My staff takes me to second stage

Hi all this is me back with my true incident with my staff shilpa shah.
Hope readers must have enjoyed my previous story. Me and my staff

Today am narrating the next stage .

After I dropped shilpa in the class .I went ahead and came after 15 mnts .
She saw me and as usual we acknowledged each other.

Now we both were just waiting to our class get over.just as the click rang 7 she saw me .I just signed her to stop for the day.she immediately told students to wind for the day and come with homework done soon as all left she came in and told bolo.i said tum.bolo.maja aya she smiled and said bohoth .I said fir agay kya she said mathlab .I said agay karna hay tho u wait and while we were talking we were already near each other.she said am ready but not much time.i said min thirty minutes to lagega.she said she was taking i was fully pressing my tool in her back and she and both were getting hot.i said then call your mom and say paper set or something late hoga.when she was on pone I had lifted her night and my hand were playing in her chaddi.she was getting hot.her mom agreed as she ded not have any doubt on her.i was happy .told her to lock the front door and come upstairs.i went up and waited .she came after 3/4 mnts I asked her wat happened as I was loosing patience .she said wen she went to lock her mamu came to pick(mamu ka ek bada story as it’s not real ,he has come and made relationship with her mom as bro after seeing this two sisters,which she told later,how when hetakes her home to drop home in two wheeler applies break very often so that her breast touches him,all story she told )so she told she has work and will be late and will call him to help her close.mamu got happy as he must have thought aaj ka chance gaya.sibhe left.then she came and I straight away embraced her and she also .it was her first touch of male and she was very much excited.she was hand was lifting her nighty and inside her chaddi pressing her soft ,fair gand gently which she was enjoying.slowly I removed my hand and gently lifted her face and started to kiss her forehead,then both eyes and lastly the much awaited beautiful lips.she hot hot,excited and locked het tongue inside mine and we were in different world.a hot 20 year girl first time she was mad I slowly stated unbuttoning her chain and pushed her nighty down .ooooo wat a scene slim fair sexy breast small but super and fair body ,slim legs ,but fair and her ass very soft and fair.

I could not wait I stated unbuttoning my pant and gave my tool in her hand.she did not hesitate and took it was wet she said chi gilla hay.i said kya karu tune itna excited kiya and pushed her more towards me .now our body was one no gap,she was breathing hard.i put my hand inside her chaddi and lo it was fully wet I kissed her face and said shilu (I called her like that from that day with love) tera pura gilla ho gaya she did not say anything but just acknowledged with her I was very excited .I asked her to bend down she readily agreed and told mu khol.she did I lifted her nity and wiped my tool once again she said chi kya sir aap meradress gandha kar rahe ho I replied darr math ye apna pyar ka pani hay give for dry wash I will pay.and put my tool in her my tool was enjoying her saliva ,teeth , tongue I fondled with her hair playing with it at times she used to see up and I used to wink surprising that although she said first time I was not sure as the way she took it in mouth aaaa it was super.i told sach ye pehla time hay kya itna mast u take she said ha sir i replied too hard to believe (later she told me that she had seen her parents playing all this and used to get excited,although many boys were ready to have affair with her she did not want as she was in search of. Safety -finance and others knowing,s ge told me that it was her mom who used to take full initiative as her dad was too tired after his days schedule and mom used to forcefully remove dass tool and start to suck so that dad gets aroused and then he used to lift moms nighty and Starr locking moms private parts making mom hornu ang then make her nude and suck press h

so she was waiting..then after sometime I asked her to get up and I bend down and started licking her chuth she went mad and aas telling sir aaaa,sir ,kitna maja a raha hay aaaa oooo maaa oooo many words also pressing my head deep into her chuth. Slowly I was getting full horny pressing her gand and now both were fully aroused .time was also short as I no that mamu will come or call as he will not miss the opportunity to drop her getting the maja of her breast apart from her mom also calling,so I got up and asked her to sleep she readily did and I on her fully enjoying her body and at point of time my tool touched her juicy pussy she got excited and told sir woh andar ja raha hay aaaa maja a raha hay I said dalu kya she said ha sir plz I said no suni o don’t have the kavach she said kya sir itna garam kiya aur lena chahiye tha .

I replied muje nahi maloom tha ki tum itna separate hogi and I was fully enjoying her body and talks .from both our private parts pre cum was flowing so I said suni am now going to end by removing my water rest we can njoy Tom she was not ready nahi sir plz I said tera mamu she showed her tongue in a teasing manner I said ok.then call mom and say hv left she said kya sir aap bhi and got up fully nude fair skin,slim body and apke to mom and then I changed the position she on me oooo now it was her turn age was just rubbing her cunt in my lund very fast and hard.oooo her breath became heavy lips was on my lips full sex now it was my time to release I said suni my love my darling my sweety AaaaaAaa she was acknowleding by just hmmmm and I released all on her ..we both embraced she full I out both my hands on her back and tight she was happy .got up wiped and I helped her put her under garments and then her dress then I put mine .we both once again kissed each other and I walked down f first then she locked and went home.later at nite I got a message from her saying how much she enjoyed and wanted it more .I replied I too enjoyed each and every moment and like to lick her pussy,sucknher breast and give my tool in her mouth to which she replied anytime appka hi hay.

Readers this does not end here this is still going on .I would like to share another two incidents with other staff .as now no work will post .hope u all liked my story.

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