Losing virginity to Ronaldo’s girlfriend

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Hello friends, I am ramesh. I have been living in Pune since my birth. Currently I am 19 years old but I am a virgin. My favorite hobby is watching sports particularly football. My idol has been Messi and I hated ronaldo.

In July it was announced that ronaldo’s team will travel to pune for a friendly.I didn’t like ronaldo but I thought it would be nice to meet someone that famous. I arrive in the stadium and got seated. You won’t believe what happened.

Ronaldo’s sexy girlfriend Georginia Rodriguez was sitting two seats away from me. I suddenly got a hard on looking at the goddess, I saw her talking with her friend in spainish.

I don’t think she knows English very well, it became Half time in the match and ronaldo’s team was winning. Georginia looked very happy.I sneakily listen to her conversations with her friend as she tells her friend that she needs to use the restroom.i follow her without her noticing  and then I manage to enter the ladies washroom. She enters the stall and is quiet for a while.

Then suddenly I can hear her moaning, it was clear that she was pleasuring herself. What a Slut she is for rubbing her sexy pussy in a public restroom. Now I know why Ronaldo has so many kids with her. I can’t handle myself and start wanking right over there. I also make sure to record the sexy moment in my phone. I finally hear her orgasm at the same time as me. Then I get a brilliant plan. How about I blackmail her with the recording and make her my bitch. She exits the stall and to her surprise I jump on her. She starts saying in spainish. What are you doing in the ladies washroom.

I know Good Spanish so I reply I followed you here you slut. Your boyfriend is playing in ground and you’re here pleasuring yourself. She felt embarrassed and told me not to tell anyone. Then I show her my recording of the scene. She gets shocked and starts to beg me to delete. I said OK I will delete but you have to do something for me. She said I’ll do anything as it would be humiliation for her and ronaldo if this clip got leaked. I order her to become my permanent shut. As first she resists then she only agrees to giving me blowing, I say you have to do everything with me that you do with ronaldo. She eventually agrees, I take her to my car as its not safe to have sex in the ladies washroom. My car is a very old dusty trashcan. A goddess like her doesn’t deserve to sit there but I am a bastard.

Before starting I tell her I am a virgin which she acknowledges. First I start by kissing her hot lips with my tounge. Oh what a kiss, she’s a professional.

Then I tear off her clothes and make her give me a blow job. She sucks on my dick while I pull her hair. I finally orgasm in her mouth. She is angry at first but stays calm. Now I demand her to sit on my dick on the driver’s seat. I take off her panties and see her shaved pushy. It kinda smelled kinky but that’s what I wanted. I slip my cock in her pussy without a condom as I told her I have no stds, she starts riding and seems to be pleasuring herself. I smack her ass and she let’s out a small moan. I seem to have made her my bitch. Suddenly I couldn’t believe what I start hearing.

She says you have a bigger dick than ronaldo. I take the opportunity and tightly slap her face. Demanding her to say messi’s the goat. She moans Messi the goat and he has a bigger dick than ronaldo. She calls me daddy ramesh and says that she didn’t know Indian dick was this good. I told her there are many things you don’t know about me slut.she gets so horny that she tells me to cum In her smelly pussy, she then says that she wants to bear my child that’s how good I fucked her.

We switched position In the car in such a way so we can do doggy. Finally after 30 mins of hard fucking I ejaculated in the slut as we both just laid there. I told her that I am deleting the video so you dont have to have sex with me anymore but she insisted to continue the sexual relationship due to the good fucking she had got. I gave her a kiss as she gives me her number and goes in the stadium. For the next few days I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I had lost my virginity to a sex icon. I felt like never having sex with any other women besides her. I called her a few times and she didn’t reply. I started to get worried that we will never meet again and she probably regrets the sex session. I try my luck for the last time and finally the call gets picked.

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