Sex with my uncle’s wife

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I am iyer from tamilnadu i am 29 years old this is my sex relation which started when i was 19 years old studying in college but still earning nearly 25K a month my family members did not know about it because my salary was in bits and as i was staying alone. my uncle is 49(then 39) years and his wife is 39(then 29).they have 2 daughters who are of age 15 and 13(5 and 3 then)
for this story i am calling her as nanu(she does not looks nice but is perfect for a sex fantasy). i was a porn addict but never had a hardcore sex before.

i had some work near my uncle’s town and since it was my cousin’s birthday i decided to visit my uncles’s house it was evening when i reached their house.i found out that my uncle and his wife are not in good relation and overheard the uncle was blaming my wife for being thrown out of his company and my nanu was blaming him for a bad after married life.

the next day was my cousin’s birthday but my uncle was not interested he fought with nanu and left the house.i tried to consolidate her and went out and bought a cake with my money but nanu was upset.she put her younger daughter to sleep and her elder one was playing near the sofa i consolidated her and comforted her.when things got better i tried to hug her but ended up pressing her boobs she the got up from the sofa and went to her room and locked the door. i was afraid and went behind her and told her this was not on purpose but she did not open the door. an hour later she opened the door she was naked and removed her mangalsutra took a bath and told that she is willing to have sex with me.i was shocked and went to the hall both of my cousins were very small ,were near me and still she unzipped my pant and gave me a blowjob then she breast feeded her daughters and put them to sleep while she was playing with my dick i cummed twice then we went to the bedroom and she again gave me a blowjob and then she sat on my cock and bounce for some 20 time then she licked me and slept beside me i tought it was over so i took the cake to the room to feed her but then i saw she was in tears and she told me that i was so much better than my uncle and she wants me forever.

then i comforted her make her wear all her jewellery but after that she again gave me a blowjob then we applied cake on each others body and licked each others body then i fucked her in doggy style and threw her on the bed applied cake and threw nearly 10k cash on her and fucked her in missionary then she had an orgasm and all her juices was over my body and i fucked her all the more then i cummed over hear slept beside her and comforted her then after that we both had an oragsm then we got up cleard the mess took a bath washed off each other then she again gave me a blowjob and again i cummed and then i we wes exhausted. after everything came to normal we were playing with the girls and then suddenly my uncle came in.i then defended nanu and we celebrated my cousin’s birthday and i left.while leaving she hugged me and and left the house with her children since then everyday night we comfort each other.

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