Matrimony to Dating

I am Kannan from Bangalore. I am tamil boy working in a IT firm. This story is how I fucked a Girl whom I meet in matrimony site.
I am open from sexting, phone sex and video sex, protected and unprotected sex. I can also donate my sperm, if your husband is impotent, you carry our baby without sex.

My age a 28, as usual my parents started looking for a girl for marriage.
As my parents are not techie, I used to manage the matrimony page.I meet a girl by name Ashwini, same like me she was managing the matrimony page. We exchange our number and started chating and phone calls. We like each other very much. Then we told to about each other to our parents. But they decline as the horoscope did not match. We both were upset.

She is from Chennai and she came to Bangalore for a conference. Though our parents declined our marriage we were in touch.
She wanted to meet me and spend so time with me.

Her conference was on Friday, On Saturday her colleagues left for shopping in commercial Street. I went and meet her at her hotel room. I was stuck seeing her she was in tank top and shorts bcoz the pics which I saw were all in chudidar and saree. She have a boob of 34 and had a good size ass. She had bath and changed to t-shirts and 3/4 Jean and we went to Mango Mist resort. We enjoyed all the games their almost spend half of the time in swimming pool.

We were about to leave, but she told she is so tried and she can’t sit in my bike travel till her room so we have booked room. The actual story starts her.

She was completely drenched we entered the room and she dried herself and changes to lose tank top and hot pants. And lied on the bed and fell asleep and I was lying left to her chatting in whatsapp and even I slept.

We I woke up, we both were sleep hugging each other. I was mesmerized at that moment kissed her in her cheek and she has got up with my kiss. I was scared but see didn’t react so I kissed her again to surprise me she that ” You stupid you don’t even know to kiss a girl” saying this she hugged me tight and kissed me on my lips.

The liplock went for 2 mins, then I took over and started kissing her as I was kissing started pressing her butts. Slowly down down to her neck and her boobs, I lick her cleavage and removed he tank top and start sucking and pressing her boobs. She was cuddling my hair with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other hand.

I removed my dress and became nude and open her pants to see the glory hole. I guess she was prepared for this, bcz there was no hair she has waxed it. The pussy wet by the seduction, I started play with clitoris and started licking. She become exotic and started pushing my head deeper. I licked and suck almost for 20 mins she cummed twice a very huge amount of load.

Her pussy looked like a waterfall coming between 2 mountains. I clean all the cum by licking and moved to the top and kissed her.

I slowing guided my dick into her pussy. And tried to insert, I was not going inside as her pussy was tight, when I tried with little force she asked me to stop and I stoped. I always respect the opposite person, sex is some we should get mutually without forcing

She was lying keeps her head on my arms and holding my dick. We kissed each other pressed her boobs before sleeping. Next day morning, I awake up and awaked her up.Though our parents didn’t agree for the marriage. We were like husband and wife. It was a Sunday we have more foreplay and we moved to 69 position and we enjoyed each other parts. She told me that I have give her company by sexting and video call to help her masturbate. I promise her to meet her at Chennai.

Bcoz of corona, I am unable to travel she is starving for me.

Will publish my Part 2 post corona. Thanks for reading hope you would have enough. But real enjoyment is when we have it real.

Any girls, women, who need to experience sex, get satisfaction, bored of masturbation or lesbian, who need to get pregnant can contact me [email protected]

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