found it was his son’s friend totally nude caressing his wife’s face.

Steve looked up and looked Tony Sr. in the face and smiled mouthing, “she’s sooo hot”. Tony Sr. couldn’t help but smile and Steve smiled back.

Linda came long, hard and loud as her son once again deposited more hot cum in her Mommy hole.

He remained motionless as his dick shriveled up and plopped out but it wasn’t the end. Tony and Steve tagged and soon Steve was plowing Linda’s twat enjoying sloppy seconds, well actually they’d lost count but it was sloppy nonetheless.

Steve was so worked up he didn’t last long. Tony recorded the action and much like Steve got a frame of Linda sucking on his dad’s tit and playing with his cock while getting banged by Steve.

He couldn’t help but notice the big smile and perplexed look on his father’s face. He leaned in and whispered in Linda’s ear. She smiled and nodded and soon she was straddling her husband and riding him for all she was worth.

Tony signaled to Steve to grab hold of the camera and then proceeded to lay down naked next to his parents as his mom rode his dad to an explosive end. Steve made sure he caught it all including Tony laying naked next to them.

Even in his sleep, Tony Sr. partook in the action hanging on to his wife’s hips as she rode him. They both climaxed.

Tony and Steve were spent and sleepy and so was Linda. They both kissed her goodnight and left.

Linda cuddled up next to her naked husband and basked in the afterglow of her illicit sexual adventures.

It was about 5am when Tony Sr.’s bladder came knocking and he woke from his deep sleep finding his naked wife hugging him tightly. He looked down at her and smiled and his dream came flooding back.

He made his way to the bathroom and relived his dream. It was a crazy dream. And why would he ever dream his wife fucking anyone else and his son no less. But the dream was so real. He could almost hear his son’s voice telling his mom he was going to fuck her. And Linda was so receptive and ready to please him

In no time, he was stroking his cock. He wasn’t sure what the hell was happening to him and why the idea of his son fucking his wife got him so hard. He made his way back to bed, peeled the covers and noticed Linda was on her back. He threw the covers over him and made his way to her cunt. He could smell the strong combination of cum and cunt juices, yet he couldn’t help himself.

He kissed her on her mound ever so tenderly taking in the musky aroma of a well-fucked cunt. Linda stirred in her sleep and yet she opened herself up to the pleasures she was receiving. This encouraged Tony Sr. to continue feasting on his wife’s sweet hole. This was breakfast in bed at its finest. Tony licked up and down her engorged lips thinking to himself that her lips were plumper than usual and then he nibbled on her clit taking it lightly between his teeth while at the same time sucking on it with mild force.

Linda was now gyrating her hips as he held on wrapping his arms around her thighs. He stuck his tongue deep in her fuckhole and big globs of cum and cunt juice landed on his tongue, more than he’d expected. It took him by surprise as he swallowed. Linda took his head in her hands and mashed it down to her cunt as she lifted her ass and moaned, “Oh Baby. Oh Tony that’s it suck my pussy. Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. That’s it baby boy eat Mommy’s pussy.”

Although Tony didn’t stop eating his wife’s delicious cunt his mind froze and his heart beat faster. Had he heard correctly? Had she just…

Linda mashed his face harder against her mound and he bit and sucked on her clit with a bit more force causing her to yelp and shriek and get more vocal, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck me. Suck my cunt. Oh yes, I’m so glad you’re home. Mommy needs you. Oh yes. Oh yes Baby. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Oh fuuuuuuuuuck. Suck me. Take it Baby. Here you go. Oh yeah, drink Mommy’s milk. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!!”

For some odd reason, all of Linda’s claims made Tony Sr. hotter and hornier and he drank every drop his wife had to offer. Tony Sr. didn’t move. He let Linda rest for a minute or two and gave her time to come down her euphoria. But he was still hard and he needed to fuck his wife.

He made his way up and out of the covers and conveniently atop of Linda. She had her eyes shut. And soon Tony Sr. inserted his cock in her cunt and fucked her slowly. She responded and soon they developed a nice rhythm.

It was then it hit Linda. In her slumber she thought she was in bed with her son. But obviously her husband wasn’t bothered by her vocal encouragement because he’d brought her off with his mouth and now he was stiffer than he’d been in a long time. She decided to ride it out and give him a good fuck so he wouldn’t complain.

She wrapped her legs around him encouraging him to give her a good pounding and then ran her warm hands up and down his spine. This made Tony Sr. feel like king of the world. Her words ringing loudly in his ears and his dream playing vividly in his mind.

And then like an out of body experience he heard himself speak, “That’s it Baby fuck him good. Oh yeah, work your mommy ass. Oh fuck I can see his cock plowing into you Baby. Give your son a good fucking. Son of a bitch.” His words made her hotter and hornier and spurred her on.

Tony Sr. felt her go into overdrive and he knew that in her mind she was fucking their son. He didn’t know what the fuck had happened and he wasn’t going to ruin the moment but evidently their son played a key role in their now revived sex life and if that’s what it took to make his wife fuck him, then be it. And so he continued, “That’s it son fuck your Mommy. Give it to her good!”

They both got loud and it soon caught the attention of Tony Jr. and Steve who came to stand outside the bedroom door smiling and hi-fiving each other. The rest of the children were sleeping unaware and undisturbed by the loud noises coming from their mommy and daddy’s room.

Soon both Linda and Tony Sr. exploded in a sea of verbal interludes worthy of a five-star porn flick. Tony remained atop of Linda as his dick shriveled and popped out. They both giggled when they felt it happen and Linda opened her eyes taking her husband’s face in her hands and bringing him in for a tender closed-mouth kiss. He kissed his way to her ear and whispered, “You are one nasty mother fucker.”

This took her by surprise because her husband was not big on cussing not even in the bedroom.

He propped himself up and she saw a big shit-eating grin on his face. A sense of relief overtook her and she again brought him in for a tender kiss and then she whispered to him, “I’m your nasty mother fucker and you haven’t seen nothing yet.” They looked at each other and smiled.

Just then they heard a knock at the door. Tony tried to dismount but Linda wrapped her legs around his bare ass and held him tightly in place. They were partially covered. Linda signaled to her husband to remain quiet and asked, “Yes?” All the while caressing him and holding him tight to her.

The voice from behind the door was Tony Jr.’s, “Mom, are you okay? I heard lots of noise coming from your room.” Of course he was being coy. He was well aware what had just happened.

Linda replied, “Yes Baby everything’s great. Come on in.”

Tony Sr.’s eyes bugged and he again tried to move. Linda smiled, shook her head and mouthed “it’s okay,” and for some odd reason this put him at ease.

The knob turned and Tony Jr. peaked his head. He saw his parents coupled and smiled. Both looked towards the door with big smiles and Tony Sr. said, “Come on in son. It’s okay.”

Tony Jr. made his way in and stood before his parents bare-chested and in his boxers holding a conversation like nothing was out of the ordinary.

Linda spoke up, “Sorry Baby. Hope we didn’t wake you. As you can see we were having some Mommy/Daddy time.”

He smiled at his dad, “It’s okay. It’s only natural. I’m a light sleeper and I could have sworn I heard you calling for me. Steve is out like a light. I just wanted to make sure you guys were okay and by the looks of it, you’re more than okay.”

Linda held her hand out to her son and said, “You’re a wonderful son. Come here and lay down next to us.”

She then looked at her husband and he smiled and nodded. Tony Jr. laid down and snuggled next to his naked parents. His dad lifted up slightly revealing his mom’s playful tits and he couldn’t help but take a peak. He caught his dad’s eyes and they both smiled.

Tony Sr. couldn’t help but get aroused with the present situation. It’s not every day you have great sex with your wife and your college-aged son comes and lies down in bed while you’re still naked and coupled.

Linda reached between them and stroked him to full attention bringing his Daddy cock to her Mommy hole. Tony Jr. wasn’t oblivious to what was happening as he saw the look of lust in his Dad’s face and soon the bed began to move in a rhythmic sway.

Both mom and dad looked at him and with synchronized precision mouthed, “Sorry,” to their son soon after closing their eyes and getting lost in their passion.

Tony Jr. smiled and made his way off the bed almost unnoticed. His parents opened up their eyes simultaneously and he mouthed and signaled that he’d be right back. They both nodded.

He was back shortly with camera in hand taking the liberty to uncover his parents.

He could see his dad’s ass rise up and down, his cock pistoning in and out of his mom’s pussy. The same pussy he had claimed days before.

He took video and snapped a few pictures. This was so exhilarating to Tony Sr., beyond his wildest dreams. He didn’t quite understand why he was allowing this or why he felt comfortable but his dream had a lot to do with it topped with the hot sex and verbal exchange with his wife earlier. It felt so natural to have his son present with camera in hand as he fucked his wife.

In the deep depths of his consciousness he heard his son speak, “That’s it Dad fuck her good. Mom loves a good fucking. Let her have it. Fuck her like the nasty cunt she is. Oh yeah, that’s it Mom show Dad what a nasty mother fucker you are. Suck his cock with your tight pussy. Oh fuck yes, that’s it. I can see you working your ass like a two-bit whore. Pound her good Dad. Give it to her. Fuck her. Oh yeah, fuck her nice and hard just like she likes it.”

Tony Sr. was the hardest he’d been in quite some time, even harder than this morning. He’d already come twice this morning so he was going to give her a ride for her money.

Linda on the other hand was cumming hard with her son’s encouragement. She wished she could have both their cocks. She wanted them both, together. She was going out on a limb, but she brought her husband’s ear down to her mouth and whispered, “I need both of you. I want both of you. Please,” she pleaded to her husband quietly.

Her husband looked at her with fire in his eyes. He couldn’t deny he wanted this as much as his wife. In that split second, they fell in love all over again.

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