My manager

Hi all,
This my real story.I am 29 yeras old and married since 2 years. I work for an MNC.My husband is a business man.He often goes to business trips.In my company I had a manager who lusts for me.
I am 5’4 54 kg with 34-28-36 .He always sees my ass and tries to feel it… One day 3 months back my husband was out of station.I was in no mood of getting ready so I dressed in a saree and went .
I dont what happened that day but my manager whose name is Ram called me into his cabin.
Ram – I have a bad news
Me – What is it sir?
He – We have a loss and firing ppl u might loose ur job
Me – We had many EMI to pay so I want this job please sir dont fire me.I can do anything for u
He srood up and slowly moved around me not touching but jus feeling.
He slowly started touching my ass I said Excuse me..He said you will be my slut if u want the job…
I said ok
He undid my bun and smelled my hair.He said wow shalini sexy hair.
He opened his zip and wanted a blowjob. I was giving him one when suddenly the president came in.
Seeing us in such position he said to him….so u have got a new toy to play??? When can i play withit??

I was cursing my self…….But i said ” Sir this is not fair I am married….”
To that they asked about my husband and i told them about the trip.
They both laughed cunningly and asked me to come to an address that night….
I went home …. Dressed in a sexy two piece dress..I thought to myself that I am the office slut from now….But I felt aroused.

I went to that place and found four men…Two managers one president and a clientThey were all in their swim suit near a swimming pool.


They wanted me to serve liquor to them .I served it….Now they ordered me to strip…and take a video..I did the same They said to mastrubate….while one was recording.I did I felt a hand on my ass…I dint open my eyes.It was cupping my brests now…..I opened and saw.. Two men were there one was having my brests other my ass…
Now all of them came one’s dick was in my’s dick in my pussy,one’s in my ass and the last was recording.
They promoted me after that and for every business trip we go I get fucked by a new client to get the deal……

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