Mom and Daughters, The only three women I have fucked in my life

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Mom and Daughters, The only three women I have fucked in my life
I realized in my teens that the only way I could fuck a girl was by getting married to her. I was the usual very gawky, shy, not so smart, not so manly man, growing up in a stuck up, conservative Indian society. I wasn’t handsome or cute or rich or any of the things that are girls and found attractive. I had talked to girls some, but was scared to get into any relationship or have any sort of contact, afraid of what society would make of it.

Of course, I fantasized and masturbated a lot until then. But suddenly at 23, I had a degree in engineering and a government job and was a great prospect as a husband with a great future. I found girls’ families lining up and girls themselves interested in talking to me though I am sure I came through as a blubbering idiot.

My wedding was arranged to a girl from one of the good families we had known for a long time, as long as I remember. She was the younger of two sisters with the older one being of my age. At the time of my wedding, the older girl was married for about 3 years, but had had no children as yet. Rumors has started floating that she was barren and the chances were that the second girl (my prospective wife) would be barren too. But a rich dowry put paid to all those rumors in my parents’ minds. A new car can make you deaf.

Anyway, as required by society I got married at 25 and my wife and we had loads of sex during our honeymoon which lasted about a month. (I will narrate how my wife and i both lost our virginities to each other in another story!). Soon afterwards, she informed all that she was pregnant. There was much rejoicing. In some places at least. The news of our pregnancy spread a gloom over my in-laws house, with my SIL and MIL getting depressed the SIL not yet able to produce a child.

Now, as I had said, I knew my mom-in-law before my marriage and our families were familiar but not too close. The summer after the announcement of my wife’s pregnancy we were visiting our in-laws’ for the break. While everyone was enjoying the summer, I could sense something different with my MIL, and to a certain extent with my SIL.

One hot summer afternoon, when most of the family had planned to go down to the river bank for a picnic, my MIL asked me to stay back to discuss some ‘documents’. Thinking that she wanted to talk about some property and excited at the prospect of inheriting some land I agreed and stayed back. What she told me and asked of me was quite shocking.

She started off with some meandering story about offspring and gifts from gods, but finally came to the point. Her first daughter was not barren. She and SIL had consulted with many specialists and doctors and performed multiple test to prove that. they had gone to the doctors on the pretext of getting SIL treated but actually was to get all the tests done. The fault lay with her husband. Who better to talk to the husband but me?

She said, “Why don’t you talk to him? Have him go to the doctor and get some tests done to see if he is OK. We need a child from my first daughter soon.”

I was in a pickle. How am I supposed to tell am man he is not a real man? But I tried. I took my ‘brother’ to a local watering hole to discuss, but drink only makes a man boast about his prowess and I could get no word edgewise. So that was a mistake and a failure.

I reported my failure to my MIL and she said she’d expected that, with a sigh and disappointment.

“So now, everything is in your hands, son,” she whispered.

“What?” I asked, “What Can I do?”

She looked down and said quietly, again almost in a whisper, “What you gave your wife, you need to give her sister as well. Please think about it.” And she looked up at me, expecting an answer.

“What, you want me to be a donor or something? That is something the rich high-faulting people do. That is not for us. Sorry.” I said, dismayed and amazed at what she was suggesting.

“I wasn’t talking about donating. Some thing more direct. Something a man and woman do.” she said.

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