Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 5

I had enough! I never wanted him to have sex with her in my absence all the times. I decided it’s time to stop all this! I hired a taxi and straight way left for Pune. Ranveer was still in my house. He was in my house for the past 24 hours and already had sex with her thrice! I knew when I reach home, he would still be there because my wife told him that I would be back only on Monday! He wanted to have her as much as he can, until I returned. I wanted to catch him red handed, rebuke him, reprimand him, manhandle him and throw him out of my house! I was mad and shaking in anger! I did not know, what exactly I am going to with him! I was only worried about my wife! I was thinking how she would face me if I catch her too with him! A thought of her innocent face was stopping me from manhandling him! I could not decide how I should handle it when I reach home! After much contemplation I left it to my fate!

Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 4

I reached Pune at 09:30 PM and straight way headed to home. I reached my flat and opened the door with duplicate key! When I entered I heard soft music being played in my bedroom! I headed towards bedroom! My heart started pounding with a million speed and I was shaking! The bedroom door was half open. I just peeked in and saw they were nude. Ranveer was lying over her body and kissing her neck all over. She was holding his big ass tightly with both her hands and both were moaning.

I saw my wife’s pink pussy! Her legs were spread! Her white silky thighs were lying between his muscular thighs! Her wet pink pussy was looking incredible! While kissing her neck, Ranveer was constantly moving and his big cock was touching and rubbing her pussy! Her big boobs were falling off both sides! Her pinkish nipple were very tight! Her lips were lucid! I felt like kissing her! Seeing her nude in such a hot posture made me hard! I looked the big bulge in my jeans and wondered what happened to me? Instead of getting mad and stopping him, I was erect! It was quite strange! Ranveer moved closer to her lips and gently kissed her.

While doing so he lifted his hips to tease her pussy and she pulled his hips down closer to her pussy so his cock can rub her pussy! He repeated it few times and whenever he lifted his big hips, I could see his big cock! He was huge! His pre-cum coated cock was rubbing her pussy lips in musical rhythm! This sight made me horny! I could not believe me at all!

I did not know what to do? Should I stop them or join? Ranveer started smooching her and he lifted his hips again. My wife lifted her ass to touch his cock! The sight of her white round ass made me mad and without a second thought I just pushed the door and barged into the bedroom! Both shockingly turned to see towards the door and were shell shocked to see me! They became cold! They looked like live statues! Like me they did not know what to do? My wife started shaking! For few moments

Ranveer looked absolutely pale as there was no blood left in his body! But he came back to his senses when he saw big bulge in my jeans! He realized that I was there watching them for quite a sometime. He was very smart and knew exactly what to do next! He got up from the bed and walked towards me! He came and stood behind me! I could see my wife was still shaking with fear but she was looking absolutely gorgeous!

Ranveer kissed on my neck and held my chest tight from behind. I was surprised what he was doing! He showered more kisses on my neck and started taking my ear bolls in his mouth. I kind of liked it. He clung to my body from behind and I could feel his hard cock. In front of me my wife was lying nude on bed frightened. She was sitting on her folded knees. Her big boobs were hanging from her breast half covered by her long hair. Her one hand was on knee and other one was covering her pussy. Her lips were mouth-watering.

I just wanted to grab her! I pushed Ranveer and reached her on the bed. I pulled her hand and she fell in my arms! She thought I was going to thrash her but she was taken aback when I kissed her lips! I said, ‘I love you… I love you very much darling… I really missed you… I missed your pussy… and I came back early tonight just to make love with you…!’ She was in a complete surprise and did not know how to react! I put my lips on her lips and took her in my mouth! She did not move at all! After a passionate smooch I started kissing her on her cheeks and neck! I just whispered in her ears that everything gonna be okay and I am not mad at her! She burst into tears and hugged me tightly!

While I was still kissing her, I realized Ranveer’s big hand on my back. Perhaps he wanted placate me! It was quite strange. He started rubbing my back and his hand was moving to and from my hips to shoulders! He pulled my t-shirt and removed it and then removed my jeans along with underwear. When I saw my cock I was surprised to see my member, never so big and thick. I was stiff like rock! My wife too, looked at me in awe.

She kissed me and I kissed her back, madly! Ranveer started kissing all over on my back! He was kissing and licking. I hated him for having sex with my wife but the truth is, it was the biggest turn on having seeing him nude with my wife and the way he fucked her! Though I felt bad every time he had sex with her but it was fascinating to see his giant cock smashing her pussy!

I started sucking her nipples madly! She became comfortable and started making noise again! I was hugging her and kissing her while sucking her pink nipples! Ranveer was at work on my back. After licking back for few minutes he started kissing my hips! It was weird but I liked it.

My cock became stiffer then a rock! I was lying over my wife’s body in missionary style and he was also in the same position kissing my hips! After few minutes he reached my asshole and started kissing and then licking! Oh man… that was just awesome! I felt just thrilled! I started pushing my hips towards his mouth so he could lick my asshole more tightly.

Ranveer knew I liked it very much, he pulled my legs towards him and started eating my asshole! It was so amazing to be eaten like this! When he pulled me, my face fell flat on my wife’s pussy! I kissed her pink pussy lips and slowly started wetting them with my tongue! I liked smell and taste of her pre cum. It was such a great sight! I was licking her pussy and he was eating my ass! Wow! It was quite stimulating.

After few minutes, Ranveer reached my member from below and laid on his back facing my member. He held my hips and gently pulled me down and took my dickhead in his mouth! It was just awesome! His mouth was so hot.

After few licks on dickhead his giant tongue took my dick completely in his mouth! I was in another world. My wife has sucked me many a time but it was always a soft suck! His mouth was big and could take my thick tool in his mouth completely. He was sucking me like, he’s gonna eat my cock tonight! His mouth was so warm and giving me the hardest suck ever! I was moaning loudly! He tightened his mouth and started giving me deep throat! It was just awesome!

I was over excited and started my wife tongue fucking! Her pink pussy was wet with her pre cum. I liked her taste of her pre cum. Drops of her pre cum has always been a great turn on for me! I licked her outer pussy lips for few minutes, and then intruded my tongue into her pussy and gently started licking her clitoris. My wife started making loud moans! I never imagined that one day I would have great sex with my wife and neighbor in a three some act!

My wife could not control anymore and begged me to come over her! I too was desperate to enter her! Ranveer gave me the most amazing suck in the world! My cock bathed in the pool of his deep throat. I was about to cum and I wanted to cum in my wife’s hot pussy! I gently pushed Ranveer and pulled out my cock from his mouth. I put my dickhead on her pussy lips and started rubbing!

She again begged me to just enter! My wife has a very shy nature and would never engage in dirty talk. But for me dirty talk has always been a turn on! So whenever I had sex with her I asked her to have hot talk to make sex spicier! First she refused but when I insisted, she kind of liked it and started using it. But today since Ranveer was there she felt uncomfortable to use it in front of him! I realized that and asked her to use it even he is there. First she hesitated but when she realized I was adamant she gave in.

I started rubbing her pussy with my cock again. She said, honey…I can’t wait any more…I want your big cock in my pussy… bang my soft pussy with your ruthless cock…just smash her … plsss … plsssss … just push your big cock in my pussy… I beg you…. I can’t wait any more. Just fuck me…!’ It was great turn on and with one hard push ghussss, I was in her! She screamed in pain … aaahhh! After entering her I stopped for few seconds to make her calm and started moving my hips slowly when she became tranquil.

I held both her hands and started kissing on her cheeks! After few slow strokes I started moving faster! She was moaning, ‘Oh yeah …. Oh yeah…. Oh yes…. Yes …. Fuck me…. Yeah fuck me… fuck me exactly in this way… my pussy want your cock to completely tear her apart…oh yeah…. Fuck me …fuck me… my darling … oh yes…. You are just great at it…. oh yes … its so awesome… go deeper … deeper … oh yeah … oh yes …. I love you my cock … I love you very much … I want you to fuck me whole night … oh yeah… fuck me … fuck me…fuck me hard… harderrrr!’ It was fucking awesome! Ranveer was sitting next to us on his knees and watching all this!

He was quite amused to hear all this from her and he too was turned on in great length! As she was moaning with these dialogues while he was masturbating. He wanted to join but did not have courage as I was riding her pussy. When I looked at him, he just smiled hoping I may ask him to join. He looked helpless. I felt pity and smiled at him. He smiled in excitement but did not know what to do!

After few strokes I changed my position. I sat on my knees and pulled her legs closer. I was still in her pussy. I signaled him to move towards her boobs! He just grabbed the signal and reached her boobs! Excitedly he took both her nipples in his mouth! He was sitting in missionary style and his knees were touching her head! This sight made me mad! I continued ramming into her pussy more forcefully! Ranveer was kissing and licking her breast while sucking her nipples! It was just awesome!

I saw that the way Ranveer was bent on her breast, his cock was very close to my wife’s mouth! I thought it would be great fun if she takes him in her mouth! I moved my hand to reach to his cock and pulled him towards her mouth! He was completely taken aback! I pulled his dickhead closer to her lips and rubbed on her outer lips! My wife was surprised too.

She opened her mouth to say something but without losing a moment I pushed his dickhead into her mouth. His giant cock filled her mouth and she could not utter a single word! Ranveer could not believe what I just did! It was his dream that one day his cock would taste her mouth but he never imagined that I would push his cock into her mouth with my own hands! Ranveer felt so warm in her mouth! He made the loudest moan Ohhhh hhhh hhh!

My wife looked at me, her eyes were questioning me! I said, ‘I love you honey… I love you very much… and I am not mad at you at all, even if you were having sex with him… I have no ill feelings… all I want at this moment is that you enjoy.. I enjoy and he too enjoys… So pls…pls for me… suck him! Suck him the way you suck me… treat his cock as my cock!’

My wife looked somehow agitated but after hearing me, she looked calm. Ranveer was in a complete surprise. He could not believe what I just said, ‘treat his cock as my cock!’ He was so overwhelmed, he gave me a passionate kiss on my cheeks! He looked at my wife and smiled. She reciprocated and closed her eyes. I signalled him to push his cock little more into her mouth!

When he pushed my wife started sucking him. Ranveer moaned again ahhhh … ohhh .. woww! He started pushing his cock back and forth. His giant cock was 10 inches big and 3 inches thick. My wife could take only half of his cock in her mouth. Ranveer became desperate and started moving his hips by thrusting his cock. After few seconds he took out his cock from her mouth to let her breath. After a long breath he slowly pushed his cock again into her mouth and slowly started mouth fucking!

It was a great sight! I was fucking her vertical lips and he was fucking her horizontal lips! I was so excited to see her sucking him while he was mouth fucking her. I looked at her face to see her expressions that how she feels having sex with him in my presence. She looked so bright. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement. I realized that she was really enjoying having sex with two guys. She looked so happy with two cocks filling her two holes. An exciting thought just passed me through, what if there was another cock to fill her third hole!

Idea of her third hole being filled by another giant gave me goose bumps all over my body and I could not hold myself any longer! I speeded up to reach to climax. I started fucking like a wild animal and went on pussy tearing spree! I could see the pain on her face but did not stop!

After few wild strokes my big cock blasted into her pussy. A thick white hot stream started coming out of her pussy, and more floods came with each slow stroke. I continued to fuck until I entirely unloaded. I collapsed on her boobs completely exhausted! I felt so soothing after falling on her soft boobs! I looked at my wife and smiled. Ranveer was still mouth fucking her! I pushed Ranveer aside and kissed on my wife’s cheeks and lips! She kissed me back.

I looked at Ranveer, he was sitting on his knees. His cock looked so wet after taking bath in her mouth. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me! His wet cock was desperate for orgasm and my wife also did not have orgasm yet. I asked my wife, ‘do you want a giant in your pussy?’ She did not say anything but just smiled. I asked her again pointing to his cock and she just smiled back.

I just winked at Ranveer and within a second I found him sitting between her legs. He put his dickhead on her pussy and started soaking his giant with my just released cum. His cock looked huge, my wife looked at him in awe. Ranveer was very caring and very gently started pushing cum drenched cock, until he reached the wall. He slid smoothly after taking bath in my cum. My wife moaned with his giant inside her … ohhh hhhh … ahhhh!

As he started moving slowly, I started caressing tip of her pussy and she liked it very much. I wanted her to beg Ranveer to fuck her hard and with a smile she obliged and said, ‘Yessss … fuck me… oh yeahhh …. fuck me hard….hard….harderrrr ….Ohhhh … fuckkkkk me ….oh yeahhhh … fasterrrrr … oh yeah … go deeperrr … deeper …. Fuck meeee… deep… deeerrr…oh yeahhh …..fuckkkk… fuckkkk…. Fuckkk harddrrr ….! Ranveer went wild. It was a great turn on for him to hear her saying to fuck harder! He pushed her legs over her head and sat on her legs like a frog. The entire weight of his body came on his cock and her legs. He started pounding his cock completely crushing her pussy!

She started crying in acute pain, a joyful pain! My wife cried ohhh … yessss … fuckkkk me … fuckkkk me hard……fuckk me … fuckkk me …. fuckkk me hard ….with all your might….. fuckkk me whole night!’ Ranveer became wilder and went on complete pussy crush! Ranveer was breathing loudly and I could guess he was about to cum! My wife was not done yet and I was surprised that usually she is the first one to get orgasm but today she is fucked by one big cock and one giant cock but she still did not get orgasm! My wife continued loud moans in exasperation… Ohhhh … ahh …ohh!

I was rock hard again after seeing my wife ruthlessly being fucked by another guy! My wife looked at my cock and said that I want your cock in my mouth. Before I could move my cock towards her mouth she held my cock and pulled towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and took in whole cock at once! I felt so warm! It was like my cock was going to melt in her mouth! Ranveer’s mouth was hard but her mouth was so soft! I felt much better in her mouth.

She started giving me deep throat, while Ranveer continued to fuck her ruthlessly! Ranveer just looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at him! I could see on his face he was about to cum! With one more stroke he flooded her pussy with a loud moan ahhhhh hhhhh! Ohhhh … Goddd … you are so awesomeee! He continued to fuck until completely exhausted.

After few slow strokes he withdrew. A white stream started coming out of her pussy! My wife was not done and asked me to enter her pussy! I pulled out from her mouth and without losing a moment I moved towards her pussy! I put my wet dickhead on her pussy and started soaking my cock in his just released white cum. My cock was completely drenched in his cum. My wife said, your cock looks so awesome… push your cock right now into my pussy and fuck me…. I am mad about your cock… I love your cock… pls fuck me … pls fuck me!’ I pushed myself and slid easily into her pussy.

I started with the hardest strokes because she was being fucked for the past one hour! She needed wildest strokes to cum! I was so wild and started fucking her so badly that her whole body was quivering with each stroke. I was sitting on my knees and both her legs were resting on my shoulders. I was holding her ankles with my hands and was pounding the strongest strokes. She enjoyed it very much and within few seconds she cum with a cryyyyy … Ohhhh … ooohhhh !

I could feel the hot stream of her cum on my cock. I slowed down as my wife was quite exhausted but I wanted to cum again! I told her that I know she is dead exhausted but I want to cum, she just pulled me towards her and asked me to fuck! I asked if she is sure, she said, fuck me…. My love .. fuck me.. this is your pussy… you can fuck her all night … don’t even ask …. Just fuck .. continue to fuck! I paced up and continue to fuck but I was not getting orgasm, probably I was tense!

My wife tried to calm me down but I was still not getting orgasm. Finally Ranveer came to rescue. He took out my cock from her pussy and started licking my cock. My cock was laden with her cum. Ranveer enjoyed licking her cum on my cock and within few seconds he licked it completely. After licking he took my cock in his mouth and started giving me deep throat sucking. Oh! That was just so awesome! He continued to give me hard suck.

My wife was looking at him while he was sucking. All of sudden he pulled her towards my cock. This time he opened her mouth and pushed my cock into her mouth. He asked my wife to keep her lips tight to give me feeling of pussy. I liked it very much. My wife closed her lips as tight as she could and started sucking me. Meanwhile Ranveer reached my balls and started licking them as they too were soaked in her cum.

After licking her cum on my balls he gently started eating my balls! It was just great! My wife was sucking my cock and my neighbor was eating my balls. This excited me and I felt like coming! But I did not want to cum in her mouth. I wanted to pull out but she held my cock so tightly I could not pull out! I could not hold myself any longer and said I was coming.

Ranveer looked at me and hurriedly pulled out my cock from her mouth by pressing her cheeks but I already started coming out! Few drops fell in her mouth and on Ranveer’s hands. I wanted either vertical or horizontal lips to hold my cock tightly while I unloaded! Ranveer’s mouth was half open and closer to my cock, so I just stuffed my cock into his mouth! He was not ready to take male cum in his mouth but before he could say anything I was already in his mouth and held his head so tight that his mouth does not move an inch by holding his hairs and made sure that my cock was unloaded in his mouth! I pushed so deep that my dickhead reached his deep throat and unloaded without filling his mouth.

When I completely unloaded and exhausted I withdrew. I kissed him on his forehead. He visibly looked disturbed but did not say anything. I fell on bed exhausted next to my wife and pushed Ranveer on the other side, my wife lying in the middle! All three of us were dead drained and laid there nude lost in our own thoughts! I did not realize when I fell asleep. Midnight when I suddenly woke up I saw my wife sleeping by my side clinging on my shoulder. Ranveer was not there, I did not know when he left! I looked at my wife, she was looking very beautiful while sleeping. She had a very innocent look on her face. I just kissed on her cheek and went back to sleep.

I thought this story would end here but what happened next made me to extend it. Write me if you like this part at [email protected]

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