Sex with wife’s friend – part 1

My wife had quite a few good looking friends. Tamara was definitely one of them. She is an over 40, long haired brunette MILF. She recently had 2 children in the last 5 years and her body has changed for the better. Thicker in all the right places. She always has had big tits but they seemed enormous now. Very voluptuous is how I would describe her. My type for sure.

Whenever she came over and when it was time for good byes that was my favorite part of her visit. She would hug a little too long. Not that I am complaining. I could always feel those beautiful breasts against my chest. A few times she nuzzled my neck and she smelled wonderful. One time she came over to me as I was sitting in a chair, as I was about to get up she just hugged my head and pushed her tits into my face. Wow her cleavage was amazing. Another time she can and sat on my lap and grinded my cock. What the hell was she trying to do. Get me in trouble. I said something to my wife because I didn’t want her to get mad at me. She said that’s just Tamara. If she was ok with it so was I.


So one day Tamara is over because I am helping her sell a painting on line. She comes to my upstairs office. And I’m facing left on the phone. I forgot to mention she is a yoga instructor and always wearing stretchy, clingy clothes. I heard her come in the office and was about to say hello. But as I turned right she had her right leg on my desk to stretch it I guess. Her pussy was inches from my face. I could see the outline of her labia and smell her musky scent. I said “hello.” I looked past her and saw my wife standing there telling us good bye to go run her errands. I gave her a WTF look and she just gave awkward grin. Like WTF back to me. It was her friend after all.

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I tried to regain my composure but there was a pussy inches from face. Yes it was behind some yoga pants. But Tamara was just stretching away. I looked up at her. “Hello.”

She looked down at me and said “hi sweetie.” She just kept stretching. Her and her yoga. I told her the painting was sold. I went to stand up but her foot was by my chair. I stumbled and knocked her over with me on top of her.

You guessed it my face land right on her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I tried to get up quickly but my balance was off. And I ended up on top of her my face buried in her tits. This couldn’t be happening.

We both kind of chuckled and as I started to get up she wrapped her legs around me. WTF.

“What’s the hurry you feel good on top of me. Maybe we could work on some yoga poses. And I can tell you like your position at the moment.”

“We can’t, we shouldn’t someone might see us.”

“Sarah won’t be back for at least an hour. We better get started and fast.”

I pushed myself up onto my arms and looked down at Tamara. She did look delicious. She pulled out one her tits and squeezed the harden nipple. Her milk started to pool on the tip. “Would you like a taste?” My dick hardened even more and I knew she could feel it.

I have always enjoyed lactating women but how did she know. I quickly remembered a time at our house when she was breastfeeding. The baby was done and she handed him to my wife. I saw her tit with her milk just dripping from her nipple. Our eyes met then she looked down at my crotch. My hard on was about 12 inches from her face as she sat on the couch and I stood behind it. She looked back up at me and smiled.

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I lowered my mouth to her nipple and started to lick her as we both let out a moan. She tasted so I good. She started to lick her nipple as well. Our tongues fought for the nipple. We kissed briefly as I squeezed her tits. I moved my mouth back to her right breast and took her swollen nipple into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could as the milk started to flow.

“Oh my god that feels so good.” She continued to moan as I alternated between both her magnificent tits. I was in heaven. Big milky tits.

“I need your cock and I need it now.” She rolled me onto my back and we quickly slid my basketball shorts down as my cock sprang free. She gasped at the sight. She gripped in her hands as she slowly started to lick around the head. I shuddered beneath her tongue. I wanted her to engulf my cock but she slowly was licking up and down the shaft. My god it felt so good. She worked her way down to my balls and sucked on each one ever so gently as she her hand worked it’s way up and down my shaft.


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