My story from virgin to a Hotwife

My name is Saniya; I am a housewife, a hotwife; I am married to a good businessman; he’s rich; and we live in a big bungalow. We have servants for most of our work, including cooking, cleaning, and everything else; we have a security guard and a driver.

My husband is a good businessman, but his dick is just 3 inches big. I was so disappointed in him, but we were madly in love. We got married at a very young age—I was about 21 and he was 24. At that time, he had nothing, and his business was making no profits, but after about a year, he started to get some profit, and slowly it kept rising, and here we were now. My body measurements are 36-28-37. (36D) i look like a typical brown Delhi girl but a bit traditional .

He never stopped me from doing anything; he knew his dick was so small, so he always asked me if I needed a toy or if we should have an open marriage; he is really open to his thoughts and tells me everything.

As of when we got married, I never wanted to have an open marriage; I felt like it would be a very bad idea, and his feelings would be hurt by that. But he was like this since the day we got married; he was always open to the idea of having a bull or doing something to have me sexually satisfied. I was a virgin before our marriage, and I still think—even when he’s fucked me hundreds of times—that I never lost my virginity.
I never had done anything that could possibly tear my hymen; it’s still safe out there. I’ve just fingered myself my whole life, and that’s how I get my squirts.

I never had real sex. So I was not open to the idea of getting a bull or having a toy as I had never felt what having sex is like.
So i was once in my bedroom, it was a rainy day, it was raining a lot, and our servants weren’t there as it was raining the whole night and it was non-stop. But one servant showed up; he does the cooking, and the security guard was also there; he has a small room out on the gate, and we had generators and a home inverter as well. The cook knocked on the door, and I rushed to open it for him.

He was fully wet, so I went in and grabbed a towel for him before he came inside. He dried himself and went in. I closed the door and went into my room. I sat on the bed, looking at something on my phone, when the cook suddenly came in and saw what I was looking at. I quickly put my phone down, and he smiles mischievously. I was looking at a porn video, he caught me, he said, “Mam, you are very naughty,” and asked me what to cook for dinner and if I wanted anything to eat before the dinner like snacks and stuff. It was a good day for some tea and some onion rings or some bhajiya.

I said sure, and again he gave that naughty smile and left. I was so wet by this interaction. We were really open with our servants, and we treated them like friends and family. They were none other than humans. I was getting horny, and I wanted to take it further. It was the day I felt like I needed a dick, and just the lustful look he gave me made me horny.

I was wearing a nightgown, and I had a panty under it, so I quickly pulled down my panty and saw that it was fully wet. I put them on the bed, and I went in the kitchen to help him make some bhajiya. He was taking out some flour and all the ingredients. I asked him if I could help him mix the flour, and he said, “Sure, ma’am.” I went into the kitchen, and I could see the bulge in his pants that he was trying to hide. I have spent a lot of time helping him cook, as I have a love for cooking, so today was no different.

He was going towards the fridge, and I said I would take some chillies and you would take some water by that time. I went and opened the fridge, I started looking for the chilli, I bent over, and he had a perfect view of my ass and I knew he was staring at it. He was filling up the water in a bowl, and the water started flooding. I looked at him, and he said, “Oh, sorry. I was looking at the rainwater from the window. It seems it’s not going to stop soon.”

I said, “Yea, it’s the best weather for a warm…” And I stayed quite and said, “Tea.”He took the hint I was giving him; it was tensing me up, and it was just a matter of when and how he would fuck me. He came and touched my butt and said, “Move, let me see, and bend over just beside me.” I looked at him, and he said, “Sorry, it was a mistake.” I don’t know; he was suddenly looking so handsome to me, and I loved the touch and the closeness we had. He said, “Look here, it is,” and he took the chilli and all the remaining ingredients himself and brought them to the island.
I said, “Let me mix them, and you can cut the onions.” He turned, and I again saw his bulge; it was already about 6 to 7 inches wide, as per my assumption. I started with the water, put it on the flour, and started to mix it; he got behind me and grabbed me directly as soon as my hands were in the bowl.

He hugged me from behind. He said, “Mam, are you willing to have some fun right now? You are showing off your ass a lot here, right?” And I stayed quiet and nodded my head in embarrassment. He got horny as well. He pulled down his pants, then started pulling my nightgown up, and he stripped me off. After taking the nightgown off my hands, he asked me to turn around, which I did.
He looked at me fully naked and complimented me, but in a rude way, saying what a fine, untouched bitch I was looking like. I blushed, and he came close to me, and he removed his underwear. I was shocked to see his dick. It was 8 inches big. I knew that today I was getting fucked by a real man. He said, “What is your husband’s size?” and I told him correctly; he was laughing really hard at that. All this money, but still a small clit dick. I slipped out a giggle as well when he said “clit dick.”

He grabbed my hands and said, “You make bhajiya; I will do my new job.” The oil was just to the right. He grabbed the bottle and put some oil on his dick. He asked me, “Have I ever fantasized about him fucking her?” and I answered him truthfully, “Yes.” He said, “If you would have said sooner, then we would have babies now.”
I said, “I need no babies,” and moved around. He said, “I was just joking; I don’t have a condom now. Are you willing to have sex today without at least one?” ,”If you cum in me, then you will never step a foot in this house”. I said, he said, “ok mam,” and he grabbed my ass and slowly placed me in position. I started mixing my flour again, and he started rubbing his dick on my pussy. He pushed it slowly; he was playing with my boobs, and my legs were spread, so I was in-toeing to give him better access.
I possibly did everything I could to have him be better and to receive a good fuck. So he started applying pressure, and it was slowly going in. I was already feeling a bit of pain, but it was nothing compared to what I was going to receive.

He was not stopping; he kept pushing and saying, “It will be fine. Just wait, take deep breaths, and be calm.” I stopped mixing; it was a huge moment for me, and the pain increased with a strange feeling in my pussy. My legs shaken, and he said, “Are you a virgin?” And he asked if I ever had sex with anyone. I said I have had sex with my husband only, and he has fucked me a lot of times. He said, “I don’t think so,” and kept pushing it in. He never stopped, and his half-dick was in. He also took a deep breath and said, “I think you lost your virginity just now and your hymen broke.” He asked if I was feeling pain in my pussy, and I said yes. My eyes were all watery, and he hugged me from behind while keeping his dick in. He said it was all fine and comforted me. I loved that he cared about me, but I feel aroused when I see some rough porn. But the gesture was cute. He then again grabbed my boobs and started fucking me with half his dick. It was already far better than I’ve ever had sex.
It was only half in and already penetrating deeper than my husband may ever do. Since I started cooking, I’ve had a dream: I’ve been fantasizing that my husband will fuck me while I am preparing food or making something to eat, and this was a dream come true for me.

He slowly stopped and started pushing in deeper. It was painful, and I was trying my hardest to be more calm. I was already moaning a lot. And now it turned into screams; he pushed in deep and deep; finally, I felt a touch on my inner thighs from his balls; he finally penetrated me deep enough and his dick was fully in. I felt like I accomplished something as a woman by fitting around his dick. It was a true struggle, and the pain was making me feel really bad.

He started giving slow and steady thrusts and started to increase his own pace. And he fucked me for about 10 minutes, and I started quivering; I was out of breath, and he gave a deep push and pulled out in one go, cumming on the island. I fell over and sat down, still shaking. He picked me up and asked me if it was fun or not. I said yes, and he showed me the blood. It was bright in color, as I anticipated. I was a virgin; what a shame it was for me. He giggled and said, “Maybe 3 inches is not deep enough to take your virginity; your pussy was made for a big dick mam,” and he gave me a deep kiss and left me breathless.

I have kissed a lot of men before when I was in college. I was a girl that boys would want to fuck, but I never did anything other than kiss them, and this was probably the best I ever had in my life.
He asked me, “Do you still want to cook, or should I continue now?” I said I would make this and he could cut onions till then. While wearing his pants, he asked, “Have you ever tasted cum?” I said no, as I haven’t ever tried tasting cum; it was always disgusting to me, but I had a secret admiration for it from the porn I have watched. All the ladies love it in the porn, and I had a chance to taste it now as well. He said, “You can lick it then.” And I started licking it.

It was bitter, sweet, and had a weird taste that made me a fan of it. I licked it all off, and he said, “You seem to like it.” Wanna eat some bhajiya with cum? I said, “It seems like a good idea, at least I can try it,” I said.
He helped me make the bhajiya, and we were now ready. I was all naked and stayed naked the whole time. He was playing with my boobs and pussy the whole time around. He asked me if I liked to be treated like a mam or if he could be more dominant. It was the question I was waiting for. I said, “You can treat me however you want; it’s just between us.” I said, “Treat me however you want,” and he said, “Can I do anything to you then?” I said yes, I will be yours now, and you can do whatever you want. He leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him, and he spanked my butt. It was a really hard and arousing spanking.

It made me wet. He came behind me while I was frying the bhajiya. He said, “Spread your legs a little,” and I did. He grabbed my pussy and started to push his fingers in. He put out his two fingers and started fingerfucking; it was hard, it was fast, and it was intense. He wasn’t slow or smooth with me. I was like a non-living thing at this point. He again gave me a quivering orgasm. It was so intense that I started to cry. I farted twice while just gaining control. I was shaking, and he started fingering me again and gave me another intense orgasm, and I started squirting all over the kitchen. It was really uncontrollable.

After he pushed the finger in my mouth, I licked it clean for him. It has a sweet smell and a sweet taste to it. Maybe it was mixed with the hymen blood. I was still in disbelief that I was a virgin. I gained control and got myself standing again. It was making me shake, and I wasn’t able to stand straight; I was shaking, and when I walked, it was a complete mess. I was in pain, and I wasn’t even able to walk. We made some bhajiyas then, and he served them for me.

He gave me a full plate, and I asked, “Where is the cum?” He said, “Do you really want it? I was just joking about it”. I said” no, I really want to try it”, and he pulled out his dick from his pants and started to masturbate. I stood there waiting for him to come. I was looking at his face as he was maintaining sexy, lustful eye contact with me. He turned me around and started to play with my pussy while masturbating, and I stood there bent over with the plate in my hand, waiting for him to cum. My legs were hurting, I told him, and he took a minute and cummed all over my plate. It was on each and every bhajiya, and he said, “It’s all good now; enjoy”, and I asked him to join me. I pointed towards the extra bhajiyas and said, “Take them and come sit with me.”

He took them on a plate and came with me; we sat on the couch watching TV, and I was not able to chew very well because of the cum. It was feeling metallic and giving it a bitter taste. I told him, “It’s better when it’s just the cum.” And he said, “Next time, you can swallow cum after eating your food.” I agreed and somehow finished the Bhajiya on my plate. It was hard, but I managed to push it down my throat.
He told me to lick the plate and don’t waste any cum, so I licked it and kept the plate in the basin, took my nightgown, and went into my room to sleep. He had to prepare for the dinner, and after making the dinner, he was going.

While I reached my door, he asked, “Are you up for another round before I leave?” I said, “I will be taking some rest; it is painful, and I feel like I am having cramps.” I told him that if I am awake, I will come over, and if I am asleep, you can fuck me while I am asleep.
It was a nice way to get him on my bed, and the thought of him fucking me on me and my husband’s bed was another level of happiness/horniness.

It takes him two hours to prepare everything and make everything from the start. I started to take some rest, and the thought of my husband never crossed my mind. I was doing the thing that I hated the most. The pleasure was still in my mind, and I had a very good nap. In just 1 hour, he finished his cooking and came over in the bedroom; he didn’t wake me up, just started to push his dick in my pussy. I woke up due to the pain again, and he was fucking me at a very good pace and giving very nice deep thrusts. It was really pleasurable; I had another orgasm, and he pulled out and cummed all over my belly.
I licked it all off with my fingers and went to sleep. He went home. I took my phone and ordered a box of condoms and slept. It was such a nice feeling.
My husband came home and it was still raining outside; I was asleep; he woke me up and asked why I was sleeping naked and why the room smelled weird. I woke up and told him, “It’s nothing; I just felt very warm, so I slept naked.” I asked him to get fresh, and I will serve the dinner until then.

I wore my nightgown and went in the kitchen to serve. I opened the utensils, and it was cum on the first two chapati. I was so pissed that he didn’t tell me at first, but it was also hot. So I took the first two chapati and served him the rest.
We ate our dinner, and as we were watching TV, I told him that I was horny, and he looked at me and said, “Should we go in the bedroom?” His confidence was making me laugh as if he was truly going to satisfy me.

I said, “Really, are you going to satisfy me?” He said, “What can I possibly do?” I have told you that you can buy some toys and even have an open relationship; I am up for all of these things, and I want you to be happy and satisfied.
I stayed quite till he finished his speech and asked again if it’s ok to have another man fuck me. He said yes, and I then confessed everything.
I told him what happened from the start to the end. He was not as surprised as I thought he would be; he was happy that I told him everything and didn’t hide it, thinking it was bad. He said, “Just share with me whatever you do, and don’t tell him that I know everything now.” I said sure, and I asked him, “Why are you hiding it? Just be a cuckold,” and “What do you think?” He actually gave it some thought. He said he’s not sure about it, as if it goes out of our house, it will be very harmful for his reputation, and he doesn’t want to take any risks on the things that can be done passively.

I asked what he meant, and he said, “You can be the dominant one when he is gone and make me listen to whatever you do all day.” I didn’t understand his point of view; he showed me some images on the internet and said, “It’s like femdom cuckolding.” I understood now and said, “I am not dominant, I am submissive, and the cook is also going to have me as a submissive slut, so it will be hard to switch, but I accept it, and hopefully I will be a good partner for it.”

He said yes, that’s good, and we went to sleep. When we got into the bed, he asked if I was comfortable showing him my pussy and boobs and all of my body.

I took off my nightgown and turned the light on. He got up and examined each and every inch of my body. I showed him the mark of his spank, my sore boobs, and my first time used pussy. He was so excited to see me like that. He asked if you loved it. I said I absolutely did, and he was the one taking my virginity. He asked me what, and I said again that he actually took my virginity and broke my hymen. He said, “You never masturbated deep enough to even break your hymen.” I said no, and he just said that’s bad.
I said that’s not bad, but that little clit of yours is bad. If that was big, then we would never do this. He also giggled at that remark and said sorry, nothing can be done, and it’s not like I am able to grow it by eating something. I said sorry for calling it a clit dick. We hugged, and he said, “Can you sleep naked today?” I said sure, and he said it was just for masturbating. I love your body. You made me horny by saying what you did today. He was taking his role as a cuck very well.

I wanted to sleep but wanted to porn before, so I grabbed my phone, and looked at the time, my husband came around my side of the bed and started masturbating, and in less than 30 seconds, he shot out his cum. It was ropes and ropes of cum. He was cumming really hard. He said thanks, cleaned everything with a tissue, and slept beside me.
I didn’t need to watch porn now. It just got me satisfied, just like that.
How much of a cuck he really is, or did he just do it too quickly accidentally?
The next day, it was not raining as much, all the servants were present, and the cook also came in early. But not for cooking; it was for me. When there was no one in the living room, he quickly sneaked into my room, and I closed the door.

He put me in the bed and got me into doggy position. He slowly started to push his dick in. I told him it will take a couple of days for the condoms to arrive, but I have taken pills today and yesterday as well, so you can creampie. He got horny and spanked me really hard. He started to push his dick in and started to fuck me. My pussy already got loose yesterday, so today was not as painful as yesterday.
He fucked me good for almost 30 minutes, and the last thrust was deep, and he started cumming. It was the most pleasurable feeling, the warm cum shooting in your pussy and the dick throbbing hard. It gave me orgasms, and he spanked me again.
He said, “You are such a slut now”, and I just laid down. He pulled his pants and went away. The cum was flowing from my pussy to the bed, and I didn’t care as I was too exhausted by the aggressive fucking he did.
The Housekeeper came and saw me laying upside down with the cum flowing from my pussy. He went out quickly before I saw him and yelled, “Mam, can I come in to clean the room?” I said, “Not now. I am a bit busy.”
And he went in the bathroom, it seems just to masturbate.

He asked the chef if he saw me like that, and he confessed everything. The Housekeeper came in and started to fuck me; he got really aggressive and said how he had been lusting after me for months and had masturbated thinking about me. He grabbed my hair and put me down, raised my ass, and started to push his dick in; in one push, he got his dick fully inside me. It was way girthier than the chef. It was filthy and bent towards the right, it seemed.

He fucks me really hard, spanks me, and pulls my hair, and I was fully bent over; we were having constant eye contact; I was crying because of the pleasure as well as because my head was in pain because of the hair pulling. He was spitting on my face and doing everything possible to degrade me the most. Rich slut, etc. were some names he called me, and soon he was in my pussy deeper than the chef.

It was so arousing that I had two orgasms with him. It really got me tired, and the idea of being a slave to them was an idea I was interested in. He said he can be fired now, and if he isn’t fired, then he will take a hint that I want him to fuck me more and more.

And he went and did his work. I just laid there and took a very good nap. It was really a great time and a great experience.
But I was also pissed at the chef for telling him; I thought we were keeping a secret.

That day ended with a split roast between them, and they both fucked me pretty hard; it was unreal how much I actually enjoyed it; I never knew I missed so much just not having sex; I was made for exploring this and experiencing this kind of humility. It was making me feel good and hot.

They both also took me on the rooftop and fucked me there in the open air. It was more sexy as it was all wet from the rain, and they were putting me on the ground and fucking me like a literal dog.

After they both went home, I went in the bathroom and took a very long and slow bath. It was really pleasurable just to touch my pussy. All my body was covered in hickeys, my boobs were sore from pinching and slapping, my butt was sore from spanking, and my face and mouth were in pain because of the face fuck I had.

It was getting me aroused whenever I put some water on my body, and all the hickey spots were burning. I peed myself because of that. I quickly got myself cleaned up and started masturbating to take out all the cum from my pussy. They creampied me about 5–6 times in total, and my pussy was filled to the opening. I started to finger myself and take out the cum. I pushed it out of my pussy as much as I could and ate it. It was a disgusting decision, but I wanted to be a slave to them, so I had to be a filthy b*tch. After that, I fingered myself and denied my orgasm by stopping just before I had it.

I went in the bedroom and again slept, but I wasn’t able to sleep; my whole body was in pain, and each and every part was having some sort of pain. My husband came home and asked how my day was; I took off my blanket and showed it to him.

He was shocked, and he quickly got close to me and asked, “Why are there bruises on your body? Are they being rough? Please stop it if you don’t like it. Look at your body, Saniya. How are you even able to take this kind of treatment?” He was really concerned and asked if we should just change our servants. You look so sick, and then he touched my bruises and looked at my face. He said, “Look how painful it is.” He was nearly in tears himself, but I said I enjoyed it more than I ever could; I love this treatment, and I wanted it to be more rough. He looked at me shocked. I said I love watching bdsm, and by this experience, I knew exactly what I liked. I showed him some punishment in bdsm and more things relating to spanking, hardcore fucking, etc.

He said, “Are you really enjoying this?” and I said yes. It was so pleasurable, but he was still concerned. I told him in detail what happened and how it was all so enjoyable.
I slowly pulled out his dick while talking to him and started giving him a handjob; it took me two strokes, and he came immediately. It was really fast. He was getting horny listening to this. After commuting, we went and had dinner in our dining area.

He requested to be naked, so I didn’t wear anything. He was looking at my ass and my boobs everything. My nipples were getting more pointy by having them sucked.

I had some rest for a couple of days; the condom pack arrived; I kept it in my drawer; and the next day, my parents came to see us, so I got a guest room ready for them. Whenever they locked their door, my chef got me a quicky and fed me his cum, and whenever they were in the living room, my Housekeeper got in my bedroom and fucked my brains out. It was just so horny to do this knowing your mother and father are just a few meters away from you while you are getting the sex of your lifetime.

They noticed that I was not wearing any panty in my nightgown; my mom asked, “What is this slutty behavior?” and she yelled at me. I quickly went in and put on one panty and a bra, then went back out.

She was angry about that, and my dad wasn’t around, so it was nice that she didn’t tell him in front of him.

She wanted to talk to my husband about this behavior, but it was going to be the most awkward moment. When he came back, she asked him to come with her, and she called me as well. We three of us went in the balcony, and my mom told him that I wasn’t wearing a panty and a bra, and my boobs and pussy were poking out, and there were servants out there. She wondered what impression it had on them, and what if they did something they weren’t supposed to do and had a long lecture.

My husband said it was fine, and she just happened to do this today; she never does it; it was the first time, and I hope she learns something from this, and that chat ended there. She looked at me with an angry face, and I said sorry.

We all had dinner and slept. This was the reason I didn’t have sex for a week, as my mom has a really close eye on me.

After they left, it was again the same—split roasts and hardcore fucking sessions—and they started to make me a dog and make me walk like one and pee like one. It was really hot as we were getting into BDSM, and I was liking it.

They fucked the shit out of me one day and gave me two days to rest and recover, and then again fucked me and gave me two days to rest. They were thoughtful of me and also kept me good and healthy with the diet and all.

I also got some gym equipment for myself and started doing yoga. It helped me a lot when getting face-fucked, as I started to breathe a lot deeper and all that. I unlocked a lot of new positions as I started to get more flexible and started to maintain my shape without gaining any weight.

The sex was keeping me motivated; it was the reason why I was doing this.

Soon they both took my anal virginity as well. It was really painful, and the chef took my virginity as his dick was not as girthy as the Housekeeper’s, but it was long, so he pushed his dick in me deep and was making me feel like I was in heaven.

And then the Housekeeper took over the place and started fucking me; his dick destroyed my holes; he was girthy, and it was the most painful thing.

They made me spit like a dog, made me feel like a dog, and made me walk and do everything like a dog. Sometimes they gave me food on a plate and gave me the rule that if I drop anything on the floor, I will get punished, and I used to deliberately drop something so they could spank me. It was really pleasant and hot.

I was not watching porn now as I just started to experience it in real life.

They started taking ideas from the internet, started to push food into my ass, and made me eat it (after cleaning my ass with an enema). They started to give me a warm milk enema. made my belly bulge from the enema and made me feel pregnant. And sometimes I had to keep that enema for some time, like 20 minutes, and then push it all out. It is so much fun.

This went on for almost 2 years; everyday was something new; sometimes they gave me a golden shower; sometimes I had to drink their pee. It was a continuous cycle of sexual satisfaction. It was so much fun until it all came to an end, and the virus started spreading all over the world.

The lockdown was going on and the servants needed to go to their families in the village. I gave them all (my cook, my Housekeeper, the security guard, and the driver) 3 months of payment as a bonus and as a kind of help to reach out to their families.

They all went to their homes, and it was just me and my husband now in this house. We just locked off the rooms we weren’t using; we wanted to keep them clean, and I knew I wasn’t able to clean each and everything, so we just kept them closed unless we needed them.

My husband knew I was now really getting sexually frustrated; it was showing on my face, and I was struggling with myself. I tried to stay normal and do some meditation and yoga to get my mind clear, but all it did was put a dick in my mind.

I asked my husband to feed me his cum every time he cums and told him to spank me every now and then. He is really soft and does it very halfheartedly.

I was getting angry at him for being such a bitch and not doing anything like a man. We started by fingering his ass. He liked it and got to know that he can enjoy it now by using his ass.

We took some pens to masturbate and got bigger and bigger as his hole was starting to stretch. We eventually ended up dropping it on the toilet cleaning brush. We didn’t find anything bigger and of the perfect size to push it into his ass. I wanted a dildo.

The first lockdown was starting to end, but we didn’t know it was going to be more.

My husband said he will call his brother. He was living in a rental apartment, and my husband and we both thought of taking him in, but we didn’t know that he was there at first. As soon as we knew it, we called him and convinced him to come here to live until the covid was fully over.

My husband made some arrangements, and on the day of the first lockdown’s end, he was going to come.

It was 5–6 days before he was coming, and my husband was getting to see me getting desperate for a dick. I was so frustrated and horny all day. He said there was nothing that could be done, and the idea clicked in his mind. He asked, “Are you willing to have my brother as your bull?” I said yes. And he made a plan like, My husband will be busy on a call, and I and his brother will have sex. I will make his brother feel like I am cheating on my husband by having sex, but soon my husband will catch us having sex, and I and his brother will make him a cuckold, and we will all enjoy ourselves.

It was a great plan, as my mind was also not working properly because of the sexual frustration. And it worked.

After he came, we isolated him in a room and told him to get all his bags and clothes in his room. We gave him a few hours, and he got shifted in his room. We then went out and cleaned everything. Everything was sanitized and cleaned. Even his car was cleaned by us.

He was isolated for about 15 days. We were so desperate for our plan and wanted to do it so bad. After his isolation period was over, he cleaned himself, washed himself, and came out of the room. We went in with a mask and cleaned his room ourselves, and we washed his room very well.

After this was over, We all hugged and met him. It was so long that we met, and it was a very nice day. His name is Sagar, he is a foot taller than my husband, and his skin color is far different than that of my husband, but he matches his color with his mom. They are like completely different people, not like brothers would look like.

So we started living together, my husband started doing his calls and business meetings, and me and Sagar started getting a lot of time.

I started wearing a nightgown with no bra and pants, and it was always wet around my pussy. The nightgown used to trace out my figure through the cloth, and my nipples were always poking out. It was a very deep neck and had a perfect view of my boobs and even the arolasses. And it was enough to get me fucked.

I sat on the couch with my legs up, and he had a clear view of my pussy area, all wet with my juices. It was a good start from me, as he asked me if he could sit beside me. I said sure as he had to turn his head to watch the tv. It was a good reason, and he sat beside me and slowly, while watching a movie, he pushed his hand around my neck, and slowly, I started to put my head on his shoulder. We sat like a couple, and he was caressing my back and rubbing me.

The other hand had gone on my legs; he slowly started to rub his hands on them and surely started to push them further up until he reached my crotch. I wasn’t replying to anything; I was just watching TV while my mouth was slipping out some hisses and moans.

He stayed quiet and worked with his hands only. Slowly he was now pulling my nightgown up and eventually pulled it up till my upper thighs. He pushed his hand in my pussy area and slowly started to caress it, play with my pussy lips, spread them to take a look at it, and started rubbing my clitoral area. It was getting me aroused, and I was now moaning quite loudly in his ears and groaning. It was really arousing. He pushed a finger in my pussy then and slowly started to finger me; my pussy was tight again as I had not touched it for over a month. He slowly started fingering me, and I was feeling the pussy juice leaking all over my ass and getting on the couch.

I quickly pulled down my nightgown and looked upstairs. I looked at my husband, and he said, “The bond between Devar (brother-in-law) and Bhabhi (brother’s wife) is getting really close.” I was resting my head on his shoulder, that’s why. His hand was still in my pussy; he slowly pulled it out and said, “Yes, we are now friends.” And bhabhi is the closest to the devar in the sasural (in laws),” he added.

I said yes, and my husband came downstairs, and Sagar stood up and was giving his seat to my husband, but he said, “No, you sit there,” and my husband sat in front of us. Sagar sat in the same place again, but this time he didn’t put his arm around my neck; I was still keeping my head on his shoulder and watching TV.

Sagar got the hint that I had completed approval for him now, and he can take it a step further. He was now convinced that I was up for it.

I told my husband to act normal for a few days and stay with me; I wanted Sagar to get frustrated as well. I wanted him to fuck me as if he had been waiting for this day for a long time, and it’s better when he holds a grudge against my husband for staying with me all this time. It will add to his anger, and it will end up affecting my sexual needs.

So about 2 days went by, and I was looking at his face, which was getting frustrated whenever my husband sat in front of me. It was very clear, and he always gave some eye gestures to meet him in his room or somewhere, but I always declined for the time being.

On the third day after he fingered me, I saw his frustration: he was not answering like he used to, he was talking back, he was constantly angry, and his mood was all messed up. I knew it was the perfect time, so I called my husband from my phone, and he picked up and went out on the balcony.

We had 1 hour, and as soon as he closed the door of the balcony, he grabbed my hand and took me to his room. I was on the floor at that time sliding. He put me on the bed, jumped on it, and started to tear my clothes apart. It was so hot, and I had my phone in my hand, so my husband was listening.

I was laughing and saying to him, “Stop, it’s my favorite piece of cloth.” And he didn’t listen; I was naked inside as usual, so he started fingering me really hard. And then he took out his penis; it was about 9 inches big. I stood up and asked him, “How is that possible?” I also asked him, “How does he have such a big penis?” I stood up near the door and we talked; he said, “What do you mean?” I told him his brother has a very small penis, and he laughed. He said he’s not my real brother; we share the same mother, and that’s it.

I said “what?” It was a shock to me; my husband never told me this. What is this family drama, I asked him, and he said his real dad had an affair with his mom; that’s how he has a big penis, and my husband was from her mom’s husband. That’s why there are no similarities. I was in shock.

He said the same thing happened to his dad, and the same thing is happening to him now—both are getting fucked by the same blood. And he grabbed my hand and took me to bed again. I felt like my husband was going to come in after hearing this heartbreaking news, but no. I waited 10 minutes just waiting for him to come in and confront him, but still no.

He was kissing me and sucking my nipples like they were toys. He had no feelings as a person towards me; I was just a fucktoy.

He pushed his penis in my pussy opening and gave a hardcore thrust; it left me quivering; he forgot I am a real human with a real heart, and it’s painful for me. He was just fucking me, hardcore thrusts, deep thrusts, and soon, in just 10 minutes, he creampied me. I was already on pills, so I had that satisfaction.

He turned me around and got me into the prone position, and he started pushing his dick into my pussy. He went for a second round just seconds later. I rate his sexual urges

After again getting creampied, we both lay there in each other’s arms, kissing and playing with my boobs and pussy. After this, he spanked my butt and asked, “Your ass looks like it’s been used before,” and got up and brought some oil from the table in front of me.

I said, “no, not today, I will get ready for you tomorrow or in the evening, so please leave me for now.” He said, “It’s better if we do it just now.” And he gets me into doggy position and says, “If you move, you will get a punishment from me, and it will be really bad.” I stayed in the position and kept my torn nightgown in my mouth to fumble my groans. He put some oil in my ass and pushed his thumb in, then pushed 2 fingers in my pussy and started fingering me really hard. At first, I was begging him to do it and keep the pace up, and he was doing it, but soon, I was quivering, having orgasms, and squirting, but he kept doing it, and I started to beg him to stop now. It was too much. I felt like I was going to pass out; it was really painful for my ass and pussy, but the orgasms gave me a headache and body pain. My legs were still shaking, and he then started to put some oil on his dick.

He slowly started to push his dick into my ass, and it went in half way. I was still begging him in the middle of my moans to stop it, and I would meet him in the night or tomorrow for the anal sex, but he wasn’t stopping. I put my cloth in my mouth again and started to moan as loud as I could. It was the only way to escape it. I started moaning and grunting; it was going in and out. I had no practice as my two bulls were gone for a long time, and my ass was already tight again.

He started to fuck with half his dick, and in the third push, he pushed it all the way in. His balls hit my pussy, and I had another shaking orgasm. I was shaking really wild and trying to push my body up to remove his dick from my ass. But he kept me in position and spanked me to calm me down.

He started to fuck me, and it went on for about 20 minutes. In just 30 seconds of him thrusting, I was starting to enjoy it. My grunts started to turn into moans. His rythmic thrusts and the perfect pace had me squirting all over his bed; it broke me.

After he came in my ass, while pulling out my hand, another orgasm built up. It was just the best, and it made me fall for him. I was desperate for something like this, and I got it.

I took my phone and went into my room. I locked the door and talked to my husband on the call. He said, “We can talk later on,” and I went in to take a bath. I got fresh and went out to make some tea, and Sagar came for the tea, and my husband was outside. I called him, and he came in.

He came in and he was absolutely normal; he didn’t have any change in his behavior. If I had been him, I would have cried my heart out, but he was really calm and collected.
Sagar looked at me and said to both of us that he dropped some water on the bed and if my husband can help him take the mattress out for drying it up.
My husband looked at me and said, “You can do it for me right.” I said sure, and we had our tea.
My husband and I went on the terrace to have some alone time, and I told Sagar that he could stay downstairs while we were upstairs.
I locked the terrace door, and we started talking; he said he knew it since his childhood. He has seen his mom cheating on his dad, and when his dad died, her mom never remarried or did anything other than work, but behind closed doors, it was completely different. Everyone on the outside thought she was a hardworking single mother, but she was an absolute slut for one man named Zakhir. He was his dad’s work friend, and eventually he stayed at our house. She made it look like he was staying in a room upstairs for rent, but he actually stayed with his mom in her bedroom, fucking her brains out.

Then Sagar got born; it was just after his father’s demise, so nobody questioned her. But my husband saw it, as he was about years old at that time.

I accepted that fact, kept it in my heart, and never held any grudges against her or anyone else. Her mom had given them both a lovely and prosperous life, and my husband is justly thankful for that, as she never left him for her man.
It was a really sad story, and I was already shedding tears when I gave him a hug. I told him I would never leave him, and I asked him if I should stop it with Sagar, as it will cause him pain and will also cause mental problems for my husband if it hurts him mentally.
He said it is hot and sexy as he always used to masturbate thinking about her mom, and how he always felt like a bimbo as his father was not a man enough to have her sexually satisfied when he was alive.
It was a really subtle change in him, and I pushed him out of my arms for saying this. He said, “I am sorry; I also have sexual urges, but my dick makes it harder for me to enjoy them.” I opened his pant and took his dick and gave him a handjob.
He said how much he was climaxing while listening to me and Sagar, and said he climaxed almost four times while listening to us.
I was proud of him. I said, “So what do you think of me and Sagar?” He said “we still have the plan of getting him added in as a bull.” I was happy and sad at the same time. We both went in and saw Sagar watching TV.
I asked him if he wanted to take his mattress on the terrace, and he came to his room with me. He pointed out the cum and squirt of mine all over the bed and said, “Look how much you enjoyed it.” My husband wasn’t near us. We both took it up and put it on the terrace.
It was almost evening, and I told Sagar to sleep in another bedroom for today. He said it’s fine, and he said he can help me make the dinner.
My husband was watching TV, and we were both in the kitchen making dinner.
I was fatigued, and my ass was in severe pain. I felt like pooping, but I wasn’t able to. I wasn’t able to put pressure on it. Whenever I did, I just peed myself.

And in the kitchen, this happened. I walked towards the cutting board, and I just started peeing suddenly. It was unreal. I just sat down completely to lower the noise of me peeing, and Sagar was watching me do this. My husband asked what happened, and he said, “She left the sink tap open.” And I was still sitting. I pulled up my nightgown, and I was still peeing a lot.
I put pressure on it, and a little bit of poop came out. Sagar giggled a bit and picked me up. I put my hands on my ass and pussy to stop it and ran to the washroom. The TV was on the opposite side, so Sagar also came behind me, and we both went in the bathroom. I sat down and pushed it all out in just one go.

It was really relaxing, and it gave me some satisfaction that I wasn’t having any problems. It was just taking some time for my holes to recover, and I made a mistake by applying pressure on them.
He helped me and brought another nightgown from my closet. He even helped me put that gown in the washing machine and get cleaned up. He gave me a kiss and asked, “Are you OK now?” and I said yes. We went into the kitchen quickly and cleaned up everything. It was really gross. I pooped there, picked it up with a lot of tissues, and threw that in the toilet and flushed it. It was grosser than the period blood at that time for me.

He said he would make something for dinner while I washed my hands with every possible thing I had. I applied hand wash, I applied soap, I applied shampoo, but the guilt wasn’t washing off from my mind.
I pooped in the kitchen; it’s the grossest thing I could have possibly done, but it was unintentional, so I forgave myself and just helped with some simple things that don’t need to be touched by me. like making roti.
He was continuously kissing me all over while we were cooking. It was something I had been dreaming of since I was in college: having my husband with me in the kitchen, helping me do stuff while kissing and doing romantic things.
And all of my dreams came true just by the lovers of mine; my servants made my dream come true, and now my brother-in-law has done the same. My husband just wasn’t able to do it.
After we finished cooking, we ate our dinner, and my husband and I were also playing with each other. I was touching his penis under the table and playing with him.

After our dinner, I quickly got the other room opened up and asked my husband if he wanted to help me clean the room. Obviously, he said no, and Sagar had a chance to again bang me. So he said he would help, as I was doing it for him. We entered the room, and my husband went away and started to watch TV. Sagar grabbed me by my waist and put me on the bed. I told him it’s not the best time as we just ate our dinner, but he had some other plans. He pulled my nightgown up and spread my legs apart.

He started licking my pussy and clit.  It was really good, and he then placed his hands on my hip and started pounding me. It was so good, but this time I was concerned about the bed again, as if I reached an orgasm, it would be wet again. I told him this, and he put me on the floor. It was cold, and he was banging me hard. After he came into my pussy, he said he was sorry for the rough treatment and said how he was really frustrated as I was not replying to his gestures or taking hints. And he helped me clean the room for him; I even cleaned the floor, just for one night. He asked if I could come over in the bedroom at night when my husband sleeps. I said no, you’ve already had enough of me today; I will die if you fuck me even once more in the next 12 hours. It’s painful, and I had to recover. He said fair enough and said thanks for helping me out clean this room and everything you did for me today. I felt so good and accomplished.

We both went downstairs and watched TV with my husband, and then he went to sleep and I fell asleep on the couch alone. I was tired of the hard fucking I got. It was too much, and I was extremely impressed by his recovery rate. He gets hard again in just a few seconds after giving creampie. It’s a really good skill, but it always leaves me shaking in bed.
My husband laid a blanket on me and then went and slept in the bedroom. I woke up and it was Sagar; he came to drink some water, he said, and saw me sleeping here. I told him that I fell asleep here, and he asked if he could sleep with me. I looked at him in anger, and he added, “I am not talking about sex; I am just talking about sleeping, cuddling, and spooning, and that’s it.” I agreed, and he took me into his room in his arms. I was feeling so special.

He put me on the bed and asked me to get naked and sleep. I said no, and he said, “I promise I won’t push my dick in any of your holes.” I just want to sleep naked. I again saw him in anger, and he said please with a cute face, so I removed my nightgown and turned towards the wall and fell asleep. I heard him taking his clothes off, and I warned him that if he touched me, I would be gone forever from his life, and he said okay. He got in the bed and hugged me from behind; his dick was touching my butt but wasn’t doing anything.
He cuddled me for some time, and when I turned around to face him, he placed his hands on my boobs and said how beautiful they are, then again hugged me, this time with my boobs pressing against his chest. And I tried keeping his dicker far from me.
We both cuddled and kissed a lot; we were in each other’s mouths for the entire time. It was a never-ending kiss. After his dick again started to point in my crotch area, I told him to please keep it far from me. He said okay and continued kissing.

I had enough, and I finally asked him to fuck me. He told me that you just said keep it away, which I said, but now I am saying keep it inside me. He slowly started to enter my pussy, and I lifted my leg up for him. He pushed his dick in my pussy and slowly fucked me while kissing. He cummed in on me for what seemed like forever.

I put my arm around him, and he put his arm around my back, and we were in each other’s arms, and I fell asleep. It was really warm and had a caring feeling. I woke up to my phone’s alarm and ran outside. I went to the couch, wore my nightgown, and slept there. I wanted to make Sagar feel like I was cheating, and I needed to be scared. So I was trying my best to not do something that could lead my husband to be a cuckold when he isn’t ready.

After I was still sleeping, as it was too late to sleep, my husband woke up and came in the living room and sat while I was asleep. I woke up and got fresh, and I made some breakfast for everyone.
I told Sagar not to touch me for at least a day; I needed some rest, and it was too much for me to handle. He’s fucked me a lot already. So that day was very normal; we ate lunch, sat around watching TV, and again ate dinner and slept.
The next day, I took the box of condoms I had and gave it to Sagar. He said he didn’t want that and told me to take pills instead. I told him that it’s not 100% safe, but he didn’t listen and insisted on just pills, which he wants to give me whenever he wants.
I said that’s ok and gave him the permission. I quickly ordered a few packets of pills as I only had about a month’s worth of supplies, and I knew if he creampied me every day, it was going to be less.

He grabbed my hand, and I told him that my husband was just around the corner. He put my hand on his dick, and I gave him a handjob while he had his hand around my neck, making me stay in position. It was a hot few minutes, and as soon as he loosened his grip, I left.
I then took my husband into our bedroom and asked him if he was ready or if he wanted to wait a bit longer to be cucked. He said he was ready whenever I wanted. So I asked him if today was a good day for it. He said fine.

I went to Sagar’s room, pushed him onto the bed, and jumped on him. I left the door open, and the plan was that my husband would be standing there while he fucked me, and Sagar would notice it and humiliate him or just stop it and be ashamed. The possibility of Sagar stopping was about 10%, and the possibility of him just humiliating my husband was 90%, so it was just based on his mood and luck.
I started kissing him wildly, and he was grabbing my boobs and neck. He held me and put me down, then got on top. We were still kissing, and he pushed his pants down with his other hand and pulled up my nightgown, as planned. For the first time, my husband was watching me in action. It added to my fire, and I was more horny than I was. My husband was masturbating, and Sagar was having his ass towards him, so he didn’t notice him there.

Sagar wasn’t looking towards him, and he pushed his dick in my pussy; it was so good and the best feeling, and he wasn’t leaving my lips; he kept me liplocked. He was pushing all his saliva into my mouth and kept feeding me.
After this, he turned me around, grabbed all my hair in one hand, spanked me with the other hand, and got me in the dog position. He started to push his dick in my ass, and I fell in love with the overwhelming sensation I got. Whenever someone enters my ass, the feeling of reverse pooping, the sensation of him pulling out, it’s all so sensational that I get goosebumps, and it gives me a sudden, small, unnoticeable orgasm, and sooner it feels like I am going to poop all over his dick, but it’s just the feeling.
Just after a few thrusts, he cums in my pussy, and I am left with a very intense orgasm myself. It was one of the best as I was really horny seeing my husband there.

I turned around and Sagar actually saw my husband; he asked him what he was doing here. And my husband says, “Just watching you two”, Sagar says, “aren’t you mad?” My husband says no, I liked watching it, and Sagar asked him if he was a cuck and asked, “Do you like watching your wife get fucked?” My husband said yes, and now that I have experienced it, I am sure I am loving it.
I interrupted and said sorry to my husband, acted as if I cheated, and ran out of the room. My husband stops me and says, “Let’s talk in the living room.”
Sagar and I sat together, as we were the ones who got caught, and my husband sat in front of us.
Sagar broke the silence and asked, “What happened?” “Why were you running?” “Are you scared of him?” I said, “No, but ” Sagar said, “He said he enjoyed it. Look, he’s a cuck.” And Sagar grabbed me by my waist and put me on his lap. I was clenching my asshole not to leak any cum.
He slowly pulled my nightgown off and spread my legs wide. My husband had a clear view of me, and Sagar was taking charge as I anticipated. He showed my husband how he fingers me and gave me an orgasm while fingering me to show my husband that he was better with just his fingers. My squirts were all over the table and reached my husband’s feet.
It was extremely embarrassing for me as I have never done anything to make him mad or even slightly change his mood. It was always my duty as a wife to give my husband all the pleasure and happiness, and I was always successful in keeping him happy, but this day I felt like I did something that I shouldn’t have done for my own morals. He was the one asking to be cuddled, but I was feeling bad.
After that orgasm, he said to my husband that he would be the cuck and Saniya would be my whore. My husband nodded, and Sagar went into his room.
I sat with my husband and apologized for the language and my behavior. I asked him if I should stop if he is feeling bad or anything, if he likes it or not. I tried convincing him that it was bad, but he was sure he liked it.
He wasn’t changing his mood. He requested a handjob, so I put my hand in his underwear, and it was all wet. I started masturbating, and he came. I rubbed my hands off in his underwear and pulled my hand out of there.
I then took Sagar to bring the mattress back in, and this time he wasn’t that playful; he was just silent and did his work without kissing me or anything. I was just pouting in the air for him, and he didn’t even bother noticing.
At night, when the real game began, Sagar told me to be in his bedroom after dinner in front of my husband and also told my husband that he should be standing at the door or sitting in the corner. If he didn’t cun for 5 minutes, he will let my husband join us.
My husband has trouble even lasting 2 minutes, so it was impossible.
At night, after our dinner was over, I washed the dishes and was thinking about what was going to happen in a few minutes. It was making me wet. I started rubbing my pussy for some time while washing the dishes, and it was just getting wetter and wetter. After the dishes were done, we ate some ice cream we had made and then went to the bedroom as decided. Sagar got on the bed, my husband sat on the chair next to the bed, and Sagar said your time had started now. And Sagar started kissing me; he hadn’t even done anything yet, but my husband was still hard, and I already knew the outcome, so I just started enjoying myself, and soon enough, I forgot my husband was there.
We kissed for about 2 minutes, and then Sagar took off my nightgown, and my husband started cuming a lot. It was a lot of cuming; it was ropes and ropes of cuming just shooting out of his dick. I have never seen him cum like this before in years. Sagar was in between my legs, and my legs were around him, and my husband shot his cum so hard that it fell on my leg as well. I suddenly remembered my husband was there and lifted my leg up to see what that was, and it was cum. I saw my husband cumming.
Sagar saw him as well and said, “Look how pathetic he is; we haven’t even started yet, and he started Cumming just by looking at your body.” I couldn’t defend his words for my husband, as he was not wrong. I felt bad. Sagar saw me feel bad about it and get a bit mad, so he asked me if my husband has ever been fucked before and if he has ever sucked a dick before. I looked at my husband, and he said no. Sagar asked me if my husband is willing to suck his dick, then maybe he can involve us. I looked at him, and he nodded his head in a yes. I asked Sagar why he isn’t talking to him directly, and he said, “He is such a cuck that I don’t even feel like talking to him directly.”
I look at my husband, who is getting hard listening to this, and a smile just appeared on my face as he got erect by that. Sagar lay beside me and had his hand on my pussy; he was fingering me and playing with my pussy, and my husband was staring at his dick. Sagar asked, “What are you waiting for? Just start sucking now,” and I looked at my husband bend over and start sucking. He first licked it and then started to take it deeper and deeper. It was really hard as he was also doing it for the first time, and it was non other than the biggest dick I have ever had. So it was a challenge.
I wanted to help him, but Sagar had me pinned down, and all I could do was just look at him do it. He had his eye on Sagar as he was sucking it. I was so horny as well as ashamed of myself for seeing this and letting it happen.
After a few minutes of sucking, Sagar said that’s enough and got me on top of him. I sat on his lap and slowly pushed myself onto his dick. It went in smoothly. My pussy was so huge now that it didn’t need anything; it took everything in with ease.
I started to ride him, and my husband sat on the chair again, masturbating. I was riding him for about 15 minutes, and he also shot his cum deep in my pussy. It was warm, and I was feeling the dick slow down and go deeper and deeper, and then he started to pull me upwards. The feeling of the dick pulling out is another great feeling I get; it gives me a last-minute orgasm every time and never disappoints.
I was proud of myself as I put some polythene sheets on the bed and then put the cloth on so it was not going to be wet again. After this, I turned to see my husband, and he had already cummed again. I sucked his dick clean. I wanted to do something for him; he did a lot for me, and he is the reason I was enjoying this, and I was really grateful, so I just sucked his dick and gave him a beautiful blowjob. He came again, and I swallowed it all. I kissed him and said, “Thank you for letting me enjoy myself and my beautiful body.” If he never let me have sex with someone else, then I would never have broken my hymen, I would never have experienced what my body can do, I could never have experienced the pleasure, the desperation of males in our own house who want my body; I was unaware of this fact, and I was grateful I took a chance and had sex with my chef to start with.
I also sucked off Sagar’s dick, and I then slept there only on that bed, because I was too tired from all the sex and work I had been doing due to this lockdown.

maintaining the house, keeping the garden clean, watering the plants and flowers, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, washing the dishes, and everything else. It’s just too tiring, and if I have this kind of sex on a daily basis, then it’s not going to be long before I die.

I gave this speech to them, and they said they would help me out with the housework, and I was happy and slept well that night.
I don’t know where my husband slept or what Sagar did after I went to sleep.

The next day was a break from sex. I wore my panty after so long, I just wear them on my periods, I also wore some more clothes on me, and I tried not to be sexy or anything. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I did all the work, and they both helped me very well. That night they both decided to drink some alcohol. We had a huge stock of it, and my husband and Sagar both drank, but I had them under control for the last month. But Sagar said to choose between alcohol and my pussy, and I said alcohol was my only choice here. I wasn’t able to get my pussy fucked again.

So that I made some snacks for them, pakora and papad, and I gave them only 1 bottle, and that’s it, I said. They wanted one more, but I insisted, and they both agreed.

I was really considerate, and I sat with them in front of them. I felt like if my husband got drunk, he might fight with Sagar regarding me, and I was thinking something like that, so I had to keep them away from each other when they got drunk. After about half the bottle was empty, my husband started to show some signs. He wasn’t angry or anything, he was very controlled and collected. I told him to stop now, that’s enough, but Sagar said shut up and let us drink, and I stayed quite. Not a single word came out of my mouth then.

My husband was drunk now, fully giving up. He was talking to Sagar alone, and they were laughing and playing with each other. I never understood what he said; he wasn’t speaking clearly. And I was scared to go closer to them. Sagar ordered me to bring another bottle right away, which shocked me as I was zoned out just trying to understand my husband. He said, “Go fast,” and I went and brought another bottle for him. I pleaded with him just to drink half of it. He said okay and took the bottle from my hands.

He gave my husband ¼ and he drank ¼; at the half-bottle line, I asked for the bottle, saying that’s enough, and Sagar sincerely gave it to me.

I went in the kitchen to keep the bottle, and when I returned, I was devastated to see Sagar face-fucking my husband. It was a terrifying scene. I ran to him and begged him to stop or he would throw up, and my husband put his hand on me and said to stay behind. I was still telling him to stop, and he didn’t bother me; he said that my husband requested it, and he gave it to him.

I asked my husband and grabbed him as Sagar was deep-throating him. It was so hard to see, and I was so sad and crying. Soon, Sagar came into his mouth, and my husband started throwing up. It was the grossest thing I have ever seen. All over the couch, I grabbed my husband and pushed Sagar out of the way. Sagar fell on the other sofa and sat there masturbating, and I started to rub my husband’s back; he was vomiting so much. All the alcohol was getting out of him, so I let him throw up and then took him to the bathroom to clean him up. He was very drunk; it had been a while for him to drink, and I think I made a mistake by letting him drink suddenly and in such large amounts. It was so depressing to see this happen and be unable to do anything to help yourself or your loved one.

I put him in the tub and removed his clothes and washed him; he was still spitting out, and I made him clean himself. I was crying so much. I went out with a bucket of water and started cleaning the couch. It was thankfully leather, so I had that relief. I cleaned it very quickly, put some lotion on it, and again got it polished.

I went in again to see my husband sleeping in the tub. I cleaned him again and drained the tub. I took him in the bedroom and got him to sleep. It was the hardest thing in my entire life. It was the most painful thing to watch and the most devastating thing as well. I knew there was no point in talking to Sagar. So I went out and helped him get to his room and sleep. He was continuously masturbating his dick even while I was taking him to his room with his one hand around my neck.

I put him on the bed, and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, “Thank you, my love, I am grateful for you,” and pulled me aggressively to give a warm, caring hug. I was still angry about what he did to my husband, but I gave him a hug and just let him have a good night’s sleep. I went out, still shedding tears, and slept on the couch, thinking I had made a mistake and blaming myself.

It was a long day and I was sleepless. I went in our bedroom and saw my husband sleeping carefree. I again went into the living room and slept on the couch. The next morning, I checked on both of them, and they were both in a deep sleep. I saw my husband had a wet dream; he cum was all over the blanket. I went out and made some tea for myself, and then I made some breakfast for both of them.

When I was done, I started watching TV, and about an hour later, my husband woke up. I was so emotional to see him well again and gave him a hug. He asked what happened, and I said nothing. I let him get fresh. I told him to wake up Sagar as well, and they both came to have dinner. I microwaved the breakfast as it was cold and gave it to them.

They both were sitting in front of each other on our dining table, and I sat with them. I climbed up on the table and sat between them and asked both of them, “Do you both remember what happened last night?”
They both took a minute to think and said no. My husband said he remembered sucking on a dick and said maybe it was a dream. I told him no, it wasn’t, and then told the real story of what happened.

They both were horrified and asked me if I was joking. Sagar, instead of saying sorry, asked my husband if he enjoyed it, and he said yes. Then my husband starts remembering stuff; he remembered being in the tub and having a headache. His jaw was also hurting. It made it clear to both of them, and then I said how horrible it was for me to handle them both, how terrified I was, how much I cried, and how much I had to go through the pain of seeing that happen. Sagar apologized and said he shouldn’t have drunk so much, and my husband stayed quite.

I then told them why I was sitting with them and what I was thinking about. As soon as I said I thought my husband would start a fight over me, my husband stopped me and asked me if I was really was thinking like that. I said yes, and he then said, “You know everything, Saniya.”

I said I don’t, and it was a very good time in our relationship to become very clear to each other about every single thing. I don’t want to live with some doubts about my husband’s feelings, and I decided that it was a good time to get ourselves to confess and become very open towards each other. I told him that however bad it is, just share it and be real; don’t hide anything, and he got what I was saying.

He started with the love for me and then the love for Sagar as his brother, then he continued with the life we were living (cuckolding). He said how lucky he was that my lover was his own brother and I wasn’t cheating out with someone else and completely unknown, and how he is so happy to see me get some real sex with a real man and have the sexual satisfaction that I never had in my life with him. It was hard to hear for me as I felt so bad. I was his wife and never ever wanted to do this, but eventually I had to give up and have myself get some sex. It was important for me as well. And he then continued by saying he sees me and Sagar together in a long-term relationship, and he is fine with everything that I like. He said how even he enjoyed the blowjob he gave the day before yesterday, and he then talked about the dream he had last night about Sagar fucking him hard in the ass and making him wet the bed. It was so good to hear him finally say everything and be so open to me and Sagar as well.

I asked my husband if he had any hard feelings for Sagar as he was fucking me and giving me some real sex. He said he is extremely proud and will not disappoint in any way. He in fact enjoys it and likes seeing me moan and grunt, and he feels guilty that he could make me moan like that. He said he doesn’t mind me having an affair with Sagar, even if it’s long-term, or taking it further by doing anything. He said as long as you are my wife and stay by my side and care as you did before, it’s all fine. And I got up from the table and gave him a hug. I sat on his lap, hugging him, and told Sagar to stand by his side now. I had my back turned towards Sagar. I told him it’s fine if he isn’t comfortable in front of my husband, and we can talk later on on the terrace or in the garden while walking.

He said that’s a good idea, and I made a joke about how he is the most alpha in bed, but when it comes to confessing feelings, he’s an introvert. We all chuckled, and they both had their breakfast finished by then.

I asked them both if they wanted to eat a cake, and both said yes. I asked if they would help me make it, and they said yes. I was lucky to have two men who are willing to help me out in everything. It’s really pleasing to see them both be like this and not like what I saw last night.

After this was over, I went out on a walk in our garden with Sagar after having lunch in the afternoon, and my husband sat at home.

He started by saying how he loves me as well, but he has no problem with my husband, and he doesn’t want to steal me from him; he just wants to fuck me, cuddle me, hug me, see me every time, and have me there for him as well. I told him that it’s not entirely possible. He said how jealous he is of my husband for getting me as his wife, and he too wants me as much as my husband does. I was confused by these sentences.

He cleared it up and said, “Will you be my girl?” and I said yes, but it won’t be because I am not going to leave my husband. He said it was fine, but I said he could only be my bull and have sex. The romantic feelings are too much for me as I am not going to be able to handle everything, and I don’t want to make my husband feel betrayed or cheated on. It’s the last thing I want to do.

He said that’s fine and he will just be my bull instead and live with me every time and never leave me alone. I agreed to that statement, and he kissed me and said, “But can’t you have two husbands?” I said hell no. It’s not what I am into and what will people think about us, he said just in between us only. I still said no. And he quit insisting me to be his partner.

I was hearing some very emotionally breaking stuff from him, but I was in a good mood, and I didn’t want to spoil it. So I asked him to help me make cake now. We already had our lunch at that time, and we started to make cake.

He asked me for a bet. He will ask my husband to choose a number from 1 and 2, and if he chooses 2, I will have to eat the cake with my husband’s and Sagar’s cum on it. If my husband chooses 1, then Sagar will not fuck me for 2 days. I was interested in that, and we went to my husband. He chose 2. I was so sad, but inside I was excited. He told my husband what was the bet, and he laughed at me.

We made the cake and decided to have a candlelight dinner, and the cake will be the sweet dish at last. I was now getting too wet to finally eat it. After our dinner was over, I brought the cake and served them both, taking my own slice. They both looked at me, and Sagar got up from his seat and said, “You remember right, I pulled down his pants and started masturbating?” I did that for almost 4–5 minutes, and when he started cumming, I turned his dick and put it on the cake. I licked it off and cleaned it, then my husband came up and Sagar requested that I take out my kurti and let him see my boobs to masturbate.

I took it off and started masturbating my husband; he came immediately and I put it all on my cake as well. The quantity of my husband is way more. I licked him off as well, and then they both started staring at me. I took my first bite, and I wasn’t able to chew; it was so metallic and bitter. I just started swallowing and ate it somehow.

They both clapped and cheered for me. They both ate their cake then and asked me to take another slice as I was sitting there looking at them. I took another piece and started eating. I was getting fatter and needed to exercise. Sagar said he would help me stretch out and gave me a naughty smile. I laughed and said seriously, I need to do it.

After the dinner was over, I washed the dishes, and it was a fuck night. Sagar got horny and called me in the living room while I was sorting out the kitchen.

I went there, and he was having his dick out, and he asked me to come sit on it. My husband was there, sitting and watching this conversation take place. I went and first licked his dick a few times, then placed it correctly on my pussy and sat on it. He started to shake and gave some thrusts while sitting. It was so hot, he fucked me like that for some time and said, “Do your work and come for another round when you are done.” I ran in the kitchen and sorted it all out as quickly as possible and went out for sex. He told me to open his pants and do everything; he told me it was I who wanted it, so I had to do everything.

I opened his pants and sucked his dick for some time. Then I sat in his dick, this time looking at my husband, but most of the time my eyes were closed due to the horny feeling or my orgasms. I started riding his dick, and he was spanking me, but he didn’t do anything; I had to ride him, and I had to take his dick out. He was kind of humiliating me; he cummed in my pussy, and he said to clean it and pull the pants as well.

After that was over, My husband went in the bedroom, and Sagar took me into his bedroom, where he again fucked me in the ass and made me sleep.

……………….(I will stop here for now , my covid adventure are endless so it will take about a month writing it all down all at once)……………….

This has been going on since then, till the conflict finally ended. I have hundreds of small experiences, and it will be really long if I tell each and every one of them.

After the covid ended, the servants came back just to meet us; they got a new job and changed their work; the chef was doing something completely different; the driver was in his village doing his own thing; and the Housekeeper was also in his hometown.

Only the security guard was there who stayed, and he was the only one who didn’t fuck me or even knew they were fucking me.

He is still our security guard, and I am happy that he didn’t know, as it would have cost a lot of trouble, as I am completely owned by Sagar, and I don’t think I would let anyone touch me. I am being faithful to him now.

My husband has become a cuck; he even gets his ass fucked, gets spanked, and I get spanked whenever I do something wrong, and we are living well. Sagar has completely shifted in our house, and I am happy for him. My husband also helps him in his own business, and he is also starting to get success and is able to do anything he wants.

I am three months pregnant with Sagar’s baby, and my husband and Sagar both talked about their mom’s affair with Sagar’s real father.
We only have a Housekeeper now, and the food is managed by me alone. I do all the work except the cleaning and gardening.

That’s how my life is currently, and I actually wrote this because I have been reading a lot of sex stories because Sagar is on a business trip, and I was bored, so I thought of reliving my past and giving people some fap material and some insight on my life.

I haven’t changed my name or anything, but I haven’t said anything that could lead anyone to find out who I am or anything personal about me.

I will be sharing the exciting experiences or the experiments we have done while having sex—whatever we have tried and all. It will all be shared if you want.

I haven’t bent this story or left any holes in it; it is as it is, and I won’t make something up to make it more entertaining.

I will share about my husband’s mom and how I and Sagar’s real father are related.
It was not a theory before, but as we dug deeper, we found out something that was unimaginable.

……. My husbands mom’s situation …….

I was not knowing anything about my husband’s mother; she’s a lovely woman in her 60s, and I never felt like she had any dark secrets with her charming and lovely attitude.

So my husband was about 18 years old when his father died of cancer. And he doesn’t remember anything really well, but as soon as his father died, the relationship between his mom and Zakhir’s uncle got much more loving.
She always had Zakhir’s uncle as her boyfriend since she was in her 20s.
Sagar was Zakhir’s uncle’s blood, and she was pregnant as her husband died, so nobody questioned her as it was a tragic and sad moment, and no one wanted to make it more miserable for her.

Sagar, when he got older, knew that something was wrong between him and my husband. He asked his mom multiple times to give him some pictures of their father, and he wanted to see if his suspicion was correct. She didn’t give any, so when Sagar got older and me and my husband were shifted out of our bungalow, Sagar and his mom lived alone, so he confronted her again, and she said everything.
It all started because her husband was at work for hours and hours, she didn’t get any sex, and she asked her husband multiple times and still got no reaction from him; it was sad and she wanted to do it. Then came Zakhir into her life; he was a man who lived just beside her for years, and they had a good bond; he started to fuck her, and that made their affair, and that’s how it all started. My husband at that time was a new born, so it was impossible for someone to catch her doing this.

This affair went on for years and years; she was getting fucked two times a week, and Zakhir’s uncle was not leaving her. Soon her husband gets very ill and has cancer. The affair got stronger as Zakhir was giving his mom the mental support and care she needed at that time, and that was the time when she got pregnant by Zakhir. Just a few days later her husband died.
She called Zakhir, and Sagar was shocked to see him, as he was a very regular guest and was more of a family member due to his regular visits.
Then Zakhir and his mom both confronted him and told him everything; it was a very hard time in his life as he never knew who his father was, and suddenly her mother calls him and he shows up.

My husband was also listening carefully to this story, and then my husband started sharing his side of the story. When he was in middle school, his mom used to call Zakhir uncle, and he used to see them get along, and he has seen them about hundreds of times having sex.
He showed me a picture of Zakhir’s uncle and his mom, and I was in shock; I was devastated; it all made sense now why I got married to my husband and why I got connected to this family.
So the man called Zakhir is none other than my own uncle, and my mother is Zakhir’s real blood-related sister. And they also have a more-than-brother-sister relationship. I have also seen them go into the bedroom and lock me out. It was so devastating to hear this story and to know that Sagar and I have some sort of relation.
I wasn’t Zakhir’s daughter; I have my own father, and I have proof of it, so the relation between me and Sagar is that he is my cousin. He is my uncle’s son, and that’s what makes him my cousin.

We were all shocked when we found this out. We held a meeting just after the lockdown was over and met Sagar’s mother and called Zakhir’s uncle as well. They were very upfront about this, and it was a very sensitive issue, so they had to keep it a secret from the children as well as the society we live in. It was so sad to hear their story, but at the same time, if Zakhir wasn’t anything like me, then I wouldn’t be related to this family and I wouldn’t have married him.

Zakhir recommended my husband to my mother, and he got recognized by my dad and mom, both of whom were really happy as he was a nice guy and, as Zakhir’s uncle had recommended, they had belief in him, so they got me to meet my husband, and soon we got connected and then got married.

This story was too complicated for us, as Zakhir had done so much for Sagar’s mom and kept himself a secret; he was still taking care of them from behind the scenes and providing them with everything they needed.
It was hard to see this when I was in middle school because I had seen Zakhir’s uncle and my mom doing something that they shouldn’t have done. It was the day I started masturbating and learned that I could put something in my pussy.
I have never been so tired from listening to someone in my life.
This family drama was the worst thing that I could possibly relate to.

That’s it , now i will share some short stories of my experiences in the next part if you want , you can maild me at [email protected]

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