How I cleverly seduced my mom’s sis -2

To get a better understanding read the first part
I hope all you guys liked my story in the first part. There were many emails inquiries about the story and I’m really happy for your feedback guys and girls…..Love you a lot my readers and this is a real story so might somewhat boring, please understand that and I will try to write as entertaining as I can.

After that first session in the night we kissed and slept happily and I didn’t sleep for some time and watching her beauty in the moon light….. Slowly I slept and when I woke up in the morning she was doing puja. I went to her and asked her dis she felling bad and she said she is not. That moment I knew I performed well yesterday and she likes me and the fucking session is very near to make her knees weak and tremble. I hugged her hearing she is happy and she pushed me as she is doing puja, I slapped her ass softly as a sexy gesture and went away.

In the afternoon ( no family members arrived yet) while everyone was sleeping and other children were playing, I got an idea that there is a bathroom at the end of the house no one uses it, we use it only when there are many relatives in the house. So I was waiting near the exit door ( I forgot to tell she is eating mangoes) so that she arrives at the back to throw the waste. I think exactly at 2:10 she came there to throw the waste. I was hiding exactly behind her and I got out and went behind her and stood still without sound. She saw here and there and went into the bathroom thinking no one is there. Before she closes the door I put my leg between that and entered the bathroom and closed the door by the time she realized what is happening.

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She saw me and got panicked and said if anyone is going to come we will be caught and they will kill us. I said cool down and no one will come and I have made the arrangements and tried to kiss her, but she is trying to avoid because of tension. I put my strength and kissed her forcefully and she slowly started kissing back and she got into the mood, but she was still saying we can do this another time when there is no one happy. I said that I too don’t want to fuck you like this I want to enjoy the whole night and day with you and I have planned for that and I will tell you we are going to do that later. But now we will enjoy exploring each others body for some time, after hearing this she started smiling and became shy.

I went ahead and took her head in my hand and went close enough to her that our breath we can feel each other. I kept my hand on her hip ( nicely curved one) pulled her close to me started with mild kissing and with in no time we were kissing each other like there is nothing more we want and licking each other lips, tongue, ears, neck, and face like anything as if there is no tomorrow. After 20 mins of kissing, I broke the kiss and removed her saree kept its side. Slowly I pressed the boobs and started pressing it hard and trying to kiss it over the jacket and bite it. I slowly removed the jacket and she was in bra and langa. I removed the bra with my hands and kept it in my underwear and started pressing the boobs and pinching, pulling and licking the nipples. I put my mark with teeth on her left boob at the nipple as it is my property forever. I slowly raised her arm and licked her neatly shaved arm like anything and it was sweet and she likes it a lot which is why I do. I then went to her navel point and started licking around it and then put my tongue in the navel an licked her stomach as well. Then I removed her langa and she started removing my shirt and she started licking my chest and she really licked my chest like a pro and it damn fells awesome. She licked my navel and stomach region and it felt amazing. She removed my short and underwear at the same time and her bra fell down on the floor and she started laughing seeing that. She took the bra and smelled and said now it smells good and it is my favourite bra from now on.


Then I removed her underwear and we kept the dresses apart and we sat on floor ( our bathroom is ver big we can sleep) I made her lie on the floor and I slowly went to the thighs region and started kissing and licking the thighs and she was giggling as it was new to her. I slowly kissing and licking thighs came near the heaven (pussy), with black and pink colour pussy lips it was looking delicious and I couldn’t stop myself and kissed it slowly and started licking it. I slowly licked the spot and came down and licked the portion between the ass and pussy and put my tongue as far as I can in the pussy and try to move and lick in there. The I took my tongue out of the hole ( it was so yummy bro’s try it) and stated to lick the clitoris and put I finger her pussy and massaging the gspot inside the hole. She went crazy and cummed in a minute and it tasted good.

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Her knees became so weak and she gasped for some time and came to me and started kissing as I made her happy and she made me lie in the same way she started kissing my thighs and cane near to my balls and kissed those and took the dick in her hand ( the soft touch of her hand was awesome) the. She was stroking my dick while she was sucking my balls and she was taking the deep inside and licking well. She came from there and started sucking my dick and she increased her pace and sucked really hard. I pulled her to the 69 position again and started to lick the clitoris and we did that for 20 mins and she cummed again and I also neared and said to get up and she was kneel down position and stroking and sucking my dick and I cummed some insider her mouth, face, and boobs. She clearly licked everything well and sucked my sick clean. I thanked her for the greatest blow job and we sat some time like that in each other arms and we saw the time and it is 4:20. Seriously we did like that for 2 hours awesome and we dressed kissed and left the bathroom one after another. In the evening family came back.

Will tell the next encounter how I fucked I. Next part. That’s it for now and your sex-maniac [email protected] signing off


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