Mistress Samantha

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A new customer arrived at the motel room. The man who is from the company that provides fetish services is at the door with a beautiful stunning lady.

The man: Are you sure you want do this? This level of domination is special and only done by few mistresses.
The customer as he smiles: Yeah … I want to do this
The man: Alright… As I told you in the phone I will be present during the session and I will make some comments to add more heat to the situation and more pleasure for the mistress.. Now you have to be careful mistress Samantha she looks nice but when she is not satisfied with your performance she is going to dominate you big time .. do you understand ?

The customer: Yes.
The man : Yes sir you should say .
The customer : Yes sir .
The man: So you are going to start the session now .. expect anything to happen .. since you are willing to be in this level of domination. It doesn’t matter what your name is .. the mistress can call you whatever she wants .. Are you ready mistress ?
Mistress Samantha with an evil careless smile : Yesss ..

She looks to the customer as she says : Get down on your knees bitch !
Slave as he gets down : Yes mistress .

Mistress Samantha looks unbelievably beautiful. She is blonde and tall and she is smiling while she is giving orders to the slave as the evil look that’s mixed with real self confidence appears on her face. She is wearing silver high heels. The slave has a small erection just by looking at her foot inside those beautiful high heels. He would give everything just to kiss them and sniff them. As the time passes he realizes what kind of mistress Samantha is. He is highest ambition is to smell those high heels. Mistress Samantha knew that from the look on the slave’s face.
Mistress Samantha : What are you looking at ?
The slave : You have beautiful feet mistress .
Mistress Samantha : Did I allow you to look at them ?!
The man as he laughs :.. oh you are in trouble body .. by the way.. I’m here on behalf of Satan.. and you better apologize to the mistress .. by the way I am giving you a hint to make here happy .. the more stupid and ridicules you look .. the more entertained she will be ..
The slave : I’m sorry mi…
Mistress Samantha slaps him suddenly.
The slave as he feels pleasure from Samantha’s slap: Thank you mistress .
Mistress Samantha : Did allow you to thank me ?!
The slave : No mistress.
Mistress Samantha slaps him stronger and the sound of the slap goes really high.
Satan : hehehe .. this is fun .. Do you like it so far body ?
The slave : Yes sir.

Mistress Samantha sits on a couch and puts one leg over the other. The slave is looking to the high heel and couldn’t believe the level of greatness this goddess has. She is amazing in terms of personality and prettiness.
Mistress Samantha giggles : Are you falling in love with my high heels ?
The slave : Yes mistress .

Satan sitting on a chair and watching: Hey I am going to make you a deal with the mistress you will really like ..
The slave : I am listening sir ..

Satan as he pushes the guy into more extreme level : Well .. even though I have to ask the mistress before but I think she would be fine if I make this suggestion and she can reject of course if she wants to .. mmm by the way she is my mistress too I got to be humiliated and dominated by her several times .. she is more generous with me .. anyway .. my suggestion goes like this .. the mistress may slap you so hard .. as much as she pleases .. and when we see your tears fall .. she would allow you to kiss and sniff her feet for a good amount of time .. and she could be generous with you and allow you to kiss her ass for five times or so ..

The slave without a second thought : The mistress can slap me as much as she want ..
Mistress Samantha pointing to the slave to get closer so she can slap accurately : He it comes ..
The mistress slaps the poor guy several times. They were strong slaps with high sounds. She waits few seconds between each slap so the slave can feel the humiliation and the pain. She waits to allow his eye to shed some tears. She enjoys seeing guys cry pathetically like this. They are in pain and misery just to make her happy. She is the one in control and with the upper hand and all men worth nothing under her feet. She puts her soft hand on the slave’s mouth so he kisses it. He kissed the hand that gave him pain. He kissed the hand that slapped him so hard. Those hands are so valuable that they are priceless. He has sexual pleasure as he see the mistress smile. She can feel the heat of the slave’s cheeks. He kisses and tears comes out of his eyes and finally ..

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