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Hi all ,am writing this incident which happened a few months back ,to be precise in Dec 2019, (although she joined in jan 2019) I run a coaching center.i have teachers who take care of all this.i just see over all.let me introduce you to the main character of this story.

Age is 20 year old girl who is doing her college and also goes to coaching class and after that she Comes and teaches students.a very hard working,efficient, affectionate girl.on the very first day wen she walked in for interview we both were honestly impressed by each other.(which we both disclosed to each other during our private session)now back to her she is fair around 5.2’in height ,medium built,30/28/30 her she was punctual In her timings and very dedicated I liked start it was just a hi -hello relation with her.later as I saw her closely I started liking her and now was only thinking how to talk to her.ans slowly I started to call her in my cabin asking about progress of students etc.after few weeks I found a change in her now it was other way round.she was trying some way out to come inside and talk and spend time with was then that I had a close look at her once when she was wearing a white t shirt that I saw she is wearing padded bra!!.my eyes was stuck on that as on that day she was wearing a purple bra which erected my tool.she noticed this but continued our talks as if she doesn’t know.sorry I forgot to tell her name .she is Shilpa shah.father a small time businessman,eldest of three children.

That day I think she also wanted some fun.i as usual left at my time.night I git a hi message from her.i first ignored.then she send me repeated hi message to which I waived her.immediately she came online.i asked what’s the matter.anything urgent/important that u hv buzzed me.she said sir(as she used to address me)can I chat.i said sure if it’s urgent.she then opened up saying that her father is not that well to do and that y she has to work etc.i read all messages and said its ok ,am there to help in whatever way I can.she thanked me and said many things she wants to open up but not possible in coaching center as all there.i said yes what to do.immediately she asked if tomorrow after class can I wait so that we can sit somewhere and talk .I said ok and wishes her good night sweet dreams to which she also respinded.till my meeting I was not sure what was in her mind as we had a big age gap,myself nearing 50 and she only 20.but was day as
usual .

Morning I messaged her time and location.she replied I am known in that area I wanted to meet at distance so that no one sees us.around 1.30 I got a msg asking if I could pick her from a near by place .I said she has to be in class before 4 pm I set time of 2.30.i was all set today.later I cake to know from her that she also was fully set. I messaged her about 20 mnts before reaching the spot as waa decided.sliwly I drove my car and reached the spot to my surprise she was waiting.both greeted each other and then she opened the door and sat…o my GOD…wat gorgeous she was looking.i was excited,thrilled a light yellow golden ish nighty with s reddish touch dupatta,no makeup normal hair tool saluted her.she smiled and asked where is the spot .I said little ahead as IncAse anyone sees us it will be problematic for both and so.she said hmmm and smiled .every two three minutes she will touch her hair and take it back making her look more sexier.then in another 10-15 mnts we reached the was a small hotel with not much rush and good ambience.

I parked the car and we both got down .we sat in a corner table .after the initial order she excused herself to go to wash room and returned after a that time our order of fresh lime soda had come.i straight away asked her wats the matter.she said sir my dad is into business but not doing well and told me her story .she was talking but my eyes were fully on her body.she was making me excited and one point i thought I may have to go washroom yo jerk myself.after about 15-20 mnts of talk I took a bold step and slowly puche my hand near her hand to which she did not object.then slowly I touched her fingers and later caught her this she said sir kohi the whole pic was clear .I got the hint that she is ready.

I said don’t worry and throughout the talk my hand was locked in her hand.i said shilpa take a word from me that till such time you are with me from today you are my responsibility and now relax .am happy that you choose to open you have nothing to worry.she smiled and I could see her relaxed face.

Then I told her that she really looked different gorgeous and I like her dressing sense.
Then slowly lifting her hand I asked her if I can kiss her which she said they hv cctv sir so I don’t like.i said I agree and fully go by ur decision.and then I changed the topic to personal to which she was open and spoke and replied.i then told her shilpa am very elder to you don’t you have any which she replied sir age is not the factor I have observed you since last one year and you are very good,decent and that’s why I have thought of going ahead with you as I no u will always take care of me will not cheat me,black mail I had her fully.i said shall we she said ok.i asked for the bill.i told her I will take long route bow so that I can hv fun in car.she agreed.

After that I went to the washroom and later we sat and proceeded toward our work I had told. I took a toute which is less traffic as we entered that road I took her hand and kissed she was very happy.that was my first tool was in full form erect 8″she could see the bulge and smiled I drove the car slowly and ata particular spot I stopped and got her close and we got locked our lips in was amazing.she was good .

Slowly I lifted her nighty to which she objected at first but when I insisted she did not object and I started to touch each and every part of her legs ,thighs which were slim,fair and sexy. I reached her panty ..she was so much engrossed in kiss that she did not realize that my hand has reached her panty .then immediately i stopped her and bend down to see her panty….aaaa wat a look…it was black fair body …then she realized ki she is semi nude she said sir.. .I said kuch nay dear and saw her fair pussy which had little hair I stared kissing she got excited and pressed my head hard in this way we both were hard enjoying.

Suddenly I remembered ki wr both have work so got up put her nighty down after lifting her chaddi up..once again missed her lips to lips and whispered in her ears ki I like oral when is it possible for her . She was reluctant but said will do later. And after requesting she just gave good kiss to my tool and it immediately got erect ,as it was wet she said chi and washed her lips /mouth with wet tissue .asking ye kya .i said its pre cum boli ye kya .I said wen i licked your cunt you were also excited and all this is part but I did not say anything but enjoyed.she then understood I told her as this is ger first time it’s ok.then before leaving I said I would like to see her breast and suck she was excited so readily agreed I unzipped from.back and pushed her nighty down and saw her fair body and inside one purple color bra.i said itna acha choice hay tera she was first she was afraid as her breast aas small and thought I may dislike .but I did not react and put it in my mouth and starred sucking .took both her breast for sometime and put her bra back and nighty in proper way after putting zip .then drove till we reached our place her hand aas in my tool and mine in her body.dropper her little back as did not want anyone to see us together.

Later after two days we had full sex.that on my next part.

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