Son seduces Mom while Dad sleeps

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Son seduces Mom while Dad sleeps.. It was 11:30pm when I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I peered into the living room and saw Dad sleeping soundly on the couch with the TV still on. My parents were visiting me from out of town and as usual they settled into their separate ways. Dad slept on the couch while mom was upstairs in my guest bedroom. They had slept separately for years and tonight was no exception.

Mom was 56 years old but still looked great with a petite frame and shoulder length dark brown hair. She had a nice figure with small B cup breasts, soft creamy skin, and a cute heart-shaped ass. We had playfully flirted with each other for years. However, a few months ago, I wanted to take it further and begin a sexual relationship with her. She was surprised and flattered when I brought it up but was initially very reluctant. Over time, her resistance waned as we began having intimate physical encounters whenever we were alone.


I went back upstairs to my room and started getting ready for bed. I undressed down to a t-shirt and briefs. As I pulled the covers, I imagined how thrilling it would be if I could play with mom while dad was sleeping downstairs. I debated the idea back and forth for a few minutes before I got the courage to make my move. I walked across the hall and slowly opened the door to the guest bedroom and saw my mom lying on the sofa watching a movie.

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“Do you mind if I watch with you for a bit?” I asked.

“Sure honey, anything you want” she replied.

The movie was one of those sappy Lifetime movies that my mom loved. What captured my attention was the sight of mom in her short white nightie laying there. I gazed at her body trying not to stare too intently. One of her legs was bent which left her panties slightly visible. They were white satin panties and I saw a few curls of pubic hair peeking out. My cock sprang to attention.

I waited until the next commercial break and took a seat on the edge of the sofa and placed her legs on top of mine. I began caressing her legs as we both watched the movie.

After a few more minutes, I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the check.

“I need you tonight,” I whispered in her ear.

“Not tonight darling, your father is downstairs,” she said.

“But he’s sound asleep and the television is on,” I countered.

“You know how I feel about fooling around when he’s in the house. Be patient.”

I was losing confidence at this point so I made a final plea before returning to my room. I stood up, gave her a kiss on the lips, and said “I promise you won’t regret it if you come over to my room tonight”.

I returned to my bedroom unsure if Mom would acquiesce. I lied down on my bed and flipped open a magazine. About ten minutes passed by and I heard Mom go into the guest bathroom. A few minutes later I saw my door open as Mom walked in, turned around, and quietly locked the door. I gazed at her gorgeous body and my heart raced with anticipation.

“We can’t make too much noise sweetheart. Your father would kill us both if he caught us,” she whispered.

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