My ex first time swallowing..

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So me and my ex Tuyen were couples and we have been living together for quite sometime. Our sex life was great and it was always unprotected because she said she would go on the pills. After many times cumming inside her I wanted to try something different, something more raunchy.

One Sunday while watching TV, she started to lie really close to me, usually when she does this it shows that she is in the mood and horny. It didn’t take long and I could feel her hands stroking my cock . We had both watch a little bit of porn and I had purposely forward it too the end where the money shot scene normally happen. She selected a few more and watched the ending. She then drop the phone and looked at me and I could see lust in her eyes. She reach forwards to hug me with her hands around my neck as she pulled me down on the sofa. She kissed me as her hands slid into my pants and grabbed my hard cock stroking it wildly. She knew what I wanted and in a second she had pull down my pants and started sucking my hard cock. I had thoughts of cumming onto her face almost instantly but i wasn’t done with her so I ask her to turn around. And she listen obediently and put both her hands and leaned against the top of the sofa with her ass facing me.

I slowly caress her, kissing her neck as my hands fondled her breast. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her pussy slowly as I entered her fully till my balls were touching her ass and I pulled out and entered her again with one long stroke again and again. By the 3rd stroke she was really wet, I could feel her moist as I began to pound her slowly slamming my cock into her pussy. I fuck her doggy-style, while I was standing up with each thrust I could feel myself getting closer to cumming and she was getting wetter. I slap her ass and said to her “does it feel good?” but she didn’t answer so I pound her harder and ask her again it and she moaned and said yes! yes!. I started fucking her faster and she started moaning more. I continue to slap her on her ass playfully and said do you want me and she said yes. I hold both her hips and fucked her as fast as I could until I was about to come.

So I slap her ass again and grabbed her hips as I fucked her faster and harder indicating I was going to cum. She suddenly turn around sat on the sofa and took my cock into her mouth and started suck. As she sat herself on the sofa I stood in front of her with my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t resist it anymore, and I knew I was going to cum into her mouth this time. I started to fuck her mouth slowly as she started to suck my cock faster and harder and taking my whole cock into her mouth. I wasn’t too big or too small and my whole cock fitted her perfectly in her mouth. I was making love to her mouth as I gently hold her head as I entered my whole cock into her mouth. It was an incredible feeling of my cock sliding across her tongue and it was a great fit as she took my whole cock into her mouth again and again. After a few deep strokes I lost my mind and I started to fuck her mouth like I was fucking her pussy.

She responded by grabbing my ass with both her hands and letting me have my way with her until I felt like cumming. I called her name and groaned a little to signal to her that I was going to cum, but she continue to suck me harder working her way up and down my shaft. As her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me forward so that she could have my whole cock in her mouth. I groaned signaling to her I was about to cum, but she continue sucking until I finally unloaded my cum into her mouth. As I filled her mouth with my seed, I could feel her swallowing my semen and she continue to suck me after that making sure she got every drop of my semen. After that she got up and went to the washroom to wash up, and when she was done she came back to join me at the sofa.

She looked at me and smiled lustily as if she knew it was what I wanted. But I was still horny so I grabbed her and turn her around as she giggled playfully. I caught her hips with both hands and immediately resumed fucking her as fast and hard as I could. Immediately her moans started and I leaned forward and whispered to her do you want me inside you? i want to hear you say it. She immediately started moaning and saying yes…. and as she called my name I cum into her pussy filling it up with my seed. She moaned as I filled her up and then she turn lie on her back, as she pull me on top and pushing herself against me to get my cock into her pussy. She was panting as she hugged me and cross her legs around me. Not letting go until my cock was soft and we both fell asleep in each other arms.

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