The seduction of a sweet, loving Mom

This is the third and final chapter to this series. Tuesday afternoon and Linda found herself at the local supermarket picking up some items for dinner. She was focused on her grocery list when she felt a slight push against her cart. (Read prev story The seduction of a sweet, loving neighbor continues )

“Thanks for the show,” said the young good looking man as he stood in front of Linda’s shopping cart. He picked up a cucumber and held it in his hands pointing it suggestively at her.


She was caught off guard. She didn’t know the young man, nor did she know what he was talking about.

“I beg your pardon?” she said taken aback.

“My name is Mario. I went to school with your son, Tony. We graduated together. I live directly behind you.” He kept sliding his hand up and down the cucumber in a crude and suggestive manner and pointing it at Linda’s direction.

It hit Linda like a ton of bricks. He knew she’d caught on but carried on nonchalantly.

“So how’s Tony?” he asked.

She gave him a quick update on Tony, and tried to push the cart around Mario.

He stopped her, leaned it and whispered in her ear, “You’re quite the show off. I loved what I saw. I’m sure Tony would love knowing his mom is a dirty slut fucking two guys in her house while his Dad is slaving away at the office.”

The blood drained out of Linda.

Mario went on, “Either you let me sample your treasures or Tony gets a call. What do you say, Mommy?”

He hugged her and she stiffened up. “You don’t want to create a scene at the grocery story, do you Mommy?” He was enjoying the fact that Linda was uncomfortable.

His hand moved downward toward her butt and Linda froze. She attempted to break the hug but he was stronger, and she didn’t want to make it seem like she was struggling. She begged him to let her go. He swatted her ass. She was petrified. He was groping her in the middle of the supermarket. Finally he let go.

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Linda took a step back, sized him up and said, “He’ll never believe you. And I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She wasn’t going to let a snot-nosed twenty-one year old kid blackmail her. It would be his word against hers.

Very confidently he took out his phone and played a video clip of the action in Linda’s bedroom. He’d videotaped her getting grabbed by her hair by Robert and made to suck his cock as Karl plunged into her from behind. The action was blurry, but Mario had zoomed out to capture the house. It was quite clear it was Linda’s home and that she was the woman in the video.

Mario leaned in and whispered in a menacing tone, “Don’t fuck with me you filthy cunt. I’ve got evidence. Now, when can I come over to get my chance at that sweet mommy cunt of yours?”

She was caught, but she was quick on her feet. She quickly concocted a plan in her head. “You can come over tomorrow at 10:30am. Come alone and no cameras.”

“Okay. I’ll be there. And please have my breakfast ready,” he said cockily as he again swatted her butt.

The rest of the day dragged on for Linda. She was extra jumpy and nervous about her encounter with Mario. Sure he was a fit, nice looking young man but the idea of letting him anywhere near her made her uneasy. He was clearly the same age as her son Tony.

Tony was such a respectable young man; always so polite and courteous, handsome as all get out and very much in shape. Linda had seen him grow into a strapping young man and now he was away at college on a baseball scholarship. She admired her son’s physique but never in a sexual manner and for the first time, she tried envisioning him naked.

Mario had her thinking crazy things. She would not let Mario have his way with her.

She had to make sure Robert understood that. She’d asked Mario to show up at 10:30am knowing Robert was coming over a t 10am. She’d have enough time to tell him how Mario had approached her and have Robert put the fear of God in him; perhaps Karl could help as well. She’d let Robert handle the situation.

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She put all her thoughts aside and continued with dinner and her motherly chores. Soon the kids were fed, bathed and she was exhausted. As usual her husband had worked late and had arrived much after she’d gone to bed.

The scene before her was so vivid… “Oh yes Mommy that’s it ride my cock,” she could hear Mario whispering in her ear as he grabbed her by the hips slamming her on him. How had she gotten here?

Mario reached up and grabbed her tits giving them a full squeeze, pinching her nipples as she rode his thick cock. “Oh fuck yes Mommy suck my dick with your pussy. Oh yeah, I’m fixing to cum. Can I please cum in you, Mommy?”

She turned to tell him yes and was met with her son Tony’s face… “Yesssssssss, oh fuck yes Tony! That’s it, fuck your Mommy good.”

She woke up in a cold sweat. Her husband sat up and asked her if she was okay.

Linda was dripping in sweat, her nipples were hard and sensitive. She got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom without answering her husband. She removed her nightgown as it was irritating her tits and touched herself. She was dripping wet.

She had just dreamt of getting fucked by her son and her pussy was dripping wet. She started rubbing her clit and massaging her tits and before long brought herself off having to muffle her sounds to not alert her husband.

She sat down on the toilet seat ashamed at herself for having such nasty and inappropriate dreams and thoughts. The encounter with Mario had affected her more than she cared to admit.

She cleaned up as best she could and went back to bed determined not to have any more inappropriate dreams about her son.

She laid down and soon dozed off.

At first her dream was a normal one. She found herself walking aimlessly through a forest, the scenery was beautiful and the cacophony of sounds were such that soon it became a sweet lullaby. She could feel herself guided through a sea of green soft patches down a path outlined with tall lush trees. She was in one with nature and she could feel a slight breeze caressing her naked body waking up every nerve on her skin. She felt so alive; so desired.

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She came to the end of the path on to a baseball field and as if on cue everyone turned to see this beautiful creature who’d emerged from the bowels of a thick forest. She saw a figure make his way towards her. He had a swag about him; very confident stride, a strong, manly posture and as he neared her she noticed it was her son, Tony.

“Hello mother, I’ve been expecting you. You look so lovely; so sexy. I’ve always admired your beauty from afar desiring you like no son should desire his mother and now I get to show you off to everyone.”

He stood beside her and hugged her to him and together they walked towards the field, toward the men who stood mesmerized by her beauty. She was naked yet she felt comfortable. She turned and saw the love and lust in Tony’s eyes as they roamed her body.

He led her closer to the men on the field. When they got to the pitcher’s mound Tony called for everyone to come gather; and gather they did encircling them as Tony announced to one and all that this beautiful woman was his mother.

He turned to her, put his left hand on her hip and moved in for a kiss. She melted into his arms. This felt so right. He was so tender and passionate with his kiss; with his touch.

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