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It was Auntie Mayes soft hand from behind that coaxed me forward into my new temporary upstairs summer bedroom as my eyes took in that fascinating sight of such exciting lovely and sexy feminine lingerie and girlie outfits that completley covered her pink guestroom bedspread! In addition I couldn’t help but to also notice, those five lifelike looking rubber dildo cocks that had been carefully layed out sideways across the lower shelf of the high headboard just below the long narrow mirror above it.

Yes already having been caught while being queer with my freshman classmates Jerry Rogers, Roger Foster and Blaine Collins during the recently concluded last semester of the school year, mom had sent me to her sisters country home for six summer vacation weeks in hopes of having Auntie Maye, Straighten me out!

After placing both of her hands gently on shoulder blades from behind me, Auntie Maye lightly kissed my right ear while whispering into it that she knew I loved acting like a Sissy and that during some very special and private times with her, I could become the pretty little daughter or a niece she had always wanted and had wished for!

I knew right then without question, that mom had told Auntie all about my being caught red handed by Miss Wiggins a woman Physical Education teacher just the month before. Yes caught with Blaine Collins stiff Penis deep in my mouth while kneeling in front of him right under the gym basketball bleachers just after school had let out that dreded quite eventful day.

Once caught at least I had been totally honest in confussing to Mr. Stuart our high school principle, that besides Blaine, I had also sucked Jerry Rogers and Roger Fosters penises off the full completion just the week before! Word had somehow spread like wildfire throughout the entire school and when I was readmitted after serving my ten day suspension, the relentless verbal attacks from both male and female students immediatlely began.

Now as I stood there in sort of a very confused state of mind, many different mixed feelings raced through my clouded mind. Having already stolen an older pair of moms lavender panties way back in 7th grade to frequently wear while masturbating over the past two and half years, I found the sight of all of those shear silky girley panties and bra’s very powerful and erotic! Yet I began to uncontrollably shiver in mild fear as well! As my eyes focused on all of those lifelike looking toy rubber cocks just beyond that full wardrobe of carefully laid out feminine attire, I immediately found myself going into the very first stages of getting an erection of arousal!

It was then that Auntie Maye took my right hand in hers and guided me closer to that most erotic to me sex bed! She giggled as she told me she had guessed I was a size 8 and hoped that everything she had carefully bought for me would properly fit my cute slender body. (5′ 6″, 118 pounds at the time)

Somehow her tighly gripping hand gave me great needed comfort and courage as I then realized that Auntie Maye somehow understood and truly accepted my naughty unnatual sexual urges that began immediately upon reaching puberty! I will never ever forget her words right then as she softly whispered to me that ” COCKS WERE THE MOST WONDERFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND THAT SHE TRULY HOPED THAT I ALREADY LOVED THEM AS MUCH AS SHE DID!”

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