My lover’s sexual desires

As my sexual desires started mounting day by day ,I have studied sexual activities on mobile as I watched porn videos also,looking in it the way porn actress/actor have had physical relationship there ,I am a hot learner .so Swati ,a 22years gal with whiteish complexion,figure of 5’6feet and physique measures 32-25-36 ,is now a matured gal with penis having fucked her vaginal hole.I am in my college as lectures are going on and my lover’s eyes are on my sexy boobs but I am sure from his act that he is not my lover but is a hungry fox for my physical affairs as he have enjoyed with me with his friend Nikhil,Anuj have given me a nice experience of threesome (read previous story”a nice threesome“).

Now as I am in class listening lectures ,my eyes are moving towards my all three lovers as Anuj,Nikhil and Monty have loved me but Monty have been with me for 2hours as he have made oral sex our three classes lasts,I walked out of classroom and moved towards canteen.while sitting alone there ,I ordered a cup of coffee and after a while,Anuj came there with Nikhil as they both took chairs to sit and Anuj smiled……….

“Hi Swati,rest classes are boring”
(Swati)I know your thoughts Anuj but nothing more is going to happen today
(Nikhil)why Swati ,you are angry with us
(Swati)sure it’s true that your previous love making effort have made me satisfied,I have felt like a little dirty whore
(Anuj)no it’s your negative thinking as gals and guys enjoyed their life upto their maximum
(Swati smiled)ok than why not Monty should join us , foursome will be better .”and they both are shocked as well as Surprised with my words and they started looking at Anuj screamed”oh Swati ,Monty is our classmate but we both are not good friends ,so keep him away from us.”and than our plan have been made as Nikhil left us ,he left for his home and I walked with Anuj towards parking lot.anuj is looking smart in his black denim jeans with a light yellow coloured short shirt as we both frisked inside car,he drove the car out of while sitting on front seat with my legs crossed,I have put a black leggings with a pink coloured crop-tops on my sexy he is eyeing at my sexy cleavage frequently and than as Saket vihar market came,he stopped the car near he walked away to a shop,I know his shopping items and after a while ,he came back with a carry bag as he put it in drive the car towards outer ring road,we both have enjoyed sex in a ridge zone near army cantonment area as it’s well deserted and seems peaceful .lastly,we both reached there at 01:45pm and he walked out of car as I left it.


It’s a February month while winds is moving at a great speed,springs are on head and romance have been in my as I stand near Anuj,he hold me in his arms and started kissing my face while my hand is rubbing his back as my boobs are well pressed on his chest,I put my lips on his lips and Anuj hold my hairs ,as he took my lip in his mouth to suck.while feeling bit scared in a day light love affair on a deserted place,my mind is going on his long cock and he left my lip as I took out my tongue ,Anuj opened his mouth and I pushed my long tongue in it.while standing on grass ,we both love birds are making eachother hot and getting my tongue sucked,I am feeling anuj’s hand on my sexy ass as his bulge of penis is hitting on my waist.later on ,Anuj left my tongue as I sits on grass.anuj took out carry bag from car as he sits opposite to me and than canes of beer are on grass with a packet of cigarette,I took a cigarette and lit it ,as I am smoking it ,Anuj opened the canes and we started drinking beer.we both are enjoying our time as Anuj inches forward and than while drinking beer ,he hold my breast as heck pressed it and

“oohh aaauuch do it again”

made him a horny guy as he started pressing my boobs hard.its inside a push-up brassiere as I put cane on grass and than put down strips of crop-tops down as my sexy boobs are still covered,Anuj put other strips down and pulled my tops to waist.its my lovely boobs in white brassier making him crazy as he completed his drink and now he took me on his lap.He have asked me to kneel as I knelt on his lap ,my boobs are on his face and Anuj than put his hand on my back as he removed the strings and my boobs are nude,so he opened his mouth as I pushed my breast in it.He is sucking it hard as his hand is moving on my waist to ass,Anuj started pressing my other boobs as I am screaming”oohh aahh suck it hard you “and than my desires mounted as I pulled my leggings down and Anuj left my breast as he unhooked my panty ,now I am nude but he took me inside car .on back seat,I am sitting with legs on it , stretched wider and Anuj first removed his trouser as he sits on my legs .now my shining cunt is in fire as he is kissing it but I put my fingers on it to widend its hole,Anuj is licking it while massaging my boobs as I can see his cock in full erection.His tongue is moving fast in my elastic vagina,feeling too horny ,I have hold his hairs

“oohh Anuj lick it ,lick it fast”

and than he left my it’s my turn to love his penis as he sits on seat ,I knelt infront of him as I hold his cock and removed it’s my lips are kissing it frequently as he is holding my hairs and than I opened my mouth as I swallowed his whole cock,put my mouth closed and without any head movements , started sucking it as his cock is growing harder in my mouth,I took it out and than my tongue started rolling on it as I am tasting my mouths own saliva.He is screaming”oohh aahh you are too sexy suck it”and as he hold my hairs tightly ,I opened my mouth and took his hard tool in it,he started fucking my mouth while moving his ass from below it’s a nice mouth fuck as glans is hitting in my throat and my sexy voice”uuhh aahh uumm”is making Anuj horny and than I took out his wet penis .

Inside car ,I am nude as Anuj started removing his shirt also,two young love birds are nude as he made me a bitch on seat,like a doggy ,I have widend my legs and than while knelling infront of my round ass,Anuj hold his cock and put it’s glans in my vagina,it’s dry and hot as he hold my waist and fucked hard but my sexy voice turned into shout”oohh no it’s too hard fuck me “and Anuj again fucked my vagina as I felt his long cock in my cunt and he is slowly fucking me ,it’s a widesh cunt with dozens of fuck made and as my vagina started burning in fire ,I starts my ass moving wildly as my ass is hitting his waist ,he have hold my breast as I screamed louder”oohh it’s cumming fuck hard aahh”and than my vagina pours cum inside as I sits on seat,Anuj moved out of car nudely as I can see him standing near a tree and urinating,so he washed his cock and moved inside car.we both are sitting nude on seat as he put his arm on my shoulder and kissed my face……….

“baby you have enjoyed two positions in fuck ,isn’t it?
(Swati)sure Anuj
(Anuj)we will try a new position ,it’s a cow girl position
(Swati)oh I see ,means you will sleep and I will sit on your cock ,I know it .”

as we both started our fuck session again,Anuj slept on seat with his legs straight and his long cock is inviting me for fuck ,as I sits over his cock ,putting my both legs wide and he hold my waist hard as I hold his penis and started pushing it in my vagina,it’s the hole that is not straight to his cock but I started rubbing it’s glans on my vagina and lastly ,glans frisked inside as I started pushing my sexy ass downwards to swallow his cock,it’s a painful position but my vagina is wet as its hole is now flexible ,so my sexy ass is going down and than I felt his penis vanished inside,so I smiled and Anuj while holding my waist ,started fucking me from below as his waist is moving up and down ,a new experience is insude my vagina as he is fucking me fast but after 3-4 minutes my vagina become dry ,so I started bouncing my sexy buttocks up and down as he is screaming”oohh aahh you are a great fucker aaahh”and it’s his cock that have hold my ass weight and as I started bouncing my ass faster ,he is also fucking me from below as he shouted”oohh aahh Swati it’s cumming”and I can feel his semens in my vagina as it’s tough to hold his cum inside it for a while also ,so I moved away and than I can see his pubic hairs to penis well covered in we washed our sexual organs and than rested there ,it’s a nice sexual meet.we are back in our homes ……….