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Hi, sex4 stories reader. I am Nani, 24, height 184cm. I’m a fair guy, I’m here to share my sexual experience of how I satisfied my widowed client aunt, as a callboy.

Her stats were:36, soft and smooth boobs,28 she had foldings on her waist, hmmm she looks sexy from the back,38her buttocks were too sexy we can eat them.


My client aunt name is Sri Kala, her age is about 37,height5.6 feet with hot waist and buttocks and she had exact curve shapes.

Her husband was expired many years ago and she was lonely all the time, with his one and only daughter. Hence she used to finger herself whenever she is in the mood, it was told by her.

I overwhelmed to fuck her the whole day, after seeing her curvy body sexual parts humm they are yummy. I decided to satisfy her.

In the evening I got a WhatsApp message, say hello callboy. I’m Sri Kala, and so on…..(about her details and her locality.

I replied pleasantly. I wished her, good evening and directly came to the point, asked her about the date and time when she wants..?

She sent smile emoji, and asked am I available now..? I shockingly, replied of course I’m available and I’m free for now.

She asked about the payment and I asked her about the time she wants with me. She said I must have to fulfil her sexual desires. So I got her point and told her.

After getting the satisfaction you just pay me the amount depending upon your sexual fulfilment with me.

I texted her to video call for confirming whether she is a woman and not fake. I asked her to share her location, soon after receiving I started travelling to her locality.

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About an hour after, I reached her locality and called her, she came near the metro station on her scooty and received me.

I was awkward by her stunning beauty. I had a look on her from the back as I was seated back. Her neck was beautiful with little sweat and her hair was stuck to the sweat.

I smelled her hair smell Ummm something, new feel I felt. she wore a red blouse and a red saree.
Her skin has a deadly combination, I loved it.

Her boobs were bouncing while speeding breakers where were held on the road. and I controlled myself to touch her. After 16minutes of a ride, we both were at the house.

As common she welcomed bought me a juice, her house was beautiful. While having juice, she is exposing her body and her curves to me.

The time was around 7:38 pm, without wasting time I dragged her onto the sofa, pressed her boobs on top of the saree. Kissing her lips were amazing, she had beautiful lips Ummm.

I lifted her and taken them into her bedroom, pressed her front to the wall and started .licking her back neck which was with sweat. She was responding to my doings I kissed her throat. Gave a love bite on her neck.

licked her milky cheeks, bit her ears she was moaning. I removed her saree down pressing her boobs too gentle with both hands.

Meanwhile, I rubbed her toes with my legs, she was responding in a soft voice. I removed her blouse and she was in her white bra sexy, she has very big boobs, hmmm.

They are too soft, she tore my shirt. I removed my pant and I was on my underwear, sucking her waist navel by beating on her buttocks too hardly see was shouting with a gentle voice, I came up and sucking her lips she pushed me back.

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