My story from virgin to a Hotwife

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My name is Saniya; I am a housewife, a hotwife; I am married to a good businessman; he’s rich; and we live in a big bungalow. We have servants for most of our work, including cooking, cleaning, and everything else; we have a security guard and a driver.

My husband is a good businessman, but his dick is just 3 inches big. I was so disappointed in him, but we were madly in love. We got married at a very young age—I was about 21 and he was 24. At that time, he had nothing, and his business was making no profits, but after about a year, he started to get some profit, and slowly it kept rising, and here we were now. My body measurements are 36-28-37. (36D) i look like a typical brown Delhi girl but a bit traditional .

He never stopped me from doing anything; he knew his dick was so small, so he always asked me if I needed a toy or if we should have an open marriage; he is really open to his thoughts and tells me everything.

As of when we got married, I never wanted to have an open marriage; I felt like it would be a very bad idea, and his feelings would be hurt by that. But he was like this since the day we got married; he was always open to the idea of having a bull or doing something to have me sexually satisfied. I was a virgin before our marriage, and I still think—even when he’s fucked me hundreds of times—that I never lost my virginity.
I never had done anything that could possibly tear my hymen; it’s still safe out there. I’ve just fingered myself my whole life, and that’s how I get my squirts.

I never had real sex. So I was not open to the idea of getting a bull or having a toy as I had never felt what having sex is like.
So i was once in my bedroom, it was a rainy day, it was raining a lot, and our servants weren’t there as it was raining the whole night and it was non-stop. But one servant showed up; he does the cooking, and the security guard was also there; he has a small room out on the gate, and we had generators and a home inverter as well. The cook knocked on the door, and I rushed to open it for him.

He was fully wet, so I went in and grabbed a towel for him before he came inside. He dried himself and went in. I closed the door and went into my room. I sat on the bed, looking at something on my phone, when the cook suddenly came in and saw what I was looking at. I quickly put my phone down, and he smiles mischievously. I was looking at a porn video, he caught me, he said, “Mam, you are very naughty,” and asked me what to cook for dinner and if I wanted anything to eat before the dinner like snacks and stuff. It was a good day for some tea and some onion rings or some bhajiya.

I said sure, and again he gave that naughty smile and left. I was so wet by this interaction. We were really open with our servants, and we treated them like friends and family. They were none other than humans. I was getting horny, and I wanted to take it further. It was the day I felt like I needed a dick, and just the lustful look he gave me made me horny.

I was wearing a nightgown, and I had a panty under it, so I quickly pulled down my panty and saw that it was fully wet. I put them on the bed, and I went in the kitchen to help him make some bhajiya. He was taking out some flour and all the ingredients. I asked him if I could help him mix the flour, and he said, “Sure, ma’am.” I went into the kitchen, and I could see the bulge in his pants that he was trying to hide. I have spent a lot of time helping him cook, as I have a love for cooking, so today was no different.

He was going towards the fridge, and I said I would take some chillies and you would take some water by that time. I went and opened the fridge, I started looking for the chilli, I bent over, and he had a perfect view of my ass and I knew he was staring at it. He was filling up the water in a bowl, and the water started flooding. I looked at him, and he said, “Oh, sorry. I was looking at the rainwater from the window. It seems it’s not going to stop soon.”

I said, “Yea, it’s the best weather for a warm…” And I stayed quite and said, “Tea.”He took the hint I was giving him; it was tensing me up, and it was just a matter of when and how he would fuck me. He came and touched my butt and said, “Move, let me see, and bend over just beside me.” I looked at him, and he said, “Sorry, it was a mistake.” I don’t know; he was suddenly looking so handsome to me, and I loved the touch and the closeness we had. He said, “Look here, it is,” and he took the chilli and all the remaining ingredients himself and brought them to the island.
I said, “Let me mix them, and you can cut the onions.” He turned, and I again saw his bulge; it was already about 6 to 7 inches wide, as per my assumption. I started with the water, put it on the flour, and started to mix it; he got behind me and grabbed me directly as soon as my hands were in the bowl.

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