Kate Meets Dale in the Produce Section

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Having never strayed from her marriage, now in the space of several weeks, Kate had slept with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend twice, her best friend alone once, the best man from her wedding and an old high school friend. In many ways she didn’t know who she was anymore, but in others she felt liberated and exhilarated.

Would it stop? If not, were there bounds to her new adventures? Kate wondered to herself as she walked through the grocery store around lunch time on a sunny, warm, late winter afternoon. She had all of the things she needed except for zucchini to make zoodles with dinner, so she walked to the produce aisle. She began rummaging through the zucchini to find a good one. Glancing to her left, her eye caught a tall, black man, placing a squash in his basket.

He smiled and said, “I promise I don’t hang out here all day waiting for pretty women to come by so I can say something suggestive.” “Sure you don’t,” Kate replied as she picked up about a 7-inch fairly thin zucchini. “Is this where I am supposed to say mine’s bigger,” he added. Kate giggled, “well how about I start with, I’m Dale,” he said. “Kate” she replied. “So is it?” Kate added, hardly believing the words came out of her mouth. “Um, well yes, it is,” Dale smiled, himself somewhat amazed he was having this conversation.

He looked at the ring on her left hand and mused to himself, “a married white woman, flirting in the produce section, was this real?” “How about this one?” Kate asked, picking up one that was a bit longer and a good bit thicker. “You’re getting warmer,” Dale responded, “but not there yet.” Kate eyed the pile of green produce in front of her and reached for one she thought must have been at least nine inches and was thick enough that she struggled to get her hand around it. “Surely not this big,” she said inquisitively. “I’d say that’s about right,” he responded. “No way,” Kate exclaimed. “Way,” Dale quipped, smiling broadly. Kate looked down at the long, thick zucchini in her hand. Could he possibly be that big? Did she want to find out? “Imagining what it would be like?” Dale interjected. “Um, well . . .” Kate stammered. “I’d love to show you. I don’t live far if you would like to come over.” “Um, I don’t know you. I can’t just go to a stranger’s house. How do I know you’re not a serial killer or something?” Kate said rhetorically. “Well, some risks are worth taking I guess,” Dale replied. “Follow me to my place and if you don’t like the looks of things, you can just head on out; what do you think?”

Kate couldn’t believe she was even considering this. She definitely was letting her sexual desire and adventurousness get the best of her judgment. But Tom was away again, and she didn’t have anything else on the agenda for the afternoon. The thought of spending it with a very attractive and apparently hugely endowed black man was making her wet. “Ok, how far away to do you live?” “Just a few miles,” he replied. Kate followed Dale out of the store. “I’m parked over here,” Dale said, as he walked to a large black Mercedes sedan. “I have the black suv over there, I’ll pull around,” Kate said. Kate watched as Dale pulled out of the parking space and she followed behind him. Should she do this? Should she veer off and just go home. “Probably,” she thought, but the thought of fucking overwhelmed her. She wanted this stranger’s big cock and she was going to have it.

Dale slowed and pulled into an unmarked drive, mailboxes at the end. She followed him down a long driveway which split off in three directions. Dale veered to the left and Kate followed, soon seeing a huge Tudor style house in front of her. Nice car, nice house. Kate felt relieved. They both parked and Kate got out. She was wearing a black blouse that buttoned up the front with a black lace bra, jeans with matching black lace panties underneath. Dale wore a tight athletic fitting crew neck shirt and jeans. Kate’s eyes wandered to the bulge in the front of his jeans. Once inside, Dale offered Kate a glass of wine. Knowing she could use one, she accepted. “So, do you pick up women at the grocery store often?” Kate smiled. “Honestly, I never have,” Dale answered. “I’ve had the fantasy, but never had it happen.” “What have you fantasized about?” Kate asked. “Meeting an attractive married white woman like yourself, bringing her back here,” he answered. Kate smiled, “then what?” “You’re going to make me blush,” Dale laughed. “I want to know,” Kate answered. “We go up to the shower, and enjoy time in there together.” “Oh, what do you do in there?” Kate persisted. “She sucks my cock.” “Mmm, do you like that Dale?” Kate asked. “Of course I do.” “Would you like me to suck your cock in your shower, Dale?” Kate asked. “If you’re not careful, I may have to take it out and have you do it right here,” he responded.

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