Wife and her husband meet a handsome young man on holiday

A warm flushed feeling came over Emma as she laid by the pool in the late afternoon sun. She could feel a look from the hot waiter as he passed by with a tray of drinks.

Gio had been eyeing her since she got there the previous day, She knew this of course because she had been eyeing him as well. Which is one of the many reasons she had decided to go topless by the pool that afternoon.


The day before she had pretended to be asleep behind her sunglasses, when she caught his gaze on every occasion he passed her.

She sat up and ordered from him more often than she needed to, just to get him to come over and pay her some attention.

Later that in the evening he served Emma and her husband at dinner. They made small talk with him and he introduced himself as Gio.

Gio was in his early to mid twenties, at a guess some ten to fifteen years younger than Emma and her husband Carl. He had dark hair, tanned olive skin and looked to have a muscular frame behind the white shirt and black trousers he wore for his job.

Emma was fit for her age and without being big headed, she knew it. She had kept healthy and slim through fitness and diet, but she is also lucky that her metabolism helps her stay that way.

She got up and walked to the pool to cool off. She felt Gio watching her as she slowly strode down the steps until her dark blue bikini bottoms and bare chest were under the cool water.

He wasn’t the only one watching though. Emma’s husband Carl had looked up from behind his book and noticed his beautiful wife flaunting her body for this stranger.

Emma swam for a little while and when she got out she made sure she timed it so Gio could see the cold water dripping off her long dark hair and down her body, making her nipples erect in the soft breeze, which made her pert tits look even perkier than usual.

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Emma rejoined Carl on the sun lounger, he passed her a towel to dry off. “That should do the trick,” Said Carl, smiling up at his sexy wife.

“What do you mean?” She giggled back, suspecting she knew only too well what her husband meant.

“You know,” Carl continued, looking over his sunglasses at Emma. “If he didn’t want to fuck you already, he definitely will now.”

Emma had confessed her attraction to the waiter whilst in bed with her husband previous night. She was understandably amorous on the first night of her holiday. The sun and cocktails had helped somewhat, but what sent her over the edge was her growing thoughts for a much younger man.

Emma made love to Carl more passionately than she had done for sometime and he knew that her desire to fuck another man had something to do with it.

It wasn’t unusual for them to talk about such things and if anything Carl enjoyed the thought of his wife of twelve years being naughty with a stranger. This was a recurring subject of their dirty talk, and that night was no exception.

Carl blindfolded his wife and lightly tied her hands to the bedposts. “Do you wish it was your waiter friend doing this?” He asked as he parted her legs and slowly kissed his way up her inner thighs.

“Maybe!” Emma replied naughtily, enjoying every second of her husbands touch.

Carl traced his tongue up the inside of Emma’s leg to her pussy. She let out a deep sigh as he ran it over her vulva.

He could feel her wetness on his tongue and her moans of pleasure encouraged him to continue licking her.

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Carl brought his wife to the brink of orgasm before moving his body up the bed. He slowly untied her hands before flipping her and mounting Emma from behind. He nibbled her ear lobe before sinking his stiff cock inside her.

Emma couldn’t help but think of her much younger crush as her husband slid in and out of her. Carl knew this of course and he played along.

“You’re thinking of him aren’t you?” He whispered in his wife’s ear as her fucked her. Emma didn’t answer. “You’re wondering what his cock would feel like inside you!”

Carl moved his hand in under Emma’s body and touched her clit as he screwed her. Emma’s response to this was to lift her bum slightly so Carl could go deeper inside her.

“You didn’t answer my question, “Carl probed as he fucked his wife. “You wish it was Gio’s cock inside you right now don’t you!?”

The sound of her husband saying the name of the man she wanted to fuck sent Emma wild.

“Yes,” came his wife’s response. Carl fucked her harder. “Yes, yes, yes!!” Emma cried as she began to orgasm.

The sound of his wife’s orgasm sent Carl over the edge and he began to cum himself. His rhythm intensified as Emma stuck her pert little bum in the air to allow him to ejaculate deep inside her.

Carl collapsed on the bed beside his wife and they shared a warm embrace. They laid there for several minutes before Emma broke the silence. ” I think I’ll sunbathe topless tomorrow!” She announced, much to her husbands delight.

Carl had to hide his erection for most of the day as he lay next to his topless wife. If he was swimming he had to wait for his stiffness to subside before exiting the pool.

Every time he saw Emma flirt with Gio it made him a little harder. His wife knew this of course and it encouraged her to be a little more daring evey time she spoke to Gio.

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After much of the day spent by pool, the sun had gotten to Carl and he decided to go for a rest in the coolness of their bungalow.

“I’m going to have one more drink here!” Said Emma, ushering over her waiter as Carl departed.

“Don’t tell me, another Gin and Tonic!?” Gio said, before Emma could speak.

“You know me too well!” Replied Emma. She could see Gio looking directly at her tits. “Ahem… Up here,” She smiled, indicating that she knew what he was looking at.

“My apologies,” Gio replied in his thick foreign accent.

“Don’t apologise, ” said Emma feeling flattered. “I’m glad you like my tits.”

“They are beautiful… But so is your face. of course,” said Gio.

It was late afternoon and the pool was quiet, Gio took this opportunity to sit down next to Emma and continue their chat.

“Your husband is a lucky man,” continued Gio, complementing Emma at every opportunity.

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest,” replied Emma, touching him on the arm. “So how about you…” She asked coyly. “Are you married?”

“No,” replied Gio.

“Girlfriend?” Probed Emma.

“No,” he answered, much to her delight. “I am single, for six months now.”

I bet you get plenty of attention from beautiful women though!?” Emma remarked..

“Like yourself, you mean?” Gio replied with a look that said it all.

Emma went a little red, she loved his complements and it sent a little tingle through her. She shyly changed the subject to a less flirtatious kind of chit chat.

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