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I was in the upper primary school. We have one period of Physical training. Since no instructor was there, we were having free for all time during this period. I may be about 12 years. On one such period, one of my friend and myself were together without any others. He asked me whether I want to know how to pleasure self? I asked what is it.
Then he said:
self pleasure means holding the penis and playing with it till it milks. He explained to me. He said just lie down on the stomach, that is lie down facing down. Then take out the cock – penis hold it tight in the palm. Imagine you are lying on top of your favorite female. Then imagine fucking her with the palm with the cock up and and squeeze. Continue till ejaculation and the penis water,penis milk, sperm comes out. When the sperm comes out there will be a pleasure which will make us feel in heaven. He cautioned that first time there will be pain, then pain will not be there at all. My friend told me that he does it regularly.

That evening after going home and after having tiffen, I sneaked to the 2nd for of my house which is like a godown for vegetables and extra items. I closed the door and brought out my cock of about 6 inches frm the side of my nicker. I held it tightly and lied down on my stomach. I imagined of fucking Savitri, the top actress of that time. I started moving my hip up and down and at the same time jerking the penis also up and down so that the foreskin goes back and forward. After few shakes I cummed in the imaginary pussy of Savitri the actress. I had pain at the start, but later no pain. Without getting up, I took the cum in my 2 fingers and put in my mouth. It was not pleasant with the alkaline flavor. I continued this practice not only in my home, but at places where no one was around and occasionally while bathing in the public tank – pond when only a lady or girl who enjoy the sight was present. They used to smile appreciatively. My cock by that time has grown to 8″ I used to show my cock with the top skin retraced, to most girls and ladies whom I felt will not tell others. They used to appreciate my cock. I think, if I tried I could have fucked them. But I was a coward. To go to prostitutes, I feared of sex diseases. Others I was afraid, if they get pregnant what will happen? So I continue with masturbation for some time.
I started getting desperate to have a real fuck without risk. So I decided to try a middle aged lady closely know to me. One day around 11 am I went to her house on the pretext of having water to drink. I know she takes bath around this time. When I went she just had finished bath, dried and was in a towel around her waist. Since she was half naked and the other half almost transparent against light, she stood inside but near the door. I could see her pussy with short hairs. I just showed the sign of shame to her. She just untied the towel and shown me her pussy. I was on sex frenzy and watched and asked her to put her finger in the hole. She just parted the 2 sides exposing the pink portion. I told that I want to fuck her. She said I can go to her any time but has to give money. So I organised the amount she asked and went to her house after making sure that her husband was out. The front door was open. I entered the hall and called her in hushed voice. She came naked. It appears she will be mostly nude in the house. I told her that I have the money. She closed the front door, and took out my cock from the side of the langotti and lungi held the same and dragged it and started climbing the stairs fr 1st floor. Since my cock was firmly held by her, I was also following her. She led me to a cot and asked me to lie down. But I just pushed her on to the cot and started sucking her small tits and fondling her pussy. Since both of us were ready for fuck, I tried to lie down on her. She did no agree and said she will do it only on the male. But I was afraid that my cock may get harm. Then finally we agreed that I will sit reclining on the cot and she will fuck me from front side. She sheathed my cock in her pussy and started moving front and back so my cock was working like a piston in her pussy. After about 2 minutes my sperm jetted into her and both of us arched or body in pleasure. We were in cloud nine for a moment.
I just got up dressed and went out.

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