Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part -5

Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

Mom: Now get up and get yourself cleaned.

We stood and mom cleared the bed, mom was standing tall in front of me naked and went into bathroom. I was yawning and looking at the bed I was thinking what just happened between a mom and son, looking at bed my mind was recalling the mere few minutes ago my mom was with me in the same bed and I was fucking her. Then my mom called me bringing to my senses.

Mom: Hey son where are you, what are you doing, don’t be late get yourself cleaned, if you want you can join your mother. I will clean you as I used to when you were a kid.

The door of bathroom was open and mom was bathing, I was watching my mom all naked bathing. This was the first time I was watching my mom bathing while she knew I was watching her, the water running all over her body making every part of her body wet. She was applying soap on her body, the huge boobs looking saggy and a gently trimmed bush above her pussy was unique. Mom looked at me watching her from outside, was naked and looking at my mom so wet made me hard.

Mom: What are you looking at, you have seen me bath earlier right. Why are you standing outside, don’t you wanna join your mom in bath.

I wanted to speak but I could not utter a word, don’t know what it was, I was shy or ashamed of fucking my mom or watching her naked, but a silence took over me. Looking at me mom interrupted my thoughts.

Mom: Hey son what are you looking at, why are you feeling so shy. Come join me I will clean you up. Why are feeling shy, just few minutes ago you have fucked your mother and yet you feel shy. Just few minutes ago you have dropped your seed in your mother’s womb. Now don’t think much and get that cock of yours to your loving mother and let her take care of it.

Me: Ohhhhh sorry mom, I was just mesmerized by the thought that we have just fucked and I was watching you bath. I don’t know if I am shy or ashamed just what we did earlier.

Mom: Oh son don’t be so lame, and don’t be ashamed of what we just did. It was just a good fuck between a man and women or you could say a son helped his unsatisfied mom get the best sex of her life. Now stop staring and come join me.

I looked at the clock it was 01.30 and we had a lot of time left in our hand to enjoy ourselves. I joined my mom in bathroom, the water running from shower dropped on my body making me wet, my mom took soap and applied all over my body. She started rubbing her hands on my chest and then slowly rubbed her hands down to my cock. She was applying soap to my semi flaccid cock and I applied soap on her boobs and rolled my hands down to her crotch.

Mom: Hmmm son you really are something even after such an intense fuck you make momma to want more of your cock and you are still energetic to give her what she wants.

Me: Thanks mom it’s all because of you, it’s your body that makes me feel full of energy, I love you, I love you for everything you have done for me. I promise you that I will always keep you happy and satisfied. But I need a promise from you too.

Mom: What promise do you need from me son, I am all yours you can ask me whatever you want.

Me: I want you to not to let our servant fuck you.

Mom: Ok son, but earlier you said I could fuck him, what happened suddenly that changed your mind.

Me: Yes mom, I want you not to fuck but only for a week, I want to see how much our servant is loyal to us.

Mom: Ok son, I will not let him fuck me, until you are there for me I don’t need anyone.

Me: Thanks mom, let’s see if servant is a loyal person on whom we could trust. We can know if he will not blackmail you or as planned if we could involve his friend for sex with you or aunt. And also I want you not to eat anything that he gets for you as he mix viagra in your food to make you horny for sex. I want you to just have a foreplay with him and make him horny, I want to know how much he can control his urge.

Mom: Ok son, as you wish I will not let him fuck me. I will not let him fuck me forever of you say. You are right though we should know his loyalty towards us, if we can trust him.

Me: No mom I don’t want you to stop fucking him forever I just want to check his loyalty that’s all, so that if we involve his friend to fuck you I don’t want any problem later and also I have one more request.

Mom: What’s your request son?

Me: I want you to seduce aunt but not to let our servant fuck. I have already lost my family women pussy to other man I don’t want him to get aunt’s pussy before me. I want to fuck aunt Munni first before he fucks her.

Mom: Ohhh son you are such a devil, you have already fucked me and you want to fuck your aunt. You want to get me fucked by our servant and his friend. Is your mom’s pussy not enough for you that you want to fuck your aunt too.

Me: Mom who can understand me better than you, you had dad but still you fucked our servant. I want to fuck aunt because her pussy would be so tight like a virgin. I want to feel the tightness of her pussy on my cock I want to make her pussy wide with my cock.

Mom: Hmmmm ok son I will do as you say. Do you want to say that your mom’s pussy is loose.

Me: No mom I don’t mean to say that, I just mean that as you know aunt haven’t need fucked for years unlike you, atleast you got to fucked by dad once or twice in a month where as aunt isn’t fucked in years.

Meanwhile we cleaned ourselves and got out of bathroom. Mom was still naked and I was watching her going around house naked doing her chores all naked.
Her boobs and ass jiggling with her every step. My cock was hard looking at her but i controlled myself as I had different plans for later. Around 4.30 we got our clothes on, as told mom didn’t wear any panty or bra under her clothes. She wore a salwar which was torn from from her pussy area and she went into kitchen for the preperation of dinner.

I want out to my friends and returned later at night everybody was having dinner, I joined them in dinner and went to bed after eating as I was tired.

Next day when I woke up early 7 in the morning with a hard on and looked for mom, she was in kitchen preparing brekfast. I went into kitchen ang hugged her from behind with my dick between her ass cheeks. Mom could feel my dick between her ass cheeks & she pushed me and asked me not to do such thing when dad & your brother is around. Soon I heard dad’s voice he came to kitchen & asked mom how much time will the breakfast be ready, she told him around 30mins. Dad asked me how come you woke so early and he went to take bath not bothered to listen my answer.

As soon as dad went into bathroom and closed the door I hugged mom from behind again and smooched her neck. Licking her neck area sipping all her sweat mom again pushed me but I kept smooching and kissing her neck line and sucking earlobes making her horny.

Me: Don’t worry mom you know dad’s need 30 min to take bath and my brother won’t wake till 8 until then you are all mine.

Mom: Ohhh son you are so bold to touch me when your dad is around.

Me: I am not only touching you ,I am also going to fuck you now.

Mom: Son don’t do such a lame thing, we can’t fuck when your dad or brother is around. We can fuck later when they are gone.

Me: Don’t worry mom, it will be quick fuck if you co-operate. Even our servant fucked you when dad was around and I can’t fuck you when our servant is around untill our plan is complete. Now just lift your kameez I know you are wearing the ripped salwar so we can fuck. Now let me do the rest as you can see I am already hard for you, just make sure to keep your voice low so no one hear us.

Mom: Ohhh son how you have become so bold to fuck me in presence of your dad and brother.

The continuous smooching, kissing and licking made mom horny. Mom pulled her kameez above and expanded her legs for me to easily access her pussy for the fuck. I pulled my shorts and my cock sprung out witha swift and I took hold of my cock and placed my cock above mom’s pussy from her ripped salwar.

I then pushed my cock in her pussy but I was unable to insert my cock in her pussy as it was tight due to the position she was standing in.

Me: Ahhh mom I am unable to insert my cock in your pussy, I don’t why but your pussy feels tight.

Mom: Ohhhh son it’s because of the position you are not getting the full access of my pussy.

Mom then turned around and got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth lubricating for the fuck.

Me: Ohhh mom you give such good blowjob.

After few more strokes of sucking she left some saliva on my cock and lifted from her knees and again went on to the same position.

Mom: Now your cock is lubricated son, try to insert your cock now in your mom’s pussy.

Me: Thanks mom, my cock is lubricated but I think your pussy needs the lubrication too and also I must return the favour.

I went down on my knees and pushed my head in her salwar and started licking her pussy making it all wet.

After licking her pussy I stood and placed my cock above her pussy and started interesting my chick in her pussy. My cock slided in my mom’s pussy with the help of lubrication which was done by each. I started fucking mom from behind and amde her bend in the kitchen sink to have the better acces of her pussy. Mom was humming with every stroke of my cock trying to control her moans.

I started pressing my mom naked boobs by inserting my hands in her kameez. With every stroke I would press her boobs harder making her to loose some of her moan.

Mom was enjoying every stroke of my cock in her pussy and was also looking for the breakfast so that dad won’t be angered if it’s not ready. It was already been 15-20 mins of our fucking mom started feeling her orgasm to build. She was moaning in alow voice.

Mom: Ohhh sonn just like that I can feel my orgasm build fuck me a bit harder fuck me.

Me: Ohhh mom the feel of fucking you in presence of dad and brother is also making me feel my orgasm.

Mom: yes sonnn I can feel that too, the feeling of getting fucked by my son when my husband and other child is in house is making me cum early.

I increased the speed of my strokes and started fucking mom harder, making her to the verge of orgasm.

Mom: Do it quickly sonn ahhhh yeahhhh I am about to cummmmmm haahhhh Ohhhhh shhhhh

Me: Ohhhh mom I am cumminggg tooo ahhhh yeahhhh

With few more strokes mom and I started cumming, I could feel her pussy walls enveloping my cock. She released her pussy juices on my cock and I started pumping my sperm seed in her pussy, with few more strokes all my seed was deposited in my mom’s pussy.

I pulled my cock out of mom’s pussy, my cock was shining in the light of sun with the juices of my mom’s pussy coated all over my cock. Mom felt relaxed corrected her dress and straightened herself but I was still standing with cock out in air.

Mom: Why are you still standing like this keep your cock inside and leave.

Me: Mom I can’t keep the cock inside my shorts with your juices all coated on cock, I want you to clean it first.

Mom didn’t not utter a word she went on down her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock clean of her pussy juice from and kept sucking my cock.

Me: Mom you have cleaned my cock now if you keep sucking my cock then you have to get fucked again.

Hearing my words mom stopped sucking my cock & removed my cock from her mouth and I pulled my shorts putting my cock in shorts .

Mom: You surely tastes yummy with my pussy juice around you cock.

Me: Wanna taste my cum directly through my cock with all your pussy juice coated on my cock.

Mom: Maybe, we will see that later, now go and get yourself cleaned before your dad catches us. I don’t want your dad to catch his wife sucking her son.

I left from kitchen and soon after I left dad came out of bathroom with towel wrapped around his belly, dad asked mom is the breakfast ready. Mom told him it will be ready in 5min and dad went to his room to put on clothes.

I went to bathroom took a bath and when I came out dad already left for work and my brother was about to leave. I put my clothes on and when I returned my brother aslo left. Mom closed the gate behind and asked me to have the breakfast.

Me: Ok mom, but I want to have breakfast with you, I want to eat breakfast by your hands, come and sit here.

Tapping my lap I showed her where I want her to sit, mom need not had to be told again she came and sat on my lap. As she sat on my lap I kissed her on shoulder and neck and put the bread and peanut butter in plate and took the slice of bread in her hand and directed it to my mouth. I took a bite of bread slice and then I took the bread slice from her hand made her eat the same bread. Then I took bite of bread and I kept half of the bread out of my mouth and asked mom to eat directly from my mouth. Mom lowered her to my mouth and started eating bread, our lips met nd then our eating changed to kissing .

Mom and I were deeply kissing each other tasting the peanut butter from eachother mouth it lasted for few minutes. With mom sitting on my lap we were engaged in such a erotica that we didn’t care about nothing else, then later we stopped kissing.

Mom: Ohhh son you are such a naughty boy I am doing things with you which I have never done with your dad, which makes me feel more exotic and horny.

Me: Oh mom it’s you who make me such a naughty boy, it’s just the beginning mom you have to yet explore many new adventures with your son. So are you ready to next sex adventure?

Mom: Wow it’s exciting to think about the sex adventure with my son, I am ready for it son. What’s the next sex adventure?

Me: As I told you mom our servant will come now, he will try to make you horny, but you should control yourself and avoid him. Rather you make him horny and test hua control abilities.

Mom: Ok son I will do as you say.

We then had our breakfast soon our servant came. Mom asked him to get some grocery and handed him the list. Ramu kaka left to get the grocery and I too got ready and before leaving I kissed my mom at gate and left.

I have not yet informed my mom how I watched our servant and mom having sex. After leaving went on to the terrace and kept waiting for our servant to arrive, he was home in sometime.

Ramu Kaka: Hii madam, how are you. Sorry for unable to come yesterday I was occupied by some other work.

Mom didn’t say anything to him just simply replied with her action in tone. Ramu Kaka went in kept the grocery and came into hall and hugged mom from behind, mom did not reverted him by any action she just stood by. Ramu kaka enveloped hus arms around mom and making perk kisses but mom acted reluctant.

Mom: I am tired now, I need to rest you complete the work.

Ramu Kaka: Are you mad at me madam for not coming yesterday. Don’t be so rude to me, we can have the fun today which we missed.

Mom did not act to any of his words seh just avoided him and say on chair. Ramu kaka offered her juice but mom said she is full and will take the juice later. He was unable to understand why she was doing like this he went into kitchen and started working. Ramu kaka completed his work and came back in hall and looked at mom as she was snoozing.

Ramu kaka looked at mom and started the cleaning work and soon mom was awake. Mom went to bathroom got fresh and returned into hall, when she returned her dress was wet. Due to the water in her dress her boobs were visible through her shear kameez. Ramu quickly completed his work and went near mom and caught hold of her hand.

Ramu Kaka: What happened madam are yous till angry with me.

Ramu kaka started smooching and kissing mom, she too replied by kissing back also she rubbed his dick in order to make him horny. He was getting hard by the touch from mom and was rolling his hands all over mom’s body.
Ramu kaka started pressing her boobs which was wet due to water, then he tried removing mom’s dress but stopped him.

Mom: I am a bit tired, I don’t think we should do anything today.

Ramu Kaka: But madam, I need to fuck you. See I am already horny for you.

Mom: I too was horny yesterday but I controlled myself. You too control your urges we can have fun later.

Ramu Kaka: But madam looking at you I can’t control myself, I am already hard.

Mom: If you are so horny then I will do other thing rather than fucking.

Mom then lowered her hand and started stroking his dick, she caught his dick above his pajama and rubbed her hand on his dick and suddenly stopped stroking

Ramu kaka was blank of what was happening why mom was avoiding him. Mom kept stroking his dick and stopped after few strokes and left the area. He was in shock due to the sudden change in mom.

Ramu Kaka: What happened madam, why are behaving so differently today, why are you avoiding me.

Mom: It’s nothing like that, I am just in no mood today. Try to control yourself if you are so horny then you can jerk yourself.

Ramu Kaka: Ok if you are tired I will prepare juice for you, then you can rest.

Mom: No, thanks for your concern but I already had juice before you came. I will take a bath now, if you want you can jerk watching me bath.

Ramu Kaka was astonished by mom words, he would not say anything. Mom then took towel and went to bathroom and kept the door opened, she undressed herself giving a view of her naked body to our servant. She opened the shower and the water started running all over mom’s body and she started cleaning herself. Ramu kaka was watching mom take a bath and he was getting hard looking at mom’s naked wet body and he started rubbing his dick.

Ramu Kaka: Can I join you mistress in bath, I really need to feel you.

Mom: Don’t be so dumb that’s not gonna happen. You can watch me and do whatever you want with yourself. If you want I can put up a show for you.

Ramu Kaka: What king of show are you gonna do.

Mom: Ok just watch me, I will put a great show for you today. You will feel the pain which I have suffered when I summoned you.

Mom started rubbing herself, pressing her boobs, she took two fingers of each hand and pinched her nipples & pulled them. Then taking her boob in hand she started sucking her boob, taking her nipples in mouth and sucking them. With other hand mom started rubbing her crotch making it more exciting and vulnerable for the servant to watch.

I could see the clear expressions of ecstasy on our servants face but he could do nothing other than rubbing his own dick. Mom then lowered her other hand on her crotch making her vagina wide to see the red flesh of her clitoris. Then she started rubbing and inserting her fingers in her pussy and was finger fucking herself. Seeing all this our servant could not bear more he just undid his pajama and started stroking his dick watching mom finger fuck herself.

I could see both mom and servant wanted to fuck eachother but mom was tied by my words and servant could do nothing due to mom’s obligation. Servant then just went near the bathroom door taking a closer look of mom’s fingering going in and out of her pussy. Ramu kaka was stroking his cock furiously, he came within no time and his cum splashed on the bathroom floor. Mom was also feeling the orgasm and she too cummed, mom then soaped her body, took a bath and cleaned herself. Servant put his dick inside his pajama and moved from the door.

Mom cleaned herself and dried her wet body with towel and tied the towel to her hair and walked naked out of bathroom. She was walking naked to her bedroom but still some water drops were dropping through her hair. She then went into bedroom she took a drier out from the dressing table and came outside. She sat on a table naked in front of the mirror in hall and unwrapped her towel. She dried her hair with towel then started the drier and the hot air started blowing out from drier making mom hairs to flow in air.

Our servant was watching mom dry her hair naked but he could not do anything rather than watch mom. He still could not understand what happened to his mistress just in a day she changed so much. Earlier his mistress wanted to be fucked all the time whenever they used to get a chance and today she is avoiding him. It was going beyond his imagination of what has happened.

Ramu Kaka: Mistress I know something have happened, you never did like this to me earlier. You used to be always ready to be fucked whenever we got a chance and now you are avoiding me.

Mom: Hey cool down I am your mistress not your wife or slave that you can speak to me in that tone. Yes I am avoiding you because I wanted to show you how much pain I bear when I summon you but you don’t show up.

Ramu Kaka: I understood what you wanted me to feel and I am sorry for not showing up when you called me. I promise you that this won’t happen again, can we atleast make up now for the loss we had.

Mom: No, it’s not gonna happen today, you have to wait for atleast a week. If you prove me your loyalty then we can conclude, until then all other things will be put on hold.

Ramu Kaka: What are you saying mistress a week, I can’t wait until then. I am dying to fuck you, you know my urges, I am only fucking you besides my wife.

Mom: You have to wait, otherwise you can look for another alternate. Don’t you remember earlier you went for a week how I managed and the same applies to you.

Ramu Kaka: Ohh mistress for that reason only I am preparing my friend for you, so you should not feel lonely when I am gone.

Mom: Keep all things aside now first prove me your loyalty and then we can move ahead. Now complete your work and leave, you may leave earlier if you want to.

Ramu kaka was feeling low but he completed his chores and then left earlier. Mom put her clothes on closed the gate and went into bedroom and rested there. Mom was not coming out so I thought I can leave the terrace and jumped into our house from our terrace and went to mom’s bedroom.

Mom was resting with her eyes closed, hearing a voice behind she was scared but as she looked me she calmed.

Mom: You scared me son, how you entered into house the gate was locked.

I thought that now I can tell mom how I have been watching mom and servant, how I came to know about there relationship.

Then I explained everything to mom how I watched mom bathing, how I watched our servant and mom fucking. I did not kept any secret from mom and also mom was very open to me.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments.

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