Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part -5

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Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

Mom: Now get up and get yourself cleaned.

We stood and mom cleared the bed, mom was standing tall in front of me naked and went into bathroom. I was yawning and looking at the bed I was thinking what just happened between a mom and son, looking at bed my mind was recalling the mere few minutes ago my mom was with me in the same bed and I was fucking her. Then my mom called me bringing to my senses.

Mom: Hey son where are you, what are you doing, don’t be late get yourself cleaned, if you want you can join your mother. I will clean you as I used to when you were a kid.

The door of bathroom was open and mom was bathing, I was watching my mom all naked bathing. This was the first time I was watching my mom bathing while she knew I was watching her, the water running all over her body making every part of her body wet. She was applying soap on her body, the huge boobs looking saggy and a gently trimmed bush above her pussy was unique. Mom looked at me watching her from outside, was naked and looking at my mom so wet made me hard.

Mom: What are you looking at, you have seen me bath earlier right. Why are you standing outside, don’t you wanna join your mom in bath.

I wanted to speak but I could not utter a word, don’t know what it was, I was shy or ashamed of fucking my mom or watching her naked, but a silence took over me. Looking at me mom interrupted my thoughts.

Mom: Hey son what are you looking at, why are you feeling so shy. Come join me I will clean you up. Why are feeling shy, just few minutes ago you have fucked your mother and yet you feel shy. Just few minutes ago you have dropped your seed in your mother’s womb. Now don’t think much and get that cock of yours to your loving mother and let her take care of it.

Me: Ohhhhh sorry mom, I was just mesmerized by the thought that we have just fucked and I was watching you bath. I don’t know if I am shy or ashamed just what we did earlier.

Mom: Oh son don’t be so lame, and don’t be ashamed of what we just did. It was just a good fuck between a man and women or you could say a son helped his unsatisfied mom get the best sex of her life. Now stop staring and come join me.

I looked at the clock it was 01.30 and we had a lot of time left in our hand to enjoy ourselves. I joined my mom in bathroom, the water running from shower dropped on my body making me wet, my mom took soap and applied all over my body. She started rubbing her hands on my chest and then slowly rubbed her hands down to my cock. She was applying soap to my semi flaccid cock and I applied soap on her boobs and rolled my hands down to her crotch.

Mom: Hmmm son you really are something even after such an intense fuck you make momma to want more of your cock and you are still energetic to give her what she wants.

Me: Thanks mom it’s all because of you, it’s your body that makes me feel full of energy, I love you, I love you for everything you have done for me. I promise you that I will always keep you happy and satisfied. But I need a promise from you too.

Mom: What promise do you need from me son, I am all yours you can ask me whatever you want.

Me: I want you to not to let our servant fuck you.

Mom: Ok son, but earlier you said I could fuck him, what happened suddenly that changed your mind.

Me: Yes mom, I want you not to fuck but only for a week, I want to see how much our servant is loyal to us.

Mom: Ok son, I will not let him fuck me, until you are there for me I don’t need anyone.

Me: Thanks mom, let’s see if servant is a loyal person on whom we could trust. We can know if he will not blackmail you or as planned if we could involve his friend for sex with you or aunt. And also I want you not to eat anything that he gets for you as he mix viagra in your food to make you horny for sex. I want you to just have a foreplay with him and make him horny, I want to know how much he can control his urge.

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