My elder sister sucks me on a train as a good bye gift

Incest sex story, My elder sister sucks me on a train as a good bye gift, My name is Suresh. I live in Ambala city in Haryana. We are a small family. My father Surindersingh , My mother Sangeeta and My Sis Sugandha, except me . My father is a business man and my mother is a school teacher. My SIS is 28 years old and me 22 years. She is married at Panipat near Delhi and lives there with her hubby , who is working with some govtdeptt there.

SIS is married for about 3 years and still not having any baby. She is actually preparing for some competition examination and so they are not planning to go for child so early. Any way it is there life and there problem. I love my SIS so much and we have always been very close and rather had been like friends. She is older to me for about 6 years so in a way she way like my guardian when I was young. She helped me a lot with my studies and I respect her much.

I was in a gloomy mood after marriage of my SIS , as I lost a friend and she also missed me a lot. We usually had long mobile calls and I normally used to call her almost daily.


I had applied for engineering test and got admission to a reputed college at Hydrabad. I was to leave for Hydrabad in a weeks timeand after that I may not be able to come back to my family for about a year. So my father and mother were feeling very much for me and they were also in a pensive mood to miss me for such a long time.

SIS also come to know of my admission in Hydrabad , and as I was about to leave in 5-7 days , and also will be gone for a long time , so SIS came to Ambala to our home , to meet me and to stay with us ( especially me) for as much time as possible and also to help me with my packing and preparations for long stay in Hydrabad.

On Sunday night , I was to leave by night train to Hydrabad , and I got a ticket booked . I got reservation in sleeper class and got an upper berth booked, as in long journey I may be able to rest there. The train was to depart at 11.00 pm , in night from Ambala and was to go via Delhi.

On the day of my departure, SIS also planned to go back to Panipat in her in-law’s house, as the purpose of her stay in Ambala was finished.

When our whole family was sitting for evening tea, SIS announced her plan to go back and asked me if it is possible that she may go with me in my train, as the train will be passing through, her in-law’s city Panipat , and also the journey from Ambala to Panipat was just 3 hours. She told that the train will reach Panipat at about 2 in the early morning and she will ask her husband to come to railway station. This way she will get another time of about 3 hours to stay with me and also her hubby will meet me as after this time we may meet after a year.

As the proposal was good so my parents also agreed. SIS asked her hubby to come at railway station at 2 in morning and packed her bag for journey back.

We reached railway station at 10 pm , the train was at time. I asked the T.T to let my SIS stay with me in reserved seat till Panipat and gave him 50 bucks, and he had no problem.

We boarded the train and we both settled on the top berth. An old man was lying on the other top berth opposite to us , and the bulb in the coach was not working, hence there was dark in the cabin, as it was night so all were sleeping.

I asked SIS to lye down on the berth, as there was not enough space there for both of us and told her as after 3 hours, she had to go to her house and in-laws , so she may not get time to sleep there and as I had a very very long journey ahead, so after deporting her at Panipat , I will have enough time to sleep. So I sat on the edge of berth and SIS lied down on the berth. I put a chadar( cloth sheet) on her and also on my self to save from wind .

SIS was lying on the berth, but as she was in a habit of using a pillow under her head, she was feeling a bit uncomfortable. So after some time , she adjusted herself a bit and put her head on my thigh. It was a normal gesture, so nothing special. She kept lying like this for about 5 minutes.

I was wearing a lungi , as it is comfortable. But due to her twisting in the sleep ( I think so), the side of my lungi slipped one side and now her head was lying on my bare thigh. Her cheeks were touching my skin. This skin to skin touch was very soothing and I liked the touch of it.

Till then nothing sexual or erotic had come to my mind. After about 5 minutes of lying in this way, my eyes roamed on her . She was lying in my lap. I could see her breathing breast through the chadar. I had never in my life seen her in sexual way. But today as she was lying in my lap , I saw her from so close angle for the first time. I could see that her breast had almost doubled after marriage. Her melons , which used to be of the size of an orange some time back were now almost double and were clearly visible through the chadar. I could not see it properly as her body was wrapped in chadar and also she was wearing a maxi ( a long one piece shirt which comes up to feet ), and obviously a bra. For the first time , I enjoyed her lying like this.

I looked closely toward her face and found her to be in deep sleep. Her breathing was rhythmic. This gave me some courage and to have a better look of her breast, I slowly tried to pull the side of chadar to one side , I was hoping that as SIS is sleeping , so she will not come to know of it and I will be able to have a better look of her melons.

And wow!Sis’s breasts were now clearly visible to me. She must be 36D size .her breasts were clearly visible to me. Now as she was lying facing towards the ceiling , so her both the breasts were before my eyes. This was an erotic and beautiful site to see. Her melons were heaving up and down with each breath, and this see-saw type movement was giving my eyes a feast.

SIS was wearing a maxi and perhaps only bra and panty beneath it . Perhaps she felt a bit cold from my moving the chadar to one side, so in her slumber she turned towards my side and now she was lying facing towards me. Her cheeks were on my thigh and I could see her melons from the side angle now.

I feared that SIS may not wake up due to cold air so again I put chadar on her body, now she was lying on my thigh, facing towards me under the cover of a chadar( cloth sheet) .

I kept sitting in this position for about 5 minutes , and suddenly SIS scratched her cheek in her sleep and her put her hand in my lap . She was in deep sleep and didn’t know of it, but now her hand was lying just about 2 inches from my lund.

I could not see it , but could feel it. After about a minute there was again some movement in the chadar , and she again scratched her cheek and now when again she put her hand in my lap , it was resting straight on my lund. My cock was under my underwear and also my lungi, but to my horror, it felt her soft hand on it and started raising its head. I was horrified as it started gaining its length and my brain started pumping blood in it and it started getting hard.

I feared a lot that as SIS had put her hand on my cock in her sleep but if she wakes up and find me hard, it will be an embarrassing situation for me.

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