My mom fuck in journy by Muslim man

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Ali speed up…
Mom- ahhh ahhh ahh i cumming cummming and Ali put out his cock … Mom cummm a full of pussy juice came out…. Mom was relax ohhhh.. i love it Ali… U r so good..
Ali – when I first saw u i have decided to fuck u. …. But i don’t no that u r also so horny …
Abhi your mom is super hot … I love to fuck her..
Mom- hey quite … He will lestning…
Ali – came in 69 position and said suck my dick … Mom was kicking Ali dick … And Ali … Start licking mom pussy …. Pussy was red but Ali … So so fucking good … He just put Alli his mouth toger inside and … Sucking al juice …
Mom- ahhhh u r so good …. Mom leg severing with pleasure … And mom was pressing Ali more inside her pussy….. Suck it aliii hmmmmmm ahhh uff suck it…

Thn Ali took mom on lap … And he stood up and i was shocked this hunk life my mom life a doll and he put his dick inside mom pussy and he fucking by lifting mom … He is hunk …. Mom was enjoying this position very much …..
Finally he came in doggy style and fuck mom from back … Both r fully wet and he just pressing mom boobs with full pressure…
Mom- ahhh Ali softly …. Ahhh … But who cares… Ali was just a pornstart fucking mom
Thn Ali said after 1 hr of fucking i m cumming komola… Mom said no not inside me .. thn Ali come above mom and give his full cum in mom mouth … It is so much mom muth is full of cumm…and mom was in bed lying like a pornstar thn Ali… Sleep beside mom
At morning alo came to me wake me up .. thn … Mom was also ready for the rest of journy thn Ali drive rest the journey … And we reach … Delhi..


Where we .. enjoy a lot.. thn while cumming mom said dad … We can call Ali… As he is very coperative … Dad agree and me and mom .. was ready for next day to return and … Ali came … In evening and i saw mom… Wearing red saree black blouse but no .. blouse no saya…. I m thing i very hot fucking session going to happen… Thn …… We were in journy return to home…
At trip again Ali do mischievous thing …

Thank u
Any women mom bhabi girl read this story can contact me … At [email protected]

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