Sex starved lady from ooty contacted me after seeing my ad in locanto

This is a true story,  Sex starved lady from ooty contacted me after seeing my ad in locanto
U can call me sherif , I’m from ooty .

This story is about a aunty who contacted me after seeing my ad in Locanto .her name is Shalini (name changed) she is from coonoor she must be in her early 30s . She contacted me saying she was sex starved lady as her husband works in abroad ,at first i tot she must be a scammer later on we started chatting in Google chat then we started calling each other in

Google chat
When i heard her voice it was so sweet i tot to my self that i had hit a jackpot and it was true
That is when I came to know she was a genuine person.

She dint want to hurry as she wanted to develop good friendship so she can trust me and she also told me sex is good when u know a person well and that’s true. then we kept chatting for few days and later we went on to exchange our telegram IDs and got to know each other and then she game me her number and told me to text her in WhatsApp and later on we used to exchange pics and all and even video chat with each other she would be horny most of the time when she use to video call me she would mastrubate and also tell me to mastrubate and we both used to cum like this on video chat .This went on for a few months, then she told me she is ready to meet me as a person and have sex with me and she came to ooty to see me

We met in a cafe and i was shocked to see her because she was so beautiful and she was slightly in a chubby Side and i like chubby ladies who have flesh in right place and she was an angel to me her stats were (36d 28 36) which she told me later .she is from a rich background where her husband would send her lots of cash which she told me in the meeting. After the meeting she told me that she has booked a room for us and she took me there in her car it was a nice room in a remote place with good view
I also informed at home that I’m staying out with my friends
As soon as we entered the room she became a wild cat

We started smooching like there’s no tomm and she told me to remove her dress i did as she said now she was just in her bra and panty and she removed my shirt and my pants and i was just in my underwear and i started to press her boobs and removed her bra and panty she was now naked in front of me and she also removed my underwear now we both were naked and were feasting each others body i was so much into her boobs that i liked her boobs so much i sucked it for a long time then i started to lick her pussy

She became shy and told her husband has never done that before as i licked her pussy she started to press my head in her pussy and she came all over my mouth with loud moan
Then she pushed me in the bed and told me it was her time to satisfy me and started giving me a blowjob for sometime i loved her blowjob and came in her mouth.

Then i took condoms from my wallet but she said she wanted it raw in her pussy i asked what if she becomes pregnant for that she told she will take pills and asked me to fuck her
Then i started to fuck her in missionary for some time then she said she wanted to ride me and came top of me and started to ride my dick and she was moaning so load and said she’s coming and still she was riding then we shifted to doggy where i fucked her mercilessly and then i told even I’m gonna cum

She said she wanted to feel my cum inside her and i cummed inside her and then we were exhausted we slept naked till 4pm after that we had lunch and took a shower together where i fucked her again this time we fucked each other standing and we took a nap till 7pm

In evening she woke me up by giving blowjob and then i fucked her again in missionary because that was her favourite position and this time she said she wanted my cum on her face and i cummed on her face later on she said she wantede me to lick her pussy again because she loved the feeling of tounge in her pussy and i licked her according to her wish where she cummed on my face and told me to drink her cum i drank her cum as per her wish and we both were exhausted again and slept till 10pm later we ordered dinner and had food and had 2 more sessions in the night where she was satisfied completely and in the morning she again woke me up by giving a blowjob then we shifted to 69 in the morning where she told me ur cum is her tea and her cum is my tea then she rode me and then i fucked her again in her fav position after that we both took bath together and she said really liked me and then we checked out of the cottage and she took me to her home in coonoor and it was big house she told me to stay with her for a night as nobody were there she had sent her kid to her in laws house and she spend her honeymoon with me i stayed there for a night and had fun and the next day i left to ooty when ever shes free she would call me to her home or she would come to ooty and we both used to have fun This continued for 1.2 years

Now even she went to Dubai
Some time she would call me in Google chat and talk
Give me ur feedback on
[email protected]

If any ladies from ooty can also contact me

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