Jack’s sisters-in-law plan an intervention (Part 2)

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To my surprise, Divi had not appeared in my doorway for more than a week. I was expecting that after her introduction to sex, she would be anxious to try something new. I wasn’t disappointed though because Priya had made several trips across my yard to my deck. She seemed to be intentionally timing her visits to catch me napping in my zero-gravity chair in the shade of the big oak tree. I would be startled awake to find her in her bikini kneeling between my legs blowing gently up the leg of my shorts. Her beautiful face would light up when I came awake and her eyes and lips smiled up at me as she reached up under the left leg of my shorts to find my flaccid cock. Her smile would turn to a grin as my cock instantly reacted to her touch. She loved to watch it grow in her hand as she fondled my balls with her other hand. Then she would lean in and push her lips over my glans and lash the ridge of the crown with her tongue. Then she would pull herself back and purse her lips and blow on it harder. I liked the feel of her hot breath blowing over my wet glans. Her grin always broadened at my reaction.

Voyeur gets spied on by neighbor’s daughter (Part 1)

Our revisited sexual encounters always started this way and they always ended on my bed after she had several orgasms and I had at least one and often two. I love caressing her body from head to thighs as she lays there on top of me with my softening cock buried in her pussy as she randomly kisses my hard nipples. I love the way she trembles as my fingertips play lightly over her shoulder blades to the hollow of her back and over the gentle slope of her gorgeous ass. She groans softly as my fingers trace down to the sensitive underside of my cock. I know how much Priya loves anal sex so I always trace a path over her rosebud on the way. “You’re teasing me again,” she’d mutter as she nibbled on my nipple.

Today, Priya wasn’t satisfied with her several orgasms during vaginal sex in a multitude of positions. She pushed her ass up to my fingers as they traced over her anus to her well lubricated pussy. Only the flared helmet of my glans was still inside her as she pushed herself up against my fingers. She released my nipple from her lips and said, “Fuck my ass,” as she gazed up at my face with a hopeful look on her face. “I love your big hard cock in my ass. The best ever.”

The image of Priya, on her hands and knees at the edge of my bed as I stand behind her firmly gripping her hips as I maneuver my rock hard cock to her anus, filled my mind. As I contemplated whether the rock hard cock part of her request could be achieved or not, my mental vantage point changed so I was envisioning Priya’s bullet shaped tits hanging nearly to the bed as she looked back over her ass with that sultry look of her face.

Priya always looks back over her ass, trying to see my cock push into her ass. She always quickly abandons that strategy because she can’t see anything but the smooth slope of her ass and my navel behind it from that vantage point. Her alternate approach is to drop her head to the bed and peer between her hanging tits. From this vantage point, she can see my balls pushing up against her pussy but she still can’t witness what she wants to and that is my cock pushing through her sphincter and my shaft disappearing in her bowels.

I’m amused by her attempts to witness the insertion because as she watches from her alternate position, she always collapses her chest to the bed with a loud groan as I pushed through her resistance, so she can’t see anything anyway and by then she’s consumed with frantic lust as I fuck her ass through another orgasm or two followed by my own. Only once did Priya have an anal orgasm and I thought she might crush my cock. We were both screaming and groaning until she was able to relax her grip.

Today, Priya wanted to try a different position that she’d seen on an internet porn site. She rolled off my softened cock as cum gushed from her pussy leaving me with the mess on my thighs and hip. She shoved a hand to her pussy and scrambled off the bed heading for the bathroom to clean up. She brought back a towel and cleaned my hip and thighs and then got back on the bed and sank her lips onto my flaccid cock and easily pushed down to the base and flicked her tongue on my balls. She grinned around her mouthful as my cock responded quickly.

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