With a Granny of a Friend

It was a summer of my youth in which me and my friends used to ride bikes in afternoon. one day Dinu came to pick me and then we went to pick Gaba. When we get to his house we shouted his name. Finding no reply we left the bikes outside and moved to his

Down the memory lane of a Cabaret dancer

I am Catherine. I am now 70. During my twenties and thirties I was a very successful cabaret dancer. Now when sitting at home alone I recollect those colourful and cheerful days sometimes. I am narrating here my memories of those days for your pleasure. Cabaret dance shows are the night life of western world.

Good time with hot Aunt

Hi, guys, this is my an experience with my aunt’s sister Sanjana.I tried to write the story with out getting you bored .I stay in Bangalore so aunties and girls can contact me She lives with her husband and a kid, her husband is very friendly with me and we carry a good relationship between

Mrs Echel

When I was in my 20s my boss sent me to his mother’s house to do some repairs for her. I was working in the basement and she came downstairs. She was a 84 year old woman. She was wearing this old house coat and she bent over in front of me and I could