Sex with my owner aunty

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Hello, namaskar to all is Nani from Hyderabad. I am 24 years old. I am good looking and I have an athlete body.
let’s get into the story this is the real incident, happened to me. so the story begins here, please forgive me if there any mistakes.

This story tells about how..? I had sex with my house owner aunt. This is a real-life experience so it’s a little longer as I was describing every moment with a detailed description.

About my aunt, she is a wonderful woman with round soft and big breast and a hot stunned ass.

She has a great body structure with exact curves at the right parts. She looks too hot in pink bras and panties.
coming to the story, my aunt Madhuri is too horny to have sex, but her honey is work holic. he can’t stay at the house for hours together, these bought me the luck on my aunt.

My aunt is super sexier and hot. She looks like a modern lady for anyone who looks from outside, and she is quite jovial. She has well maintained structured body. And hot c shaped boobs.

Her sizes making a men’s cock erect too hard in the pants.sizes:32 c shaped big round melons, with white soft skin and lite brown nipples.

26 slim navel Ummm any person can fall for navel, licking it with tongue makes me crazier.

Last and latest, where a men looks fall off first of on a women’s part is her butts:36.her walks makes her butts so hot they swing in the air while she walks.
amazing is she had a mole on her left butt which made me suck her butts crazy.

No one would believe she is 40. casually, she wears normal sarees and Punjabi dress. what made her change, I don’t know. she started wearing leggings and tank tops.

While she walks in the colony or anywhere outside, the men around her were having an eye feast of lust, by seeing my hotty aunt assets.

After being in their house with my group of friends. she uses to clean the floor of theirs and ours and she draws some rangoli in front of her house as a tradition of South Indians.

While she was cleaning and drawing rangoli. she used to be on loose nights. she doesn’t wear anything inside her boobs would have shaken for a little move.

That scene made my dick erected, so used to see her every morning. her were so so big with brownish nipples. I started flirting with her, by seeing her tits ahhhh.

Whenever I see her I used to masturbate. as days were passing, I was ready and moving to college. she was cleaning her floor and her boobs were completely out as I can see her nipples were appearing to me.

My dick got erect, at the moment I stared at her for 1to3 minutes. she absorbed and adjusted, I ran back to the room and admired my aunt’s structure and her boobs scene. I masturbate many times. As I moved to my room started to jerk off imagining Madhuri aunt.

As days were passing. with my friends, I used to look at the Madhuri aunt. we discuss, what if we get a chance to have sex with her..?

In meanwhile, with my friends, we booked a prostitute and bought her to the room to have group sex with her.
As we were having sex with that lady she has almost done. total four of our friends fucked her, squeezed her boobs, but her boobs, and love bites on her butts. as we haven’t gone through sex for a long time. its another story I will narrate some other time

After sex, we sent her to her home. we came back to our room. while I was stepping towards my room, my owner aunt caught me and asked about last night with the women we have done to her..?

I felt shocked and more even shy, kept quiet without nodding my head. she got me asked us to vacate the room.

I pleased her for a long time. after all the bullshit, she came up with an agreement. to fuck her and to satisfy her sexual desires and make her pregnant.

I agreed with it and I said can help you with that. at that moment she held my dick and started rubbing it. she dragged me into her house and pushed me to the sofa.

She told me to stand up and remove my pants, She then held my dick and started licking it. It was so nice. When she was sucking I could see her boobs swaying and it made me even hornier.

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