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Indian incest sex stories, Sex with my sex starved mother…I am Praveen from southern part of kerala. I am 22 year old guy with 6.2 inches ht and 73 kgs wgt. I would like to tell you a story of mine with my mother. Her name is Shooba. She is 48 year old housewife. She had a sexy fig of 38c-32-42. She has deep oval shaped navels which make her sexier in saree. She wears her saree below her navel. She wears nighty at home. My father is working abroad and comes homes once in a week. It was 2 years ago first I had sex with her.

One day I came home from collage at noon as the class was suspended for afternoon. When I reached home the front door was locked. As my mother was only at home I thought that she was working in the backside of the house, so she locked the front door. So I thought of entering the house through the back door of the house. When I was about to pass the window of her bed room, I heard some sounds from her bedroom. The sound was someone moaning. The windows were partially open and covered by curtain. So I slightly opened the window and slightly moved the curtain. I was stunned by the scene. Mom was nude in the bed with a dildo in her hand. And their was a blue film running in the TV. Her room is provided with a TV and a VCD player. A cd was running in the vcd player. In TV a white girl is fucked my 2 negros in her ass and pusssy. And my mom was inserting the dildo in and out of her pussy. This was the first time I was seeing her nude. I was stunned by her beauty in nude. She started fucking her pussy fastily with that dildo. She started screaming loudly. At last she moaned loudly aaahh. I came to know that she has got organisum. She turned and found me looking through the window. She was stunned and realized that she was nude. She ran to the bathroom. I went to the entrance of the house and waited there. After 2-3 minutes she came and opened the door. She was wearing a nighty. She doesn’t look at my face. She looked downward and went to the kitchen. I went to my room and changed myself.


After some times she called me for lunch. I went to the dining room and she served me the food. Then she sat near me. After sometimes she told me not to tell anyone about what I have seen. I didn’t say anything. She told that if I tell anybody about it she will commit suicide. I promised her that I will not tell the matter to anyone. I asked her where she has got that cd. She told that my father give her that cd for her pleasure. She told that my father brought her a dildo and asked to satisfy her. I asked her whether she do it daily. She told that she will do it 2 times a day, one at the noon and other at the night. I asked her how many cds she has. She told that she had one only. I asked her does she like seeing blue film cds. She told yes. I asked her whether she want see blue films. She asked whether I had any cds. I told her I have no cds but there are lots of blue films in my pc. I asked her whether she want to see it. She told yes. I asked her to come to my room. She came with me to my room. We both sat in front of the pc. I switched on the computer and I played a movie. First movie was a son fucking his mom. I was not wearing jetty under my burmooda. Now my dick began to rise.

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And their was a big bulge on my barmmooda. My mom saw it and she smiled at me. I began to rub my dick over the barmooda. She smiled at me and told if I want to masturbate now take it out and do it. I took my 9 inches cock out of my barmooda. She was shocked to see the length of my dick. She continually looked at my dick. I asked her what happened. She told that she was first seeing such a long dick. I asked her whether she need it. She was shocked to see hear what I asked her. Then after a moment she told that she wants it. She took my dick in her hand. I started squeezing her boobs. Then I took her to the bed. We started kissing each other. She smooched me. Then I took of her nighty and thrown out. Now she was in her black bra and red underskirt. Her navel can be seen above her skirt. I licked her navel for sometimes. Then opened the hook of her bra and her boobs jumped out of it. I started sucking her left breast and I squeezed her right breast with my right hand. Then after some times I started sucking her right breast. Then she made me nude and she took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking my dick. After sometimes I opened the string of her skirt. It fell down. She was not wearing any panty underneath. I started sucking her pussy. She screamed loudly. Then I insert my dick inside her pussy. It fully entered her pussy.

Then I started fucking her. First very slowly and then I increased the speed. She moaned loudly. Then after a long fucking of 20 minutes she caught me tightly. I came to know that she has got her oraganisum. Then I continued fucking her and I discharged inside her pussy. I took my dick out of her pussy. She told me that she was not fucked like this before. From that days onwards I regularly fuck her daily. One day I take the virginity of her ass. That I will tell later.

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