A mutual seduction between a mother and son

Last year when my husband passed away, I had to return to the workforce. He left a modest insurance benefit and we had some savings, but not enough to sustain me and my son, Mark, who had moved home when he lost his job. My name is Sandra and I am 55 years old. I … Read more A mutual seduction between a mother and son

One Time with my Mom

It was happened a week before. I never had any intention on my mother before that incident. It was a rainy day, as usual my mom and my father had a fight in the evening. I don’t know why are the fighting but I don’t want to know that. in night Mom gave me some … Read more One Time with my Mom


Hi ! I am here for some more stories.In my previous story titled ‘MY HOT SISTER JUHI———PART-05’ I have explained about her married life & my trip to her home…having some nice as well as great sex with Juhi. My elder sister Juhi have left me alone & thinking about her i always have some … Read more ‘MY YOUNGER SISTER RUHI……PART-03’