Matt’s Stepmother, Amy, catches him with his Stepsister

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If you didn’t read all of the last book, A Step Apart: Strained Relationship, here is a recap! Matt has spent the majority of the month experimenting and practicing new sexual skills on his stepsister, Stephanie, while her mother is away. Dealing with a fast arriving decision on which college to attend, Matt joins Stephanie at a house party with her roommates at her university. There, Matt’s popularity with the ladies causes Matt and Stephanie to confront their desires for another. The following weekend Matt and his Stepsister are in various stages of undress when they look up to see Amy, Matt’s Stepmother, staring in shock at them.


There are times in people’s lives when pure dread sinks their teeth into one’s back like a predator. When they know their life as they know it was coming to an end. As Matt scrambled to pull his jeans up and push his erection back down into his boxers, he had one of these moments. Luckily for him, at this very moment, his stepmother was more intent on chasing down Stephanie who ran into the hallway with her clothes. It was pure pandemonium coming from Stephanie’s bedroom. Someone was crying while the other was cussing and throwing things. Matt tried to zip his pants up and nearly synched his shaft in the metal.

“Ah ah, fuck! Fuck it.” Matt whispered to himself and tried to make a break for the door while it was still clear. His erection still throbbing, pointed out his unzipped pants but he couldn’t deal with that right now. He cleared the hallway and was half way through the kitchen when the tumbling of clothes, bags, and people came rumbling down the hallway. The tornado that was their argument pushed past him and he saw Stephanie shove outside with her hands full with two bags and some of her clothes. Amy chased Stephanie outside but stopped at the edge of the steps shouting.

“We are going to talk about this!” Amy screamed. “You aren’t welcome back here until we talk about this, young lady!” Stephanie threw her car in reverse and drove away, allowing silence to overtake the house again. The sound of Stephanie’s car engine puttering to life then driving away left a strange silence which meant he was alone with his step mother and she could turn her anger towards him at any moment. He wondered if he could maneuver around her in the doorway somehow and make a run for it. He was faster than her for sure, but he couldn’t count on his speed with this damn erection that refused to leave.

Before Matt could make a decisive decision, Amy stepped back inside to see the pathetic sight of Matt defeated with his chin low and hands cupped over his crotch. She stared shaking her head silently for a moment then just when Matt was going to announce him leaving, Amy pointed back to the living room. “Go,” was all she said.

Matt had the briefest hesitation but the sternness of his step mother’s expression made him retreat further into the house. Sitting in the same seat where he was before, Matt stretched his t shirt out and pulled it below his crotch. Amy entered the room and sat on edge at the adjacent lazy boy. Her mascara was darkened and ran on the edges of her eyes. She dabbed at the corner of her eyes with a corner of her shirt.

“Did she talk you into this?” Amy finally asked. Her voice was low and calm. Matt weighed his options. As much as he’d spent the past months beating his chest about being a man, right now he felt like a child who just was caught breaking his mother’s vase. His natural instinct was to lie. To put the blame elsewhere. It didn’t matter where as long as it lessened the punishment on himself. But another part of him, his mature self, he supposed, spoke louder inside of him. It said to be honest and to do what he could to protect Stephanie. After all, he truly was the one who started all of this.

“No,” Matt admitted. “I did. I started it all. It was all me.” This seemed to catch her by surprise. She shook her head half laughing to herself. It was about the same time as she pulled an open bottle of wine from her purse, Matt realized she was slurring her words and her eyes had an inebriated droop to them when she blinked.

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