Seducing aunty by using game

Hi everyone I’m going to tell you about my first experience.  And if any mistakes please forgive me. My self sunny living at chandhanagar hyderabad, 23,height 5.6, with good body.

Coming to story this was started in 2019, Rani aunt was heroine of the story. Her physical structure was so nice that in case if any old man saw her also his dick will on. Her front and back was super oo super. She was living with her hubby and a child of 12.

When I saw her first time I was carrying her luggage. Their are shifting to building which was besides to my home . When she was doing work with that physic I was forgotten the world. Every manhood of our area wants her pussy. I don’t know why I was attracted to her. That day most of the time I was standing at my balcony and watching her when ever I got chance.

At starting I used to stare at her, sometimes I was caught but she didn’t say anything. That gave me boost, Days are going on like this. Later she used to come to my home to met my mom. When she comes to my home I used to secretly watching her closely without knowing to her and my mom.

When ever we both met I used to greet her with smile but she didn’t, later on she also greeting with smile. I become close to her. It was 2018 ipl season I used to watch TV in her home. Many times I wanted to express my feelings to her but I was afraid.

One Saturday I was watching match, I didn’t notice that uncle didn’t return from office until then. It almost 10pm but was didn’t return from office. Slowly I asked her about uncle she told that he trip with his office friend. I feel happy thinking that I can seduce her tonight. I told her match may take little more time today because it’s raining, can I stay somemore time till match completed?

She said ‘no problem when match completed call me I’ll lock the door’.

Went to her bedroom with door open, boy was sleeping in other room. I informed my home I’ll stay at friend’s room tonight.

After sometime I went to see what rani is doing.  She didn’t slept, saw me’ I asked her is there anything to eat I was hungry? ‘.

She said yes and told me wash your hand. I was there at dinning table she was serving food. I saw her pallu was not covering her books. While I was looking them she caught me, I say sorry to her. Later she to went bedroom, I was watching cricket match.

After half and hour slowly I peeked into her room she slept. My heart was beating like DJ woofers. Slowly I went in sat besides her, watching her body from top to bottom. Her saree was came to her left leg knee. I was tempting by her structure. I lifted her saree little more till her thighs. Their are like milk stone. I placed my hand slowly there its like super smooth. I moved my hand more further. I think she got sense removed my hand from there. I slept besides her slowly placed my hand on her just below her boobs. Moving my head close to her neck. I can smell her oder. Placed left hand of boobs there are like sponge,pressed little bit.

Later removed her buttons to have a clear look. Slowly lifted her saree till her pussy, it was clean shave, I touched it and slowly rubbing it. Her breathing speed increased and nipped erected. She was completely on. Suddenly she was open her eyes and shocked, she resisting little bit. But she want sex now other then who is doing it I told her I have crush on your body.

After some time she kept calm while I was sucking her boobs and kiss near her neck. She is responding with moaning, removed her clothes one by one. For the First time I saw women body totally naked. I was sucking her to erected nipples by one.moved to down part plant kiss there and sucking it she was moaning louder after 5mints she release orgams. I inserted my tools into her hole and drilling it with slow motion at starting she screaming with pain, telling fucking deeper more more and with increasing speed she was like shivering and screaming, she released her second orgams and I cummed inside her.

We switched to 69 she was sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy. Later lip locked like there was no tomorrow and I slept on her soft body. I asked her how was the season she told ‘I ever had sex like this my hubby will just cumms in 5min and sleep’. Totally we have 3 seasons that night . later we have more wonderful seasons.

I’ll tell you in next stories.

Any interested aunts and girls can ping me. [email protected]

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