It’s For You, Mom

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Daughter discovers Mom and Dad are swingers, gets an obscene call from Mom’s lover. Family orgy ensues.
Cast of characters
Bob Sanders 34 derrickman, erotic author & amateur photographer.
Carol Sanders 26 artist & part time cocktail waitress
Alice Sanders 10 precocious 4th grader
Ted Henderson 45 auto parts store manager

Thursday, May 22, 1980
Carol greeted me excitedly when I arrived home from a week on the drilling rig. “We have to talk,” she whispered in my ear as we hugged.
I knew it had to be about a new lover. We had been swinging for the past four years. We gave up on wife swapping within four months, because I would rather watch Carol fuck and suck cock than fuck another woman. We couldn’t talk about the new lover at that moment because Alice was home with a cough and a low grade fever.

Carol, Alice and I always spent time together when I got home from the rig. They gave me the highlights of their week, and I told them about mine. Alice stayed home Wednesday, and seemed to be recovering Thursday. She won her classroom’s spelling bee the previous week, but came in third place behind an Indian girl and a Chinese boy in the fourth grade competition.

Carol won the $500 prize for her design for the city’s new parks and recreation department’s logo. There had been a couple of funny incidents on the rig, but I decided to save those for my next homecoming. I wanted to get to the bedroom and hear about Carol’s new lover.
“We’re going to take a nap, Honey. See you in a little while.”
“A nap. Right,” she giggled, knowing ‘nap’ was our code word for a little afternoon delight.
Once in the bedroom, Carol told me about meeting Ted Henderson at The Oasis the previous Saturday night. He was in town for an auto parts convention. Alice spent that night with her friend, Phyllis, so Carol spent the night with Ted in his hotel room. They got together for a few hours Sunday while Alice and her friends went to the movies to see Superman.
“I was immediately attracted to him. His wife left him six months ago. I told him about our open marriage. After we fucked the second or third time, I told him that I was going to tell you every detail about everything he and I did. I also told him that you got off to watching other men fuck me, and eating my pussy afterward.”
The phone rang, and we heard Alice say, “Hello?” When she didn’t call either of us to the phone, we assumed it was one of her school friends calling her.
“Ted said that he and his wife tried swinging with another couple. His wife divorced him a month later, and moved in with the other man, whose wife left him. He thought he would get off to having my husband watch him fuck me. He’ll be here Saturday morning. Alice is spending the Memorial holiday with Mom and Dad. We have all weekend to fuck our brains out.”
“Mom, it’s for you,” Alice giggled.

Carol picked up our bedside phone. “Hello? (listening) That was my daughter (listening) she just turned ten (listening) What!?! I’ll call you back.”
“That was Ted. He thought Alice was me, and told her how much he enjoyed fucking me, and how much he was looking forward to fucking me again while my husband watched.”
“Oh shit,” I muttered, quickly putting on my jeans and going to the kitchen, where our other phone was. “Are you O.K., Babe?” I asked.
She nodded, vainly attempting to suppress a naughty giggle.
“Our little girl doesn’t seem too terribly shocked,” I said, as Carol hugged her.
Carol held Alice by her shoulders and said, “Look at me.”
Alice nervously obeyed.
“You already knew about us. Didn’t you?”
Alice nodded.
“How long have you known?”
“Since last summer.”
“How did you find out?”
“Y’all thought I was playing outside. But I came in to get something to drink, and heard y’all talking about Uncle Bill coming to visit and how much fun y’all were going to have, doing it with him again, and about the stuff y’all did with him before.” Alice explained. “And, a little while later, I heard you talking on the phone to Mrs. Harper and telling her that you’ve been a slut since you were 12 years old, and that you let teachers fuck you in junior high and high school, and about all of the things you and Daddy do. And even before that, I saw the swinger’s magazine with the picture of y’all naked, wearing the Tricky Dick mask and the feather owl mask, and a post office box where men could write to you.”
The phone rang. Carol picked it up. “Hello?” (listening) “Everything’s O.K. Alice seems to be more titillated than traumatized by your revelations .”

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