Maid From Heaven Part-5

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

She said “Saab you are really great. I have never experienced so much pleasure ever in my life, not even with mama”. I said “you are the best thing that happened to me and BTW we both lost our virginity together when I fucked your ass”.

Uma asked “Saab how many women have you enjoyed with?” I asked why, she said “you are very experienced in how to satisfy a woman”. I laughed saying “Mary was my first, and you are my second”.

“I lost my virginity fucking her pussy and lost it again fucking your ass. So both of you are my first and today is my first day”. Uma said “Saab, here in the city you might have enjoyed with many, I don’t have a problem, but please tell me the truth”.

I said “I swear today is my first day having real sex and losing my virginity with both of you. There is no other woman I have been with till now”. I got up and removed her pantyhose and heels. We both went to the bathroom and showered together.

This time she towelled me dry and then herself. We came to the hall and it was 5.30pm. I said it is high time we have something to eat. I taught her how to warm the food in the microwave and she served it at the dining table.

Again she stood by my side. I pulled her on to my lap telling her to feed me. Uma said “I am feeling very shy”. I said “after everything we have done today what is left to feel shy and we are still fully naked”.

I was getting hard again because she was on my lap. I told her to bring the beer and glasses. She brought it and saw my erect cock. I only poured my glass and kept it on the table.

Uma bent forward and sucked my cock lubricating it with her saliva. She sat on my lap guiding my cock in her butt. She said “Saab, l hope you are feeling better now?” I cupped her boobs and said “I am feeling really good”.

She fed me biryani with her hands. I asked “why you are not eating”, she said “Saab I will eat after feeding you”. I held her hand and said “if you don’t eat with me then I am not hungry. Do you want me to feed you”?

She said “Saab I will die of shame if you feed me, I am your servant, so it is my duty to take care of you first”. I kept quiet and picked up some food in my hand and brought it to her lips. Uma stared at me and closing her eyes opened her mouth and I fed her.

She said “Saab I will eat myself now”. I was about to lick my fingers clean when she held my hand and licked my fingers clean one by one. This turned me on even more and I was slowly rocking my cock in her butt from below while she fed me and ate herself.

In-between I sipped my beer and made her sip from the same glass. This time she did not resist. After we finished lunch we realised I was still hard and inside her. She asked “Saab do you want to do me here or in your bedroom?”

I asked “are you not tired?” she nodded yes and said “for you I am always ready to do it again”. I said let’s go to my bedroom”. She picked up all the clothes which were all over the place, I said “keep them all in the 2nd bedroom”.

I switched on the AC and lay on my bed and she joined a few minutes later. I told her to lay on the bed with me, knowing well that I am stubborn she lay down on my bed stroking my cock. I got on top and she guided my cock in her pussy.

Now she herself made me switch every few minutes between fucking her pussy and ass. Finally, I released my cum in her mouth and said “let’s sleep now and get some rest”. We hugged and slept in each other’s arms.

I had set my alarm to 9pm. I got up and woke her too. I said let’s get dressed because I want to take you out for dinner. Uma screamed shyly saying “go out wearing what”? I said “you have so many dresses I bought for you, wear anything”.

She said “I can wear all these clothes only inside the house, I am very shy to go outside in them”. I knew I had to change her mind-set. So I adamantly said “I am taking you out tonight, with or without clothes, you decide”.

She said “Saab please understand with you I am comfortable wearing anything or even nothing, but I have never worn such clothes outside, what will people say”. I knew half the battle was won, so I held her hand and took her with me to the other bedroom.

I made her wear a bra panty set. I asked her to wear the jeans which fit her perfectly. I gave her a top and she wore it. I took the blue heels from the bag and made her wear it. I brought her to my bedroom and standing facing the mirror.

I asked over her shoulder “how do you feel now?”. She said “it is looking very nice but I am very shy to go outside”. I comforted her saying “nothing will happen, you are looking very beautiful and sexy and no one will recognise you. You are going to make every man drool over you tonight”.

She said “I don’t need any other men when I have you”. I said “that is a different story because I am going to be with you all the time”. She relaxed and I also quickly got dressed. Uma came to the main door with me but was again shy to step out.

I had to drag her out and lock the door. Intentionally I took out my car to the road telling her “close the gate and come sit with me”. Realising that she did not have a choice she quickly closed the gate and ran and sat in my car.

I took her to a decent pub nearby and holding her waist with her almost hugging me I took her inside. Her face was void of any makeup but still was red with embarrassment. I sat at a table beside her.

I said “Uma everyone is staring at you because you are looking so beautiful”. She said “Saab why did you bring me here; I am dying of embarrassment because everyone is directly staring at me”.

I wanted to boost her confidence so when the waiter came I said “give us a pitcher of beer and a plate of chicken tikka for my girlfriend”. The waiter left and Uma nudged me saying “why did you call me your girlfriend when I am your servant”.

I said “yes you are my girlfriend when we are together, back in the house it does not matter”. She said “Saab I am far below your status and I don’t deserve to be called your girlfriend”. I said “with me this is how it will be from now on”.

“Going forward when anyone comes home, you will be my maid. When we are alone you will always be my girlfriend”. Uma gave up and eased seeing I had made up my mind. The beer was served and I took only one glass.

I held her face and smooched her saying cheers sipping my beer and making her sip from the same mug. I did it all very quickly giving her no time to react. Before she spoke I smooched her again saying “this is how things will be between us from now on”.

I said “you can choose to continue shying or make up your mind and enjoy life with me”. She said “Saab”, I interrupted her and said “call me Kumar”. She said “not even in my nightmares I can call your name”.

I asked “what you called your mama after you were in love together”. She said “I called him Krishna”. I said “fine, from now you have to call me Krishna”. She blushed resting her face on my chest saying “you are my master how can I call you Krishna”.

I asked “did you not enjoy with me thru the day like you used to with your mama”, she said “yes, more than that”. I said “then why can you not call me by the same name”? I said “when people come home you can call me Saab; all other times you will call me Krishna”.

As I completed my sentence I smooched her again. Uma with tears building in her eyes said “Krishna why are you kissing me in front of everyone, see everyone is staring at us, I am feeling very embarrassed”.

We had just tasted the chicken tikka when she spoke and the waiter came running asking if it was very spicy making madam cry. I said no and lifting her face and smooched her again. This time she held my face kissing me back with passion.

Nice English music was playing and people were dancing on the dance floor. I asked Uma “do you want to dance”. She embarrassingly said no, I asked why. She said “I have never danced like this before”.

I said “today we have done many things first time, so why not try this”. She looked at the people on the dance floor and said “I can never match their moves”. I said “who wants to complete, let us just do what we are comfortable with”.

She said “please no, not today”. I figured I had already pushed her hard enough all day so I kept quiet. Over time I was going to make her do everything I wanted anyway. We continued drinking and having starters while I placed her hand below the table on my cock.

Uma quickly retracted her hand saying “what’s wrong with you Krishna, you want to do it here in front of everyone”? I said “Yes Darling, I am very horny right now. Don’t you also want sex”?

She said “Yes I also want it equally bad but we cannot do in front of everyone, I will wait till we get back home”. I thought about it and said “give me five minutes, I want to go to the bathroom”.

Uma said “wait I also want to go”. We went towards the restrooms, there was a ladies’ room, a gents’ room and one specially abled room on the other side. I saw it was empty and we both got inside.

Uma looked at me and said “I am shy to relieve myself with you watching”. I quickly opened her jeans and lowered it to her knees along with her panties. I unbuttoned her top and bra and lowered my pants too.

I hugged her from behind pushing my cock in her ass fucking her while hugging and kissing her. She also reciprocated by pushing her ass back against my cock on every stroke and kissed equally passionately.

After fucking her for a long while I said “darling, I am going to cum”, she said “I want to drink it”. She squatted on the floor taking my cock in her mouth deep throating and I came in her mouth.

She drank it all without wasting a single drop and sucked me dry. I asked “are you still shy”? she smiled and I made her sit on the commode making her relieve herself while I watched.

When she was done I made her hold her top and used the hand faucet and washed her pussy and ass. I took tissue paper and wiped her dry and said “now put on your clothes” and I relieved myself.

We both came out and sat at our table. I made her sip my beer and I sipped it too and then smooched her again. I asked “are you still shy being with me”, she said “Krishna, I only hope I remain with you for the rest of my life”.

She continued “I will not be able to live without you. I will do anything you ask me to without hesitating, just don’t leave me ever”. We continued sipping beer from one mug and I said “you will always be with me only. But I have one doubt, what happens if my parents get me married in future”?

She said “Krishna I don’t have a problem with that, all I ask is don’t leave me”. I said “after marriage things will not be the same, we will not be able to enjoy sex like we are doing now”.

She said “I already know and I will adjust to living without sex when that happens. But still as long as I remain your servant, I will be very happy”. I asked “do you want to eat anything more”, she said “no”.

I settled the bill and we came back home, it was about 11.30pm. I told her to wear the same top and micro mini skirt she wore in the evening. Without a question she went and changed wearing the same undergarments including pantyhose and heels and came to the hall.

I brought my face forward to kiss her and even before that she held my face and smooched me passionately. We were hugging and I was cupping her ass cheeks under her skirt grinding her crotch against mine.

This was a very long smooch rendering both of us breathless. After the kiss I said “let’s go for a walk outside” and corrected her skirt. She looked at me and started walking towards the door.

I put my house keys in my pocket and went outside and she was already there. I closed the door and said “lets only take a stroll right outside to digest everything”. She quietly followed, we walked with our arms around each other on the road.

I was surprised that even wearing a micro mini skirt she was not feeling shy walking outside. We just kept walking up and down the road a few times and some vehicles also passed us. She seemed normal and did not show the slightest shyness or discomfort.

We were taking the final walk home when a Police Jeep pulled up asking “what are you doing outside at this time”. I said “we just came back from dinner and were taking a small walk before retiring”.

The cops stared at both of us especially Uma stripping her with their eyes and sensing his stares she stepped closer hugging me. I said “we were going back inside now when you people came”.

The cop said “ok go home quickly and try not to be outside so late” and left. We got inside and I locked the gate. Uma hugged me while we were still outside saying “I was scared if the cops would recognise me”.

We went inside the house and I said “with this new makeover no one will recognize you”.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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