Sex with stepmom, lost my virginity (True story)

Sex with stepmom, lost my virginity (True story)
I was 15 years old , slim fit good looking boy. I had just moved in with my father and his new wife. I know this sounds like every other “stepmom” story, but mine is very real. My dad worked nights and was gone alot. On this night my stepmother mom and I were watching tv. She was complaining about how her back was hurting and rubbing her own shoulder. My stepmother was 41 years old, tall 5’10 and full figured with huge natural tits. I asked her if she wanted me to rub her back and she agreed. She was wearing a real loose t shirt and sweat pants. I started off by rubbing her shoulders and working down her back and up to her neck. She would let out a moan or a groan once in a while and her eyes were closed. When I got to her neck she told me that I needed to stop. I knew that there was something going on more than a stepson giving his stepmom a back rub by the way she was moaning at times. I said why should I stop? She said we are going to get in trouble. I kept rubbing and making her squirm. Then she jumped up really fast and ran down the hallway and yelled come here. I went into my bedroom and she was but ass naked laying on my bed. Her big natural breast and hairy bush exsposed!

Now I have never been with a girl little alone a women! My cock instantly got rock hard and I took my clothes off. I straddled her with her legs up, and she guided by cock into her pussy while letting out a sexy moan. I pressed my body again her huge beautiful tits and they felt so good, her pussy was so hot and stepmom”s skin was so silky smooth and soft .She has a very sexual look about her all the time! Maybe I was just a horny teenager! Lol. I pumped in and out and the look on her face was so erotic! She was a beautiful lady to boot. After about 20-25 minutes of straight missionary sex, I really needed to cum. I was sucking on her nipples to take my mind off my cock, then she whispers, cum inside me! I have here a look like what the he’ll lady!!

Then she said yes cum inside me, I can’t get pregnant. So the load I was building up bust out of my cock so much I could feel my balls getting soaked as I was pumping her hot wet pussy. After I came, she got up and cleaned herself up. We met back in the living room and discussed how wrong it was , what we just did. Long story short we continued to have freakier, nasty sex for about two years. She would let me do ANYTHING to her and loved it just as much as I did. I could get head and lick her pussy anytime I wanted as long as we were alone, she had a big soft ass and even let me in her ass. She wore the sexiest satin panties and when i would see them in her laundry basket , i would get hard just seeing them. It was wrong and taboo, but damn the sex was great! Its been almost 30 years ago, and i still remember the look on her face when i slipped my cock in her for the first time! Just writing this, makes me have a tingle in my boxers.and a wet spot hahaha.

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