Sex with widow client

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Hi, sex4 stories reader. I am Nani, 24, height 184cm. I’m a fair guy, I’m here to share my sexual experience of how I satisfied my widowed client aunt, as a callboy.

Her stats were:36, soft and smooth boobs,28 she had foldings on her waist, hmmm she looks sexy from the back,38her buttocks were too sexy we can eat them.

My client aunt name is Sri Kala, her age is about 37,height5.6 feet with hot waist and buttocks and she had exact curve shapes.

Her husband was expired many years ago and she was lonely all the time, with his one and only daughter. Hence she used to finger herself whenever she is in the mood, it was told by her.

I overwhelmed to fuck her the whole day, after seeing her curvy body sexual parts humm they are yummy. I decided to satisfy her.

In the evening I got a WhatsApp message, say hello callboy. I’m Sri Kala, and so on…..(about her details and her locality.

I replied pleasantly. I wished her, good evening and directly came to the point, asked her about the date and time when she wants..?

She sent smile emoji, and asked am I available now..? I shockingly, replied of course I’m available and I’m free for now.

She asked about the payment and I asked her about the time she wants with me. She said I must have to fulfil her sexual desires. So I got her point and told her.

After getting the satisfaction you just pay me the amount depending upon your sexual fulfilment with me.

I texted her to video call for confirming whether she is a woman and not fake. I asked her to share her location, soon after receiving I started travelling to her locality.

About an hour after, I reached her locality and called her, she came near the metro station on her scooty and received me.

I was awkward by her stunning beauty. I had a look on her from the back as I was seated back. Her neck was beautiful with little sweat and her hair was stuck to the sweat.

I smelled her hair smell Ummm something, new feel I felt. she wore a red blouse and a red saree.
Her skin has a deadly combination, I loved it.

Her boobs were bouncing while speeding breakers where were held on the road. and I controlled myself to touch her. After 16minutes of a ride, we both were at the house.

As common she welcomed bought me a juice, her house was beautiful. While having juice, she is exposing her body and her curves to me.

The time was around 7:38 pm, without wasting time I dragged her onto the sofa, pressed her boobs on top of the saree. Kissing her lips were amazing, she had beautiful lips Ummm.

I lifted her and taken them into her bedroom, pressed her front to the wall and started .licking her back neck which was with sweat. She was responding to my doings I kissed her throat. Gave a love bite on her neck.

licked her milky cheeks, bit her ears she was moaning. I removed her saree down pressing her boobs too gentle with both hands.

Meanwhile, I rubbed her toes with my legs, she was responding in a soft voice. I removed her blouse and she was in her white bra sexy, she has very big boobs, hmmm.

They are too soft, she tore my shirt. I removed my pant and I was on my underwear, sucking her waist navel by beating on her buttocks too hardly see was shouting with a gentle voice, I came up and sucking her lips she pushed me back.

Slowly removed her bra. Her boobs were in shape like small watermelons, lite brown colour nipples they look beautiful.

Without wasting time I put my hands around her waist and removed her lite pink colour panty down with my mouth and made her stood naked in front of me.

Her vagina was covered with full hairs(huge)as she was not participated in the sex for long. She neglected to shave her hair.

I shaved her public hair, by taking her to the bathroom and her underarms too. Sexy her pussy looks shining.

I didn’t waste time kissing her. She felt a bit shy after shaving her pussy. later responded to my kiss, we kissed and let our tongues explore each other mouth and exchanged our saliva.

I lifted her in my hands to the room and place her on the bed. I spread her legs and started sucking the opening of her vagina “Ummm no ..…” she moaned.

I understood that she has not had sex with any other after her hubby death. I licked her pussy, she continued her moans for a long time. Pushing my head towards her pussy and grabbing my hair she is saying “Oh my love please do it more and more hard I feel very satisfied now please suck more.

I was embarrassed, each time I licked she was aroused more and more. I continued the foreplay by pressing her boobs hard and slapping on her boobs.

After 18minutes she was moaning in a slow voice that she was about to cumm. She said and cummed on my mouth and my face it was with her juices

It is my turn so let me do my job, she said. Came over to me, and licked my chest by biting my chest hair. It was hard, I felt like an electric whale hit.

Soon after, she kissed my forehead and licked the dick top. She took my dick total inside her small mouth and began to suck.

She mourned a bit, by telling “my love your cock is so thick, let me do myself” and now she sucked my cock with great pleasure.

I was enjoying her blowjob. my cock was getting harder and harder whenever she held it in her mouth.

A while after her blowjob, I pointed my dick on her pussy and rubbed it gently, it was the best way to tease her. Slowly inserted my cock head inside her wet pussy. Bastard, it is so paining I can’t take it”

She moaned with pain, I asked her should take it out. she replied “no bastard let me settle myself, she said and her pussy has not been used form long ago.

Minutes later told to proceed. I gave my stroke and slowly was going in finally I gave a hard strike, where the entire went inside. she closed her eyes yawn too hard. The room was filled with her lodgings.

Her insides were too gentle with heat, pussy were squeezing towards my black dick. I was in heaven. Yeah, that’s so nice my bastard, I deserve it she said. with pleasure and kissed on my chest. I kissed and bite on her nipples.

She backed around at me with her legs. I can now fuck her with more force than she was with her moans too gently it made me hornier. I increased my speed, I felt some sort of satisfaction in her eyes, she began to enjoy the sex. I fucked her in that position for 19minutes.

I lifted her in my arm and guided my cock towards her love hole, she pushed my cock inside her hole and penetrated herself. We kept kissing, I took the lead and penetrated her at slow speed, the room was filled with our moanings. She said “oh honey your cock is too wild”, it is tearing my pussy

I felt pleased and happy. I was happy that she is enjoying my sex. I put her on the bed and changed to cowgirl posture and began my stoke faster and harder it hit her love hole.

“Honey”, your little brother has hit my spot you driving me crazy” later she started to pumping me my cock and her vagina was creating a rhythm in the room.

‘I’m cumming dear’, she moaned, I have my deep strokes. Within minutes she cummed a huge load of juices and fell on the bed taking a deep breath, my cock was filled with her juices. I took my cock to her mouth and she did a deep throat blowjob hmmm my widow bitch’ you a pro in suckling my black cock I said.

I put her in the doggy style and put my hard black dick inside her assy hole. Mommy she screamed, I kept a cloth in her mouth and holed her ass.

For a while it was tight but I pushed my dick more hard, by apply parachute oil to her hole and my dick finally, it was easy to penetrate easily in her small cubby hole.

I saw her eyes rolling tears and crying in pain. later she felt pleasure, I lowered my stroking speed, I withdrew my cock out of her hole.

She was panting heavily, I slept on her and stroked my long rod inside her pussys soft hole, I fucked her for 15 minutes and I was about to cum.

I unholed my dick and pointed it on her chubby reddish cheeks face “I will hold your dick cum out” she said holding on to my dick, within seconds In no time my sperm was on her fucking face. She soon after cum, taken my dick and licked my edge of the black cock, ha that was amazing.

yes, yummy your juices rich in colour and so taste my love bastard. complimented me.

I fell on her leaned my head on her boobs, asked about her satisfaction. She was happy and replied “ thank you honey”you felt me like I’m a prostitute, the best fuck in my life you gave me the taste of fantasy” and kissed tired cock.

After some sleep on nude. We moved to the bathroom and had a shower, she once again sucked my penis and balls hmmm. and I licked her boobs, sucked her pussy, and bit her buttocks, totally made her white skin tone reddish. she exactly looks like a fucking prostitute.

Mail id: [email protected], suggest to me your suggestions, feedback and any improvements. Service available.

Take care, stay safe, be safe.

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