Mom & Son need passion for their advert

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This is a sidequel to the Lynx/Axe effect. It shows how Cassandra and Noah were so comfortable in their audition. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave some comments. Whether they are critical or praise, I read them all!

This is not an advertisement for any deodorants. Everyone involved in this fictional story is over eighteen.

Cassandra read over the email that had been forwarded from her acting coach. The tall slender woman stroked back her light blonde hair as she thought about how she could encourage her son, Noah, to join her.

It had always been her dream to be a world-famous actor. All the money she earned went towards acting lessons. She was fortunate that her husband was happy to indulge her passion by working overtime to pay for more tuition and driving her to auditions. The trouble was that despite all the money spent she still hadn’t broken through to the big time.

She was now forty-one, and she knew that, despite keeping her body in excellent shape, she needed that break soon. She looked at herself in the mirror, and admired her five foot nine inch frame. “Still got it!” she smiled, running her hands down her sides.

Standing at 34B-24-34, she worked hard to keep her body looking good. She could just imagine her face and body splashed on advertisements around the world, and if she needed to use her son to get the deal, then so be it.


“Noah, how would you like to be a star?!” Cassandra loudly announced as she pushed open his bedroom door. Walking over to the curtains, she threw them open quickly followed by opening the windows to get some fresh air in.

“Mum!” He yelled out. He tightly shut his eyes to fight the bright sunshine bathing his room.

“I don’t know how you can live in the darkness Noah. You’re eighteen now. You should have grown out of this waking up at midday phase!” Cassandra snapped, as she moved around the room collecting all the half empty drinks and plates.

Placing the large pile of plates by the door, she turned around to see her son was still hiding under the covers. He looked remarkably similar to her, tall and scrawny with a thick mop of blonde hair. The only thing he shared with his dad was his brown eyes.

It was the summer break before Noah headed off to university, and Noah was taking full advantage of not having anything to do by staying up until the early hours of the morning and not waking up until midday.

With his mum busy with her acting or at the gym, Noah would have the house to himself for a few blissful hours. Once his dad came home from work, they would chat, and usually argue, causing Noah to go out to meet friends. That was the standard day for Noah, and his mum barging in wasn’t welcome.

*Mum what are you doing? I need to sleep!” He groaned as he rolled over hiding his eyes from the sunlight.

“Come on Noah! It’s already past ten. You should be up. Besides, don’t you want to hear my exciting news?” Cassandra sung as she approached the bed and ripped the covers off him.

What happened next was a mixture of embarrassment and screaming. Cassandra, not knowing that Noah slept naked, was suddenly exposed to her son’s morning wood.

Automatically, Noah went to cover up, but paused when he saw his mum’s eyes widen. Leaving his cock softly bobbing in the cool air, he covered it with one hand knowing that his mum still had a good eyeful.

It was when he made it twitch that his mum finally broke her gaze. “Oh my goodness, I’m… I’m so sorry Noah. I didn’t realise… here you go.”

She threw the duvet over her son’s crotch hiding his cock from view. “Um right, well the reason I’m here is that I want you to star in an advert with me!”

“Aw what?! You woke me up for that? I don’t want to act. I’ve told you hundreds of times I’m not interested.”

It was true that Cassandra had tried numerous times to get her son into acting. She had thought that if he was a child star, then she could use him to get her own opportunities.

So up until he was thirteen, Noah had been forced to go to acting lessons, as well as audition for hundreds of roles. He hated every second of it, and as soon as he was outside the cute child stage, he was left alone.

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