Mom, Sister and I

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It has been said that nothing never really changes. But I can attest that things do change and for the better. Returning home after three years in the Army I was surprised to fine my baby sister back living at home. She was a teen bride and it just did not workout. My years I the army had been spent mostly over seas. So I was gone when my Dad died and my little sister’s wedding. But it was a most pleasant surprise when this busy, blue-eyed blond answered the door. Monica jumped into my arms crushing her round soft tits to my chest. We kissed and hugged for three minutes as I tried to figure out who she was. She had changed that much. I hardly knew my own sister. Monica jumped up and down hugging me like a bear.

I got an instant hard on and it was jammed up into her crotch rubbing hard against her clitoris. I think that was when we both started remembering a night long ago when she came into my room and told me she had just looked in our parent’s room. Monica had gotten up to go to the bathroom down the hall. She had looked in on our parents making love. At twelve she was not just sure what she had seen but when she told me we both went back to see what was going on. Mom and Dad were engaged in a sixty-nine with mom on top with her head toward the door. So we could very well see what she was doing. Monica wanted to know what they were doing but I told her she was too young and I would tell her later what that was all about. Of course by the time she was old enough I did not have to ell her anything.

She was just starting to bud out when I left home but how she has changed. She is gorgeous from head to foot tits and an ass that most guys would die for and long legs to keep it all up off the floor. She helped me get my bags up to my old room just as Mom came home. Again there was kissing and hugging. But Mom was still a Mom and feeding me was the first thing she wanted to do. When Dad got sick Mom had moved down to the first floor so he would not have to climb the stairs. She still had her bedroom in a small room off the kitchen. This gave Monica and I the entire second floor so we set up a computer room in her old bedroom and moved her stuff into what had bee the master bedroom.

Now she had lots of room and her own bathroom. After dinner Mom said she had to go to the church for something leaving Monica and I to fend for ourselves. It did not take long for me to get her up in her bedroom. I started talking about old times and I reminded her about that night she came into my room after watching Mom and Dad making love.

I had showered earlier and was wearing cut off sweats and a t-shirt. Monica had changed also she was wearing a silk dressing gown over a red teddy. She remembered that night all right and she ad no qualms about reminding me I was supposed to tell her all about it.

My cock started to get hard showing it’s tented head in my cut offs. Monica pointed at it and told me she remembered the position our parents were in and did I want to show her how that was done. Taking my sister in my arms I did not hesitate to toss her on the bed next to me. Head to foot as I remembered it. I was busy pulling the crotch of her teddy aside as she was pulling my cut offs down around my ankles. Hugging her ass with one hand I lifted my face up into her sweet pussy. My tongue it wet, warm and sweet as honey. Almost at the same time I felt her hot mouth slide down over my fucking hard on. I was lost in her charms licking and pulling on her clitoris with lips pulled tight over my teeth I though I had hurt her at first but it was only her way of starting her climax. There was a load hissing of breath and a thrashing of her head. Then I tasted a torrent of hot sweet fluid fills my mouth. Her sweet juices so affected me I let go with a load that had bee pent up for weeks. She choked as she swallowed as fast and as much as she could. My sister turned out to be on hell of a cocksucker. Why her husband let this one get away I’ll never understand. Monica rolled off me turning so we were face to face. She kissed me so we each could taste the fruits of the other. After what seemed like a long time we got up and showered.

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