My Sexy Stepmom

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I’m Kapoor, currently doing B.Tech from a Private college in Delhi. My age is 23 and I’m the most handsome boy of my college as well as most fair in complexion too. I’m 6 feet tall, with a great muscular body, as I work out daily. I’m basically from a small town in Uttarakhand.

This incident took place in my life, when I completed my schooling, and shifted to Delhi, with my step mom and dad. Actually, my real mom divorced my dad, and left me with dad only. My step mom’s name is Priyanka Kaur. She’s a Punjaban, and very beautiful, with thick long black hairs, beautiful eyes, and very very fair complexion with red cheeks. Her figure is 36-34-39, a bit plump. She loves me very much and I too, She’s a typically traditional lady and she’s a Punjaban, but then also I never saw her wearing anything else than a saree, may be she used to wear suits before her marriage, but at home she wears saree only. My dad, Mr. Anvay Kapoor is a very big businessman of Delhi. OK, here starts the main story, when I shifted to Delhi, along with mom and dad. . .

We shifted to Delhi. It’s a very nice place. All was going on fine. One day, dad received a phone call from a Company in U. S. A. For doing his business there for that company in partnership. He agreed and in a month, he shifted there. Here, I and mom were living happily. One day, I opened the website – by mistake. I started reading an incest story, and after reading a little part of it, I was shocked that it was about sex relationship between . I closed it. That night, I was thinking about that story only. I couldn’t control and again opened that site on my laptop and read the whole story. I jerked off heavily after reading that. From that night, I became a regular reader and biggest fan of incest stories and my feelings towards my mom changed. I finally decided to seduce her and as she’s my step mom, and she do not have any sex relationship with dad, it was not a sin to fuck her.

One day, I just took the printout of four incest stories from net. I packed the printed papers in an envelope and wrote mom’s name on that. On the backside of that envelope I wrote “do not show it to your son, if really want to seduce him, you can read more stories at”. I just placed that envelope near the door and went to college. When I returned, I observed that mom was smiling naughtily after seeing me. I understood that she’d read the stories. In the evening, while I was wearing only my boxers and was doing exercise, mom was observing me and was staring at my shining body. I was happy. During dinner, she said “Amy, I also want to be fit like you, can you help me”? I replied “why not mom, tomorrow wake up early”. She said “OK”. Next day around 5 AM she woke up and I too. I showed her yoga DVD and said “from tomorrow, you will do yoga, by watching this DVD”. She said “OK, but what should I avoid to eat”? I replied “all the fatty stuff and sweets”. From the next day, she seriously started yoga practice at home as well as diet control too. In a few months, she was very fit. I think now her figure was 36-29-34. Our neighbor aunty was around 55 years old, but she used to wear salwaar with sleeveless kurtis. Mom said “should I also wear salwaar kurtis”? I said “mom, you’re 34 only and you’re very fit n beautiful too. Not only the salwaar kurti, apart from that, if you wear jeans and top, will they also suit on you. “She was happy, and she replied “then instead of salwaar soot, may I get a pair of jeans and top from market”? I replied “of course mom, you’ll look like the fairy of heaven if you wear jeans-top.

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