I flirted with my mother’s sister and did the same

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Readers, I don’t want to tell my name, city and address. I want to keep it a secret. Only one thing I can say, we are Bangalore. Non Telugu family settled in Bangalore. Coming to the story, this is an anti-sex story.

I have had sex with whomever I want to talk about, she is my mother’s sister. Very white and beautiful. Her sallu is indescribable. This incident happened a year ago, it was her birthday and she used to stay near my house. Sone went to her sister late night to make a wish, it was her birthday and she was having a full party and slept very drunk, but I went and we had sex. When she was hogged, it was understood that she was not conscious. I decided how to use this situation. Lifetime moment seemed to never come.Also I put my hands on her fist first, then Nimira held that fist and then I also held her hand and made her lie next to Nimiri on the bed. And I went into her bathroom and beat her and came out. I felt good because of that touch and went to my house.

After a few days my mother would give her sari to aunty and they would exchange sari, I was their courier boy. I went and gave it to her but I didn’t say anything. She asked me to wait in the hall, she went inside and changed the saree to show how it was, so I brought a 3 saree, she showed me the 3 changes but did not change the blouse. All sarees are good but I don’t say that your blouse should not suit a saree.She smiled and said whatever I wear, I will put a matching blouse on them. Her blouse is showing then her bra straps are visible. I said that if I wear these blouses, bra stripes will be visible, I will wear bra under the blouse. It was a transparent blouse, I held it in my hand and asked if even don’t wear a bra for it. She smiled and said that my hero is getting naughty day by day.

This incident changed our lives and we are not like the old people we were before. One day she was looking after a new house and when the house was dying she asked me for help with packing and shifting. It was going well till then when I had so much help. She suddenly said that the shower pipe was also hers and asked her to come and get it. All the things were already in the van, still I was going back and pulling the shower pipe, aunty also came to help me if it went wrong.She was so close to me that her arms pressed against my chest as she breathed heavily. She held my hands tightly and tried to pull the shower pipe, adding her strength to mine. I said that we should rotate, and we tried to rotate but to no avail. Unknowingly she turned the top, and the water from the shower was still cold. Unknowingly, I put my hands on her waist, waved and hugged her tightly. The way I created that scene was that I was holding her while I was slipping. We were silent for two minutes, still coming from the shower, drenching us. I stopped the shower and broke the silence by saying sorry.

Aunty said that it was my fault that I turned on the shower without knowing. Luckily she had some other dresses, and she changed into them before sending the dresses under packing. I went home and changed and came back and finally we reached her new house at 6 PM. The TV technician came and fixed the TV stand and everything else. My aunt’s children are also grown up, but they are always busy with their work, and my aunt’s husband is working in a big position in Wipro in Hyderabad.

The house is a 3 bedroom flat, there is TV only in the aunty room, two other rooms are also available. Aunty’s daughter and son were sleeping in one room. Me and aunty slept in another room. Being very tired, aunty and I immediately fell asleep, we did not find a box packed with blankets, we shared the same bed sheet.

It was 1 AM by that time we were both sleeping very hard, so hard that my butt was touching her fist. Her night gown was up to her stomach. I understood that she was wearing panty. I pushed down my shorts and pulled my underwear down till my knees and pressed my bare butt against her fist. Her fist touching my butt, our thighs touching each other, this situation got my butt in mood. Little by little I put my hands on her, then put in her nighty, put my hand on her stomach and straightened her. I understood that she was up at that time, but I was like I didn’t know.
As the climate was very cold, our bodies shared the heat with each other, my cock was pushed between her thighs and I was touching her panty. I took my hands from stomach to the stool and started pressing, she moaned a little at my pressure.

Our minds went blank, we were naked with our clothes on, we shared the heat of our bodies, I couldn’t see the beauty as the lights were off in the room, but I was satisfied by touching it with my hands. I went down and saw her poo, aunty moaned a bit loudly, and I pressed poo to her hand. After a while she released her juices in her pussy, all of which went into my mouth. And I went to her lips and gave her a good kiss. After my kiss she went down and my butt was red. Oh God, that happiness is different. I saw Modda ni Chikadam in videos, but that day when she blushed, I knew that it was so good. Unable to handle her pressure, I ejaculated lightly when she screamed that she wanted to piss me off.

I couldn’t stay any longer, decided that there was no tomorrow, so I stuck my dick in her pussy, and she herself held my dick and directed me how bad it was. Durchaka could not tell her happiness. It felt like someone put a hot cup on my butt. I was holding her waist and moving my butt back and forth in missionary position. After a while I didn’t get full load. She is all in bloom. After that we slept peacefully with very tired bodies.
The next day I got up, had breakfast and left. So friends after this incident I got a confidence in me and I am still meeting ladies as Binduss. I have at least one 5 girls so far. I must say that I was very happy that my virginity was lost in the hands of my aunty. Because if you do it with those who have that experience, the kick is different. Now we don’t have sex but the desire to caress her is there, friends. Let’s see when that chance will come.

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