Surprise sex encounter with my bhabhi

Hi guys my age is 23 I am from mp indore this is my first story so please ignore mistakes. So coming to the story my bhabhi her age is 27 she is fair in complextion her height is 5’1 her fig is so hot to die for it her stats are as follows 34 28 35 se is so curvy and day I saw her I want to fuck her n make my slut.i regularly used to sniff her panties n bra n cum on her panties. But suddenly one day she caught me and angrily stared at me and took her panties and gone from there and I was scared as shit whole day I wasn’t able to eye contact and she Was still staring at me with anger I took courage that night n went to her n said sorry she didn’t replied and asked me to leave. Next day she came n said don’t even think about sniffing my panties n I agreed than things get normal n suddenly one day she was having phone sex I thought it was bhaiya but it was her ex bf I took vedio of her n silently enjoyed her moans she Was looking hot her cleavage was so sexy her voice is enough to make anybody come she was shouting fuck me viraj and I get all this in my phone. N one day come when no one was at home I connected my pendrive on TV and played her vedio n she was like scared as hell she said me u asshole n start abusing me in hindi ‘madarchod saale kutte type aisa vedio banana h bhabhi ka’ I said koi nai bhabhi enjoy karo vedio ye ek secret aapka mere pass aapka mere pass par mere pass saboot h she asked me to delete it I said no she begged me n then she said I will do anything u say n I said ‘tu randi h meri aaj se’ she said no i replied ‘sun saal iss vedio ko itna share karuga tera GHAR se nikalna band ho jayega’ she said I will do everything you say then I pulled her towards me n start licking her juicy lips n pressed her boobs she Was not supporting Me and pushing me but I keep forcing her n literally bite her lips she was shouting in pain aaabhhh chod saale n I slapped her on face n pulled her kurta n she Was shocked with slap n I pulled my dick out (my dick is 6 inch long n thick) n put in front of her n start licking her neck now after seeing my my dick she also started supporting me and her shouts are turned into moans she started massaging my dick n then start licking her armpits sniffing them from back oh my God her smelly armpits with sweat

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