My brothers fucked me

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It was a Sunday morning. Our parents were not at home. I was in the drawing room watching TV. Suddenly one of my brothers, Josh came and sat beside me. He asked what I was watching. He snatched the remote away from my hands. I rolled my eyes at him,he laughed. Then my another brother, Kevin came and sat on my other side. Kevin was sitting very close to me, his legs wide apart, his hands on the sofa behind me. I started to feel hot. Suddenly they started removing their starts. I could feel their hot breath on my body.

Kevin wrapped his hand around my shoulder. I looked at him confused but didn’t pay much attention. He was rubbing my forearm. Then Josh kept his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a really short skirt.

I started feeling horny, held Kevin’s neck and started kissing him. He smirked.
My eyes grew wide when I felt Josh removing my panty away and touch my clit. I was a virgin and ready to be taken. I used to watch a lot of porns. My brothers knew it.

I was kissing Kevin while Josh kept rubbing my wet pussy. Kevin pulled down my top exposing my boobs and started playing with them. I moaned inside his mouth.

Then Josh removed my panty completely and started licking my pussy. Kevin moved away from the kiss and began to suck on my nipples. I was a mess. My breathing became heavy. Then Kevin removed his shorts. His penis was already hard. He held my hair and started pounding inside my mouth. Josh ordered me to get on my four. I did. He began to finger fuck my asshole and rub my clit. After a few more thrusts, I came hard. I was still panting when I felt Josh enter my pussy. Kevin came under me and started to lick my pussy again.
Josh took a pen and started to push it in and out my butthole. I was moaning frantically.

I came again. When I thought it was all over, Kevin came under me. They made me lie on his chest on my back. Kevin pulled both my legs apart. He entered my asshole. Josh came up on me and entered my pussy. They started moving in unison. I had already come twice. The double penetration made me come repeatedly.

Now we spend our Sundays like that.

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