My son fucked me is iy wrong

hi am pradeena am a mother of 2 children am not a active member of this kind of story sites nor i dont know to write story ill share my experiance to you tell me is it right to hve sex with my own son
me and my son was good frnds my husband is in army he comes home twice a year so i misss my love life one day i saw my son is taking something from my bathroom i followed him to find what he took fro there after he enterd his room he connected a hidden camera to his laptop i saw he was watching me undressing and he was masturbating i just moved away from there and i felt bad for me after that few weeks past i suddenly got a stomach pain it was killin me i asked my son to buy me son medicine and he brougt it it has an oilment with it at the time was 10.45he asked me that i need any help i wasn’t feeling really good i asked him to rub the oilment in my stomach and i tolled him to go to sleep if you having sleepy head i was surprised he said that its fine for me he ill cure my pain then only he will sleep i felt proud about my son i was wearing a nytie i tolled him to put the oilment he asked me how to put it i eplied him that take it off you are my son you call watch me naked then he removed my nyties slowly under that i was wearing black pair of bra and panty he took the oilment and started rubbing my stomach after a few minute i was feeling batter but suddenly his hands starded to move towars my breast then i asked him o stop i offered him to stay with me tonighti was barely naked he joined me in bed he hugged me like my husband in the morning when i walk up i saw his cock was errict in his pants
that what happended today thats why i was researching about incest is this really possible my son want to fuck me

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