Hooking my aunts bra

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This story takes place towards the end of my high school. Currently at 38 residing along the IT highway in Chennai, happily married with kids, I still endure this incident in my life with was a start to my sexual life. Still leading a great sexual life with few more incidents in life that i would be sharing in this forum soon. Pls do comment on raj_sr81 at yahoo com

I was over eighteen and ripe with energy that I didn’t know where it came from; energy that kept me restless and got me into trouble more than once. There were five members in our household: my uncle, his wife, my grandmother, my younger aunt, and myself. My younger aunt was the smallest of my mother’s siblings and was still waiting to be married. But this story is not about her; it is about my uncle’s wife. My uncle’s wife didn’t really like my presence in what would technically be considered her house. I was entrusted into my uncle’s guardianship due to circumstances beyond my control and she had no choice but to accept my presence, but it was very clear from the beginning that she did so reluctantly. Our interaction, most of the time, was as minimal as possible. My room was a bit isolated from the rest of the house because of its purpose as a guest room. My daily routine was set so that after coming home from school, I would eat my lunch and disappear from the rest of the family until it was dinner time.

After that I would disappear until the next. My family members only interacted with me if there was something I needed to help with but usually I kept to me and them to themselves. The first incident that brought about a minor change was on a rather hot day when my uncle’s wife her name is Vidhya came to my room and asked me to hook her bra in the back. She was fresh out of bath, probably to stay cool, and I assumed my younger aunt or my grandmother was not around, so she had come to me for help. It is not uncommon for ladies to ask some male child in the house to do this kind of thing when there are no females available. Only the children are supposed to be a lot younger than I was because of modesty. It is very uncommon to ask a sexually mature boy to do it because of the feelings it can arouse. To top it all, it was the aunt that really didn’t like me, so I had to assume she had no other choice.

She was holding her shirt in front to cover herself and she had moved her wet and dripping hair around her neck to the front as well. Her back was bare for me to see. I had helped my younger aunt many times with the same, so the routine was nothing new to me. I averted my eyes as much as possible and quickly managed to hook her bra. She flicked her hair back onto her back and started to put her shirt on. Once it was on her, she pulled her hair out and straightened them and uttered a quick thank you and left without looking at me. My uncle’s wife is not as slim as my younger aunt is because of being married and all. She is wider in her back and has a few bulges around where the nala of her shalwar is tied. Her back is also meatier, so when my fingers rubbed on her back, it felt nicer than it had been with my other aunt. When I went back to my books after she had left, her shiny, brown skin stayed as background effect on the pages. The incident faded from memory soon. It was about a week or so later when she came to my room again and asked me to hook her bra.

This time she was not straight out of the bath; instead she was coming from her room where it seemed she was getting ready to go somewhere. She was wearing new, ironed clothes and smelled of nice perfume, which she usually only does when she and my uncle go visit somebody in another village. It was Sunday, so that made sense because my uncle was home and must have planned a small trip. I was Surprised a bit when I realized that if my uncle was home, then why did she come to me to hook her bra? He could have done it for her. I assumed that my younger aunt and my grandmother were not available yet once again; that’s why she came to me. Probably my uncle had stepped out or something.

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