My Girlfriend Came at the Gynecologist

My Girlfriend Came at the Gynecologist.. Back a few years ago I was dating an incredibly sexy but prissy women, who pretended that she didn’t like sex but would orgasm multiple times during it.

She always dressed very class with a tiny hint of sexuality and had very conservative views. The time came for her to go to the gynecologist she seemed overly concerned about it and asked me to go with her. I did think a woman her age would have been to the OBGYN multiple times in her life and that it was a little odd that she was so concerned about going.

The day came for us to go and it was a summer day, She was wearing a summer dress very classy and appropriate but she looked so sexy in it. I couldn’t help but get hard and was like that the whole way there.


When we got to the office and checked in the receptionist told us that another OBGYN would be doing the exam. Her name was Rebecca Smith (named changed), my girlfriend became very anxious about having a female do the exam and asked if there was anyone else. There wasn’t and as the drive was about 40 minutes she didn’t want to reschedule.

I asked her why she was so anxious about it and she couldn’t really give me an answer. I held her hand and stroked her arm and told her it was going to be ok, I was really horny. When they called her in she asked if I could come in with her because she was really nervous and it would help if I could hold her hand.

I didn’t really expect that but didn’t think too much of it. The nurse brings us in and tells me girlfriend and to get undressed and put on the gown. She got ready and came out and I held her hand.

About 10 minutes later the doctor walks in. I knew she was going to be a female doctor but was expecting someone older and not so attractive. Honestly, she didn’t even look old enough to be a doctor and she wasn’t wearing the usual Doctor’s lab coat.

She too had on a Summer dress that was more revealing than my girlfriend’s. I definitely enjoyed looking at her and it just made even hornier.

After the usual questions, my girlfriend laid back on the table and asked if I could stay and hold her hand during the exam. The doctor said “yes of course, but he has to stay up by your head, no peeking” with cute little laugh and smile.

As I was holding my girlfriend’s hand the doctor moved up so she could do a breast exam on her. Yes, this was exciting, the doctor kinda leaned forward which gave me a little glimpse of her cleavage.

As I held her hand my girlfriend just looked into my eyes she was getting flushed. The next thing that happened was incredible. The doctor then told me, girlfriend, that she was going to manually check her which is when they insert fingers into the vagina to feel for anything out of the ordinary.

When she inserted her fingers my girlfriend’s body started to spasm and having experienced that spasm many times before I knew what it meant, that she was having an orgasm. She squeezed my hand very hard, the doctor looked up at both of us but continued her exam. My girlfriend now was spasming noticeable and there is no the way the doctor didn’t know what was happening.

She removed her fingers and then said I have to check your anus. I didn’t know that this happened, and the thought of it made me even harder.

When she did it my girlfriend again spasmed, I knew how much she liked anal stimulation so it didn’t surprise me that this gave her an orgasm but it was still so damn erotic and hot.

When that was over she pulled out a probe and inserted it into my girlfriend’s vagina that again made her vagina spasm like she would do on my cock.

The doctor had to know as my girlfriend was basically flopping around the table not making any attempt to leave any doubt about what was happening.

When she finished with the probe she said I want to do another quick manual examination to be sure about something. I think I was leaking out of my cock at this point.

She inserted her fingers again only for about 10 seconds but you could see my girlfriend’s whole body spasming. It was so intensely hot. She said everything looked good and that we could go. My girlfriend got dressed and we left.

I was so fucking horny that I just pulled behind the office building as far away as we could get. I pulled my girlfriend out of the car through her hands on the hand lifted up her dress (omg no panties) and put it in her.

It was so intense, of course, she tried to resist a little at first (prissy, conservative girls aren’t supposed to do this sort of thing) but loved it her pussy gripped my cock so tight it was amazing.

She also tried to deny what happened at the Doctor’s but couldn’t keep it up for long. I could make her orgasm just by whispering what had happened in her ear. As you might imagine I think about this a lot…

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