My mom seduce by a bihari man in puri – part 1

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My name is abhi kumar . You have read my previous story’s … This is one of the horny story of my mom…

How I arrange a stranger to fuck my mom through a game.

My mom name is bani a bengoli women who love her husband very much. My father do a job in bank so most of the time he stay outside of town I study in class 9 and only son of my mom dad.

Now about my mom my mom is just like milf mallu women her body colour is little dusky but very hot boobs is 36 and little fat in belly and back of 38 perfect figure at our locality she wear sleveless blouse and saree with blow her nevel which … Make her body more voluptuous and hot…
My dad do not sex with mom after my birth mom also forget the sex pleasure but I saw my mom in diffrent way if my mom fuck by another guy she would enjoy a lot …mom use facebook and had s mobile I seen her history and there mom search some porn also so I thought mom need a good fuck… So I was thinking of it.

Now one day mom said I want to see the sea beach but my dad is so busy so I also insisted to go to puri or dikha beach … Dad told us to thn we pack our bag went ready to go puri.

Dad made our reservation in 1st class ac and we got 2 birth one above another. Thn we went to train and train started we went to puri next day and very tierd and took a lodge name fresh sea and I sleep becz of tried but mom told me to go to sea but I did not want to go and told her to go alone.
Mom French up in t shirt and a laggis but I notice she open her bra and penty I doest not bothered and sleep… Mom went to sea.
Thn few momment letter I also went to sea to see mom thn I find her full wet her nipple is seen from the t shirt and she wear a white laggis so her pussy hair also visual if any one notice clear fully thn I went to a chair in beach and sat there and a huge husgula mandar beside me and said her name is mukesh and became very friendly and we talk diffrent girls in search and there dress and we r getting horny his age will be like my mom age… And he hase a hairy dhwast bit attractive man. .. thn all of sudden he told me
Abhi I saw a women right there so hot and sexy here nipple is seen from t shirt and here pussy hair also …
I said ooo realy were
He told look there and I found she is my mom
I could say something before that he told that
If I get there women I want to fuck her so roughly that she could cum 6 time while sec
I got excited by his word and said how he could here sexy
He said abhi I went to her back slowly and wait for a big sea current came she lost her control and fell above me… At that time I feel her body and it’s was so sexy thn she said sorry and went to take accent current

Abhi- ooo you like her body…then I said she is my mom
Mukhesh- what ! and he was shocked and said sorry for all the rude word
Abhi- no it’s ok I know my mom is sexy actally dad always busy in office work sho he does not came with us
Mukhesh- ooo u and your mom came alone
Abhi ( me) – yes
Mukhesh- can I ask something
Me- yes
Mukhesh- does your dad give time to your mom
Abhi – no he always busy in office work and come home 1 2 day late agai went to office work
Mukhesh- that’s why
Me- what
Mukhesh- her body is so young dad has not use her properly
Me- hm she is sexy actally mane of our locality lusfuuly see her body like u
Mukhesh- sorry for that but realy she body is so hot and sexy any one would like to fuck her
Me- ooo realy so you want to fuck her
Mukhesh- sorry I didn’t mean that .
Me- tell the truth you have said already
Mukhesh- ooo yes I would like to fuck her hairy pussy very badly
Me- hairy pussy how did u get that it is hairy or not
Mukhesh- here wet lagging clearly visible her pussy hair
Me- oo
Thn silent
Me thinking about how my dream hone come true my mom fuck by his muscular bihari man. Thn took chance and said
Me- if I said I give permission and I will help you that how could u seduce her
Mukhesh was so happy and said – realy thanks a lot rest live it to me

Mukhesh said first make her my friend and we have to be took room near
I thn told him that our room was in 3rd flood and that one room is haven’t and no other room is there you shift to that room
Thn the immediately went to hotel and shift his from near our

Thn he told me make us friend thn I said let go to water I will make you ny mom friend
Thn we both went to sea water we both enjoy water current thn he took me to his shoulder and let me jump mom seeing this come closer
Mom said who is he
Me- mom he is mukhesh uncle he live next to your from very good uncle we became good friend
Mom- oo I c
Mukhesh- hand and said nice to meet u
Mom- yes ne too
Thn we three enjoy a lot in water
I intentionly though mom to mukhesh chest mom was firstly feel uncomfortable but letter it became casual thn we cane back to our room
Thn mom said to take shower thn she went to washroom
Thn I ask him what’s the plan he said I have a sex game like ludo and draw card in that card what every dare is given you have to do that but we will play at night
Thn we all took shower and went down to eat sone thing cane back to our room

Thn mom said mukhesh ji is nice man I said yes mom said I like his body so muscular
Mom- hmm
I said mom intentionly mom you don’t like her muscular figure mom said it is attractive thn I said mom let go to beach at evening we call mukhesh uncle mom said ok
Thn at evening cloud come to sky but we there went to beach and cool breeze is blowing there

Mom wore a shelves blouse white and black saree blow her nevel from that time mulher was watching that
Thn we went to bech and sat at one place
Mom and uncle talk about there like uncle came here to visit puri and his wife died no children’s he is alone. .. mom feel saud and I fel booting and said I am comming from a round mom said ok
Thn I on my bluetooth speaker and I went far so that I would here what they r talking in my earphone

Thn mukhesh said- you cane alone here
Mom- yes my husband is busy at work
Uncle- what how can a husband leave a beautiful figure wife alone
Mom- smiled and blushed and said no behad a lot of work that’s why
Uncle-. So what he don’t not give value to her beautiful figure wife
Mom-, naughty asked why I r joking I m not to beautiful I gain fat and not main in my figure
Uncle- I m serious a manly ness man first want a thin figure he always admire and get attract to a figure like u
Mom- ooo but my husband doest not like this figure
Uncle- what thn I must say he doest not have eyes … You can make any man horny in just a minute
Mom doesnot expect this from him
Mom- ooo thn stop thn I thought this is enough or mukhesh uncle would lose her chance I immidetly came to them
And said let’s go to sea shore
Mom and I went near to she shore and cold breeze became more cold and horny thn all went to eat dinner

While dnr I msg mukhesh uncle one again let’s go to sea beach now you talk carefully
Mukhesh uncle said ok
Thn after dnr I insert mom to go tho beach but mom said – it’s very cold outside
I force mom thn at 11 pm we again went to sea beach thn mom sat one place I please with sand thn mukhesh uncle also sat there thn i went far fir a walk . With my earphone on

This time mom start conversation it’s so could
Uncle- yes but I feel warm.
Mom- how ?
Uncle – a hot lady is setting beside ne that’s why
Mom- this time laughter and said u r flirting a lot
Uncle- I m this king of person always felt
Mom- ok but at this cold why you wear boxer and came to beach
Uncle said – it’s man secret you will not get it
Mom – oh come on what’s secret tell me
Uncle- no you will get angry like last time
Mom- last time when I was angry
Uncle- when I said you figure make any one horny
Mom- I was not anry but little shy now tell me what’s the secret
Actally we human always wear undergarment never give air to our privat part so our full body get energetic but inner part get does not
So one doctor consult me to wear one boxer took cold air so that inner part get relax
Mom- ooo mom was feeling hoty becz she was seeing beside a man who had not wore any under garment
Mom- it is true what benifit you get
Uncle- inner part get relax inter part working capacity increase
Mom – working capacity means
Uncle- r a idiot sex for last long time it’s only thing it work
Mom- laughing and said ooo to increase sex power you do that
Uncle – yes what so about laughter
Mom- your wife died thn to whom you sex
Uncle- any one who get attracted to my body
Mom- ooo naughty she ask how many women have you sex
Uncle- after my wife death I sex with 10 women
Mom- oo prostitute
Uncle – no I don’t do them
Mom – thn to whom
Uncle -i like married woman ,mom etc
Mom- what how you manage to fuck another man wife and how true sex with u
Uncle – look there husband does not sex with them so they need physical satisfied so I seduce thn they do that
Mom- oo they cheat there husband
Uncle no- they love there husband but all have there physical need there just enjoyed for 2 3 hr thn forget me
Mom- 2 3 hr
Uncle – yea my stamina
Mom- hat you r living no one close do like that.
Uncle that my secret I do like this if any women want to increase there desire they can also do like this
Mom- oo
Thn I called uncle for some reson and asked her it’s to let to play the game let’s go
Thn we talk for half and our there discuss the plan mom was alone setting there and doing something.
Thn I he said – I make her horny she definitely taking could breeze to her nude pussy I said no it can’t be

Thn he said go and check. It was night I slolywent near my mom and say
My mom bani took of her penty and spread her leg from her saree and clod air directly toch her hairy pussy and she enjoys it

I came to uncle and said it’s right time to do it

Plz read my next part

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