New sister in-law 2

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So it had been a couple of weeks since Toni and I had fucked and I was eager to get in her again so we made a plan she said her husband Gregg was away for the day so I went over and we was all over each other from the moment I stepped in the door kissing and ripping each others clothes off.

New Sister in law (Part 1)

She started to kiss down my chest and looked up at me and said I’ve missed my Daddies cock in my holes this made me extremely hard as she sunk to her knees and licked the head of my cock I was about to grab her hair and fuck her face like I did a couple of weeks ago when she said no she wanted to do it herself so I sat down and spread my legs as she crawled so me I stoked my cock till it was fully hard.

She took her bra off and took the head of my cock into her mouth slowly sliding it all into her mouth till my balls with against her chin groaning so loudly as she did this I watched her slide it back up and out of her mouth then back down as she went down I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass in her black thong I was mesmerised by it as she sucked my cock groaning telling her I was going to fuck her all day and in every hole she groaned against my cock as she pulled it out and slide it between her tits pressing them together and titty fucking my cock as she licked the tip as it came thru her tits I was in absolute heaven loving everything she did to me.

Watching her tits bounce up and down on my lap as she fucked my cock with them I moaned and told her I probably wont last long if she kept that up it didn’t stop her tho she kept fucking my cock with her tits till I leaned my head back groaning I’m cuming, she opened her mouth just as I shot my load some went in her mouth some in over her face and some over her tits I groaned as the last shot landed on her tongue and she swallowed it.

I leaned down and licked some of my cum from her tits and kissed her passionately she groaned telling me that she thought that was so hot we sat and talked and I asked her why she thought Gregg was gay she went onto say she had seen his internet history and there was a lot of gay and shamble porn to which said that may just be what his thing is for the moment I told her that in college I had fucked a few guys never took it just gave it and she said she would have loved to have seen that with a giggle.

She started stroking my cock and whispered in my ear she wanted me to fuck her but this time she wanted it in the ass first and wanted me to cum there, well how was I going to say no to that I lifted her to her feet and walked her to her dining room table and bent her over it and slapped her ass with my cock which was hard again she groaned and handed me the lube to which I applied to my cock and her ass I leaned down kissing her neck and back as I eased my hard cock into her tight ass hearing her shriek a little with the pain but gasped and said give me more Daddy so I slammed the entire length deep into her ass and roughly began to fuck her hard up the ass watching her ass bounce off my hips was so hot for me I couldn’t resist this woman and she knew it as I pounded her like a whore from the streets.

After about forty minutes of fucking her anally I told her I was going to cum and I blasted her bowels with huge load of my cum load after load spurting from my cock into her ass I watched as her pussy explodes over my legs squirting her juices over me seeing run down her legs I pulled out forcing her to her knees and I told her to clean it she looked up at me all lustfully and slid it into her throat then pulled out and said she would take anything I had to give her in her mouth making me groan so loud as I lined my cock on her tongue and started to pee filling her mouth with urine as she swallowed it some poured down over her face chin an tits I took my phone out and filmed it I was so turned on I told her hands and knees now slut she moaned and obeyed.

It was about 20 minutes in I was pounding her pussy doggy style when the door open and in came her husband Gregg he looked at us both just as Toni was orgasming I pulled out stood up he looked angry and lunged at me but me being twice his size I pushed him down and he looked up at me and was staring at my hard cock, that’s when Toni screamed I knew it your gay she said NO NO NO I’m not as he moved to his wife I told him prove it eat her out as I grinned at Toni knowing my cum had leaked from her ass into her pussy she smiled and said yeah Gregg come eat me he looked at me then my cock then went over and started sucking on her clit I watched as I could tell her was tasting me then he sucked her ass so I know he was drinking my juices.

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