Massage With Aunty And Preethi

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Aunty Invited Me With Fuck before starting this.

Next day morning we wakeup and all are feeling body pains. Even though there are body pains aunty went to wash the clothes. She completed washing and tried to take the bucket with clothes to the terrace to dry them. But she is unable to lift it properly and dried them on a rope in the ground floor. Due to washing clothes her pains become more. She came into the home by placing her hand on the waist and scolding Preethi and came inside. Even Preethi also having body pains so she is not in a mood to argue with her mom and stayed calm. I went to aunty and said

Me: Aunty, what happen?
Aunty: My body is paining due to slappings while fucking last night. I am unable to bare them.
Me: I am also feeling pain.
Preethi: I too feeling pain.
Me: We will get some relief if we do some massage at the places we are feeling pain.
Aunty: Massage? What massage?
Me: We will apply coconut oil in the place of pain and rub it. It will releave from pain.
Preethi: Ok let’s do massage.
Aunty: No if we do massage the clothes and bedsheets will get stains again I need to wash them.
Preethi: We will wash them again.
Me: Ok then, let’s go to the terrace.
Aunty: No, no. I am feeling shy. Everyone will see us. I can’t come.
Me: No one can see. Our house is two floors. No one can see us untill we come and stand at the safety wall. We will stand in the middle of the terrace.
Preethi: Yes mom if required we can go into the terrace room.
Aunty: Ok, if I feel uncomfortable immediately I will come back to the downstairs.
Me: Ok Aunty.
Aunty: Anyhow we are going to terrace right you both bring clothes dried in the rope outside. I will bring coconut oil.
Preethi: Ok mom.

We both went and took the clothes and went to the terrace and dried them on the rope on the terrace. Aunty came with a big coconut oil bottle.

Aunty: You both dried clothes. Good. Take the coconut oil. Let’s go into the room and start the massage.
Me: Aunty if we do the massage in the outdoor it will help us to get the pain relief fast.
Aunty: Ok wait

She went and tied the ropes around the terrace room. She took sarees and placed them on the rope. Now it is closed from all sides. One side with terrace room and all other three sides with sarees.

Aunty: Now no one can notice us. We can do the massage.
Me: You are smart aunty. Let us start the massage.
Preethi: How we will start we are not having any bedsheet or anything else to lay down. Did we need to lay on the floor.
Me: Who asked you to lay on the floor. It is closed all sides. We will do the massage to each other by standing.

By saying that I started to remove my clothes. Preethi also started to remove her clothes. Aunty is looking like without removing.

Me: Aunty remove the clothes. Otherwise it will create stains on the clothes
Aunty: No I am feeling shy. I will show the places where I am having pain just massage there no need to massage all the body.

Me and Preethi become completely naked. We both took coconut oil in our and asked aunty where she is feeling pain. She pointed to the waist. We asked her to lower her saree and petticoat more down to avoid oil spilt on her saree and petticoat. She moved her saree and petticoat down. I moved her saree on the navel aside and applied oil on her navel. Preethi didn’t moved her saree on her back and applied oil on the back. It got spilt on her saree. She started to scold Preethi and removed her saree. Me and Preethi looked at each other and laughed. Again we took oil and I placed on her cleavage Preethi placed on her back above blouse. This time oil is rolling down from her cleavage and back and spilt on her blouse. She immediately removed her blouse and looked at us in anger and started to scold us. Again we both looked at each other and laughed. She understood we are doing it wanted and removed her petticoat before we apply some more oil. She became completely naked now.

We all took oil in each others hands and started to apply on each others bodies. We are squeezing our body and doing the massage. We are feeling horny and started to kiss each others and squeeze the boobs and waist. We applied oil all over body and I started to do fingering and they started to do handjob to my dick. I fingered them till they release two orgasm each. They are in full horny now and want to fuck them. They both turned into doggy style and bend in front of me. I asked to expand it more wide. I went to their ass hole. I applied some oil there and started to do fingering. They are moaning loudly. I fingered their ass hole and made it wide. I went to aunty ass. I applied more oil on my dick and slowly inserted into her ass hole. She feeling pain and shouting. Preethi closed her mouth. I inserted my dick inside and pushed it with one force. She shouting and crying and unable to bare the pain. I didn’t given strokes and kept it like that for sometime. She is becoming normal now and slowly started to give the strokes. Again she started to shout. Preethi closed her mouth and I continued to give strokes. After sometime she started to moan softly. She strated to enjoy the ass fuck. Preethi removed her hand from her mouth. I started to give strokes hard. Aunty dragged Preethi closer and biting her boobs hard to control her pain. Preethi is about to shout in pain and I took her close and given liplock to her. I fucked her 20 mins and released sperm in her ass. Now Preethi came started to do handjob and made my dick erected again. Now I kept my dick in Preethi ass. She started to bite her mom boobs to bare the pain. I given liplock to aunty. I fucked Preethi for 30 mins and released sperm in her ass.

We all stood up and standing in the sun. I asked them how they are feeling now. They said they are feeling better with body pain but they are feeling more pain in the ass. I said I am feeling more relaxed now. They both looked at me in anger. I smiled at them. They too smiled at me and we hugged each other and started to play with each other. After sometime we went back to the downstairs. We did bathing and weared the clothes. Uncle came in the evening from her elder daughter house.

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